Swasan the love of my life part 2


Hy guys i think you didnt like the previouse epi bcoz not much of you has commented and if you dont like it plz say it than i will change the storyline …… Here is swasan the love of my life part 2

In the girls hostel …. In swaras room

Swara wakes up she sees the time ” oh no i am late ” she quikly wears a red dress in wich she looks extremely beautiful she then calls nikki ( nikki is a childood friend of swara they have a group including shanaya , aakash and sagar ) … Nikki picks the call ” swara where are you yaar we all are waiting for you ” swara says ” sorry nikks i had sleeped late yesterday bcoz i had to go to anathashrum and i was really tired and forgot the time ” nikki says ” its ok shona just come fast we all are exited to jump ” swara says ” i will come asap ” swara leaves in her car to the sky dive centrum

In sanskars room

Sanskar wakes up and sees the date of today and has tears in his eyes … He wears a black t-shirt and a black pant then he goes downstairs… He is about to leave but just then sujata sees him and asks ” sanskar where are you going ” sanskar says ” kuch important kaam yaad agaya ” sujata says ” ok but atleast eat something before you go ” sanskar says ” no mom im not hungry ” and he leaves in his car .. Sujata wonders whe he is going bcoz he never goes outside exept for college and somtimes for friend then she turns and sees the date and also has tears in her eyes now she understands where he is going

At the sky dive centrum

Swara arrives sagar says ” finally you came i thought you wont come bcoz you are scared ”
Swara laughs and says ” ohw sagy swara roy is not scared for anything ok and you know that so lets go ” everybody in union ” ya lets go ”
…… Few minutes later everybody has their costumes on for sky diving now they are waiting to jump

On the other hand

Sanskar is in a park he goes near a tree and a name is written on it : Laksh Malik (laksh is a cousin brother of sanskar they shared a lovely brotherhood but things turned sad bcoz laksh died 2 years ago on this date ) sanskar has tears in his eyes he places a flower under the tree

On the other

Swara and her friends had already jumped but they are landing seperate from each other swara is landing in a park ( coincidantly its the same park ) now swara is landing near the tree where sanskar is standing but swara was way to exited and her parschute broke of and now she is falling but sanskar sees her at the nick of time and holds her …… They have a eyelook tum hi ho plays in bg

Precap ;
swasan becoming friends

Credit to: Khusi

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