Swasan! Love of my life!! Part 3

Hey guys… Here I start with my 3rd part but before that who haven’t read the character sketch and part 1 n 2 of this story pls do read it… Thank u..

Guys one more thing I’m adding another character…

Ritvik Arora : a handsome fun-loving guy… Loves to irritate his best buddy sanskar… PA of sanskar… A Lil flirty but does not cross his limits… An orphan… Loves sanskars family as his own…

So here we start

We can see a huge classy company where we see everyone working except a person who is already flirting with a girl… I don’t think I need to say who is as u all r very smart… It’s our one n only Ritvik babu….

Ritvik :a beautiful rose for a beautiful girl… This rose looks dull infront of u gorgeous

Girl (while blushing) : thank u sir

Ritvik : oh come on gorgeous u need not call me sir.. U can call me ritzz or handsome

Just then the girl who was till now blushing and smiling composed herself seeing sanskar behind and tried saying it to Ritvik

Girl : sir… Sanskar sir is…. (got interrupted by Ritvik)

Ritvik : are yaar y r u bringing that khadoos idiot in between.. Huh

Girl : sir but… (again got interrupted)

Ritvik (with a attitude) : are yaar y do u get so scared of that khadoos.. Huh u know I’m not at all scared of this khadoos in fact he is the one who gets scared when he just listen my name…

Sanskar : o really?!

Ritvik : hey Wat happened to u… Y ur voice sounds like that khadoos idiot..

The girl points her finger behind him… Ritvik turns back and gets startled seeing sanskar there with his hands crossed and raising his eyebrow as ‘Wat were u saying’

Ritvik (while stammering) : Wo….. Sir…wo… Mai.. Toh… Bas Neha ko.. Time waste na kare aur Work Karne K liye keh raha tha….aur… .Aapke taareef kar raha tha… Ki Aap Kitne sweet Ho… Aur Sab ki kitne care karte ho…. (with a sheepish smile)

Sanskar said sternly : u should be present in my cabin within 5min or else in the sixth min u would be out of my office permanently…

And with that sanskar went to his cabin… Where as Ritvik was standing while sweating… And saw the girl who was standing with open mouth and then Stomped her foot and left from there.. Where as Ritvik knocked the door and went inside sanskar cabin with a scared face… And exactly at that time a file came flying over and hit on Ritvik’s head..

Ritvik while rubbing his forehead : Wat the.. (And stopped seeing sanskar sitting with a red angry face..Seeing that Ritvik just pouted)

Sanskar : Wat nonsense were u saying out..

Ritvik : sorry na yaar.. Wo Mai bas Thoda maza Lena chahta tha.. Par tune saare mood kharab kardiya

Sanskar : Ritvik Maine tujhe kitne baar boldiya ki office mai sirf kaam par dhyan de.. Par tum kaam K alawa Sab Kuch kar raha hai…

Sanskar was giving lectures of how to be in office but seems like Ritvik is least interested in his Bhashan… Sanskar notices it and signs thinking he will never change..

Sanskar : leave its no use of saying anything to u.. It goes on deaf ears..

Ritvik with attitude : then y do u even try it when u know its waste

Sanskar while glaring him : I actually don’t know who is the boss here.. U or me…

Ritvik carelessly :then I think u need a doctor bro.. And my sixth sense is saying that u r suffering from short term memory loss..

Sanskar while giving death glares : and my sixth sense is saying that I must kick u out of here…. Now get lost and better concentrate on ur work rather than flirting…

Ritvik while making faces : huh! Jealous monkey… Arrogant idiot..

Sanskar : u r still here…

Ritvik : im not interested to stay here too

Sanskar : whatt

Ritvik just ran away before sanskar attacks him…. Once ritvik went sanskar just smiled at his crazy frnd.. And Adarsh who was till now seeing everything just signs as he knows this is way happens everyday… And wishes to see his both brothers (sanky n Ritvik) always happy… Thinking this he also goes back to his work…

(Guys one more thing don’t get confused actually Ritvik and sanskar are best childhood buddies… And Ritvik works as a PA for sanskar so in office he calls sanskar as sir and when no one is around he calls him as buddy , bro, etc etc)

The screen shifts to swara’s college

Swara and kavita are running through the corridor as they were late to class…

They see an old man with bald head giving some boring lectures of Bussiness studies (I hate this subject guys) that’s when our angel Interupted hum in between

Swara (with extra sweetness) : siiirrr… May we pls come in…

Sir (while glaring) : yes yes madam come In the class is waiting for u only….

