Swasan: love of my life – Episode 5


Today no bak bak

Let’s begin
Everyone get shocked seeing swasan
Laksh:what are you doing here
Sanskar:we definitely didn’t came to meet you
Swara signals him not to say anything wrong
They are about to enter but sujata shout
Sujata:wait this girl can’t enter like this
Sanskar:mom pls
Sujata:arre what my bahu won’t enter like this she will come in this house with full respect
Swasan and everyone look at her in surprise
Dp:sujata what are you telling
Sujata:why bhaisa if this girl who tried to kill her sister can stay here as bahu then why can’t I do my son and bahu’s grahpravesh
Laksh:chachi pls Sony take this betrayers side
Sujara:Laksh my son isn’t betrayer your wife is
Ragini:leave it Laksh it chachi thinks like this then I can’t do anything
Laksh:see chachi she respect you so much
Sujata:I don’t want to lister anything
She goes towards Mandir and bring grahpravesh items
She does swasan aarthi and does Swara’s grahpravesh
Swara was teary eyed

Dp:sujata don’t you know what your son has done
Sujata:I know everything bhaisa but I think you don’t know what you’ve done
Sujata:no jiji today I’ll speak bhaisa if you would accept kavita like Swara then my son would never be alone for five years it’s your fault not my son’s
Dp thinks about it
Dp:I’m sorry Sanskar I’ve realized my mistake
Sanskar hugs him
And like this everyone asks Sanskar forgiveness except Laksh
Laksh:I won’t ask forgiveness bcuz you have done a mistake in supporting Swara so
Sanskar:it’s ok lucky one day you’ll surely understand
Swasan take everyone blessing
Swara:Sanskar I think now we should do the work for what we came
Sanskar nods

Swara:ragini can you pls call your parents and Dadi here and tell them that it’s emergency
Uttara:what happened bhabhi
Swara:you’ll soon know
Ragini calls them and after sometime they come
(In all this janki and nisha are sitting in the car)
Dadi:what happened Swara now also is there some shamlessness to do
Swara:dadi oops sorry Mrs Parvati gadodia I only want you all to meet someone
Swara calls nisha
Swara:nishu bring her
Janki and nisha enter mm
Everyone are shocked to see them

Ragini cries seeing her and goes towards her and hugs her tightly but janki doesn’t react
Ragini:maa you’re alive how
Swara explains everyone what all happen
Ragini:I missed you so much maa
Janki:enough of your drama ragini Laksh maheshwari I’m not your mother you tried to kill your own sister shame on you
Parvati:I know janki bahu this bengali girl have told all this nonsense to you
Janki:first of all I’m not your bahu anymore and second ragini has done a crime and you are supporting her
Ragini:maa how can you believe on Swara instead of your daughter
Janki:in the same way as sharmishta believes you instead of Swara I also believe my shona more then you
Sharmishta and ragini are shocked bcuz Swara doesn’t let anyone call her shona except shomi
Swara:maa pls don’t stress yourself you’re already not fine
Nisha:yes maa pls don’t shout it’ll effect your health
Janki:one who has daughter’s like you doesn’t have to worry
Janki:well maaji at the time of my death I told you to give my jewellery to my daughter now I snatched it back
Parvati:it’s with laado only
Janki:give it to mee ragini
Ragini was hurt bcuz janki used to call her laado
Ragini brings the jewellery
Everyone was confused
Janki:this jewelry my mother had given it to me on my wedding in my daughter’s wedding I wasn’t there so now I’ll give it to her from my hands

Ragini smiled bcuz use thought that janki will give it to her but she was wrong
Janki gave the jewellery to Swara
Swara:no maa
Janki:I’m not asking you I’m ordering you
Swara agrees
Janki:I but came here to tell everyone that I’m not death and everyone listen I’ve only two daughters and they are Swara and nisha now I’ll take your leave
Ragini:wow Swara you took revenge from me by making my mother against me
Nisha:enough ragini don’t you dare tell anything to my sister come shona let’s leave
gadodia family left from there
Sujata:Sanskar now everything is fine now you can stay with us
Sanskar:maa not now when I’ll come only when everyone accept me
He tells while looking at Laksh
Sujata sadly nods
Ap:but at least have lunch with us
Swasan agreed
Janki:shona we’ll leave now take care
Ap:arre janki ji pls you also stay for lunch
After lot of insistence they agreed

Everyone was having swaragini were serving
Swara:maa pls don’t have oily food it’s bad for your health and after lunch you have to take medicines also
Janki:ok my mom sometime I feel that I’m not your mother you are my mother
Swara laughs
Everyone was adoring their bonding
Ragini was teary eyed seeing her own mother ignoring her
Suddenly Sanskar started coughing
Swara was tensed
She rubbed his back and saw that he ate mushroom
Swara:sanky you ate mushroom you have allergy from it oh god
Sanskar was still coughing
Swara made him drink some water
Swara:somebody call the Dr
Swara was crying
Sanskar’s condition wasn’t good
Everyone was worried
Laksh called the Dr

After sometime Dr came
Sanskar was lying on teh bed and coughing and Swara was sitting beside him and continuously rubbing his chest and was crying
Everyone was happy seeing her care except Laksh he was jealous
Dr came and checked Sanskar
Dr:nothing to worry I’ve given some medicine give it to him and give him rest
Swara nods
Adarsh brings the medicine
Swara makes him eat the medicine
Janki gets a call from ashwin so she and nisha leave after asking Swara to take care and call if needed
After having the medicine Sanskar was a bit fine
Sujata:Swara you’ll stay here only for tonight let Sanskar rest
Swara nods
Sanskar sleeps bcuz of medicine effect
Swara cover him with bedsheets
And kissed his forehead
She wiped her tears and went out to help sujata and ap in work

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