Swasan! Love of my life!! Part 2

Hi hello assalamualikum sasriyakal vanakkam namaste every one…. I’m overwhelmed to see the response in my previous posts… Thank you guys… Ur each comment means alot… Keep supporting…

So let’s start

We can see a simple flat where our beautiful princess lives… When we peep in we can see Kavita getting ready for college where as our beautiful princess sleeping peacefully hugging her teddy tightly… After getting ready Kavita went to wake up our Sleeping Beauty Who is in no mood to wake up…

Kavi : shona get up it’s already 7:30 how much will u sleep we need to go to collage… shona utho

Swara frowned in her sleep but dint get up

Kavi thought “this girl is not gonna wake up like this I need to wake her up in her style itself”

Thinking this Kavi suddenly started shouting

Kavi : Shona cockroach…. There’s a cockroach above ur head…

Swara got up with a jerk and started jumping on the bed closing her eyes seeing her Kavi broke into a fits of laughter rolling on the floor.. That’s when swara realised there was no cockroach it was kivi’s prank to wake her up… Swara started throwing all the things on Kavita like pillow, bottle, cosmetics and then started chasing her… After a while both were panting and then started laughing… After this swara went to get ready for college…

On the other hand we can see sanky Ayan pari and adarsh having their food silently… Where pari was giving death glares to adarsh where as sanky n Ayan where giggling… Breaking the silence Ayan said something which made adarsh choke his food…

Ayan : papa according to u who is the most beautiful girl…
Adarsh while looking towards pari said : of course ur mom only who else
Ayan with a innocent voice: but papa u said to my English teacher that she is the most beautiful girl na
Adarsh choke his food and started coughing where as pari was giving ‘u r dead’ look and left from there stomping her leg… Adarsh gave a glare to Ayan to which Ayan gave a innocent look… Adarsh went behind pari to convince her where as sanky and Ayan were giving a HIFI n laughing…
After convincing pari adarsh sanskar left Ayan in his school and they went to office…

Here swara n Kavita were stuck in the traffic where even sanskar was also stuck in the same traffic

Swara : yaar Kavi dekh teri wajah se aaj hum late hogaye… Ab so taklu Hitler Mujhe poora din lecture De Kar Maarne wala hai (yaar Kavi see bcoz of u we r late… Now that bald Hitler is going to kill me by giving lecture the whole day)
Kavi’s mouth was hung down listening

Kavi slightly hitting on her shoulder said : oh hello madam Maine kaha ki kumbkaran ki Tarah so jao… Yeh Acha hai pehle khud Karo phir doosro par elzaam dalo.. (oh hello madam did I say u to sleep like a kumbhkaran… This is nice first u do something then blame others)
Swara while making faces : Acha OK OK leave… Yaar early morning itna traffic q hota hai.. Kavi Tu na traffic police ban jaa tab Mai aaram se traffic rules break Kar k jaaungi.. Nice na (yaar y is der so much traffic in early morning… Kavi u become a traffic police then I will freely drive braking traffic rules… Nice na)
Kavi sarcastly : oh wow if that’s the thing then y not u become a traffic police
Swara : are yaar if I become traffic police how will I drive instead I should clear the traffic and i can’t even break the rules but if u become then I will break the rules and if some problem I will say my best friend is also police simple

Kavi while glaring says : wow then they will dismiss me and put me in jail for helping the public to break the rules… Right (raising her one eyebrows)

Swara : oh Yess… (After seeing Kavi glaring she diverts the topic and says) Kavi did u complete ur project which taklu Hitler gave
Kavi : Yup I’m done with it… I hope u have also done it…
Swara was giving a sheepish smile which made Kavi’s eyes grow wide open realising wat she mean
Kavi : means u did not do the project…
Swara nods no with a cute pout
Kavi said worriedly : oh god swara now to pakka Rajesh sir will not leave u now Wat will happen
Swara : Offo Kavi u don’t worry about it I’ll handle it in my style
These all were heard by sanky but was not able to see her face due to helmet
After this the traffic was cleared and all went to their respective works

So guys hope u like this part
Thank u

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