Swara : really sir… Wow thats so nice..

Sir : shut up swara… Is this the time to come to class… This is not ur home that when u feel to come u come and go when u feel bored.. This is a college and there r some rules that r strictly needed to follow… (Just then he notices kavita) kavita u also… I did not expect u also to come at this point of time to college.. I have said u plenty of times not to mingle with swara and now see even u r becoming like her…

Kavita : sorry sir this won’t repeat again ever

Sir : it’s fine now u can go to ur place as its ur first time I’m excusing u

Swara who was standing with her mouth open at Wat sir said came back to senses when he said to enter… She uttered some curses to him under breath while making faces…

After sometime sir asked everyone to show their presentations which was assign to them respectively… Swara’s eyes widen while realising that she has not done her work… While biting nails she was thinking of Wat excuse can be given to sir who was collecting everyones presentation one by one… When it was swara’s turn she went near his table and sir asked her

Sir : swara where is ur presentation which I assinged u??

Swara : sir I was not able to complete my assignment but I have a valid reason for it sir

Sir while adjusting his specs asks : can u do the honor of saying it…

Swara : Sir u know vasanta ma’am she met with an accident yesterday sir so whole day I was at her house taking care of her… (While acting as crying) but it’s fine sir u can give me punishment as I haven’t done the presentation…

Sir says softly : it’s OK child u did very Grt work so it’s fine…. U can do the presentation tomorrow… Now take ur seat

Swara innocently : tq sir u r really very kind and humble….

Just then there was a knock and vasanta ma’am entered to announce something to the students regarding the studies… Swara eyes widen and she mentally slapped herself for giving this stupid reason….

Sir saw vasanta maam and asked her is she fine… Vasanta ma’am gave a weird look to him n replied that she is perfectly fine… And after announcing the students about their tests she went from there…

Swara while sweating as her plan of making the sir fool was backfired… Sir was looking at her with blood shot eyes. Making her gulp in fear

Sir : miss swara u will write the assignment 3times and submit it tomorrow itself… I’m I clear… Now back to ur place

With that swara run back to her place and sat there sadly seeing her kavita asked her Wat happened and swara narrated her every thing and kavita listening this burst out laughing and swara just poured angrily

Kavita while laughing : oh god… shona seriously dint u find any other excuse than this… Now sit n write it 3 times and Wat did u said (while imitating swara) ‘Offo Kavi u don’t worry about the project I’ll handle it in my style’ (again burst out laughing) this is ur style ha… Very nice must say

Swara hitted her arm angrily and said : how mean stupid first of all I’m so sad n angry upon that taklu and instead of consoling ur sweet innocent frnd u r making fun of Mee

Kavita – innocent n u… Joke of the century

Swara while looking upwards and says very dramatically : hey bhagwan Mujhe kaisi frnd mili hai jo Mera madat bhi nahi kar rahi hai aur to aur meri MAZAK bhi udha rahi hai ye Sab dekhne se pehle Aapne mujeh utha q Nahi Liya

Kavita while narrowinv her eyes : dramebaaz… Overacting mat kar.. I’ll do the presentation for u…

Swara : while hugging her tight : love u my sweety… I know u love me so much.. Chalo abhi Mujhe bahut bhuk lag rahi hai Chalo Chalo

Kavita nods her head thinking she will never change : bhukad

Screen shifts to sanskars office

We see sanskar asking one of his employee about the project which was to be corrected..

Where the man says : sorry sir the file is misplaced

Sanskar angrily shouted : u idiot do u even know how important that file is… When u can’t handle a small thing then Wat the hell r u doing In my office… U r fired…. And I want ur resignation letter right on my table in just 5mins

The man pleaded sanskar but he was not Gonna forgive any mistakes when it comes to his works.. (guys as I said sanskar is only fun-loving guy in his house where as in office he is a living monster )

Ritvik who was doing his work listening the sanskars shout came and heard the conversation and signed thinking he needs to interview another person for this job… This way happens in the office one mistake and sanskar fires them up and in that place another one comes…. Coz sanskar can’t forgive any mistakes regarding office and that’s the reason his company is one among in top 5 companies

And here ends the chap.. Phew a long one I guess

Do let me know about ur views

Thank u :-*

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