Swasan: love of my life – Episode 4


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Let’s begin.

Swara and banerjee family break the hug
Janki:Swara I want to meet ragini
Swara:sure aunty but not now your health is not good now
Janki:pls Swara
And after lot of insistence Swara agreed
Swara:ok janki aunty I think ragini will come tomorrow to baadi so we’ll go tomorrow to meet her
Janki:ok well Swara when you call ashwin as papa then you can call me also as maa
Swara becomes teary eyed
Janki:it’s ok Swara beta if you don’t
Swara hugs her and calls her maa
Janki also hugs her back

After sometime swasan leave for their home with nisha and arjun
They enter the house
Nisha:wow Swara your home is beautiful
Arjun:yes Swara it’s indeed very nice
Swara:thank you guys Rajesh kaka pls show them guest room
He nods and takes them to their room
Swasan enters their room
Swara:Sanskar I’m sorry
Sanskar:why Swara
Swara:you took me on dinner and I didn’t give attention to you
Sanskar:it’s ok Swara and no need to feel sorry bcuz I saw happiness in your eyes after meeting them
Swara:yes papa and maa are very good Sanskar if you don’t mind can we pls take mom and dad’s blessing tomorrow when we go to baadi I know you miss them a lot and badimaa and badepapa also
Sanskar nods and Swara smiles
Then they sleep

In teh morning they get up in each others embrace
But today they didn’t feel embarrassed in fact smiled at eo
They both got ready and left for hospitalwith nisha and arjun
They enter the room
Janki:no ashwin this medicine is bitter
Ashwin:have it janki
Swara:what happened papa
Ashwin:see no shona your maa is not having medicine
Swara:maa Whts is this come on have your medicines fats then we’ll go to meet ragini
Janki eats the medicine
Nisha arjun and ashwin are shocked
Nisha:wah maa when swraa told you agreed so easily but when we tell you don’t listen only
Janki:yes after all she is my eldest daughter
Swara smiled at her
Janki was about to get up but held her head
They called the Dr and he said that she needs complete bed rest for 1week
Janki:I’m fine shona
Swara:no you aren’t we’ll go to meet ragini only after 1 week

Sqasan come out of the room
Swara:Sanskar I want your permission
Sanskar:Swara am I your principle to ask permission I’m your husband you should order me
Swara smiled at his statement
Swara:ok so dear husband can I call maa papa at her home for sometime till maa’s health gets fine
Sanskar:of course shona
Swara:well only my near and dear ones can call me shona
Sanskar:oh sorry I’ll not call you shona now
Swara:arre arre listen now you are my husband so you can also call me shona but I’ve a condition
Sanskar:what condition
Swara:I’ll also call you by some nickname umm yes I’ll call you sanky ok
Sanskar:done shona
Swara:ok sanky
And they both laugh
They ask janki aahwin nisha and arjun to stay with them for sometime first they hesitate but later agree

They all enter the home
Ashwin:ok Swara beta I’ll leave for office now I’ve an important meeting with karma company Come.arjun lets leave
Sanskar:no need to go papa
Sanskar :we can have meeting here
Arjun:don’t tell me you’re the owner of karma
Ashwin:I’m happy that my daughter is in correct hands who can give her all happiness and luxuries

Then the men and Swara have the meeting and come out after 3 hours after signing the contract

One week leap
In this one week Swara takes care of janki very nicely and now tent share an unbreakable bond
Now Swara has whole heartedly accepted janki as her maa and ashwin as her papa
She even forgot the pain of her family’s betrayal
In this week swasan’s bond has grew strong
Every morning they get up in each others embrace
Swara now helps Sanskar in business also
Janki now loves Swara very much and ashwin and his children also share a very good bond with Swara
Nisha and Swara have a great bonding and they love eo as sister’s no one can say that they aren’t real sister’s
Arjun also loves Swara a lot and they also share a great sibling bond

In the morning as usual Swara gets up in Sanskar embrace and goes to have have bath then she prepare breakfast for everyone she gives janki her medicines and all are set to go to mm for meeting ragini
Ashwin and arjun are not going as they have some important meeting

All arrived at mm
First swasan enter the home and everyone are shocked to see them

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