Swasan: love of my life – Episode 3

Let’s begin
Swara was sitting in the room on the bed and thinking of how her life changed in one day how anger was happy for her wedding how ragini pushed her in the river how her family didn’t trust her
And a tear escaped from her eye but someone held her tear
Swara looked at the person
Swara:arre Sanskar

Yes the person is Sanskar
She quickly wiped her tears
Sanskar:don’t hide these tears Swara I know that
it’s difficult for you to forget your family
Swara:no Sanskar I don’t have any family except you
Sanskar:hmm so let’s go for dinner

And They both go a hotel
They sit and order some food
Sanskar:Swara if you don’t mind can I ask you something
Swara:sure Sanskar
Sanskar:I wanted to know your qualifications
Swara:ok I’ve done graduation in business and music is my passion
Sanskar:perfect so would you like to join my company then you’ll not be bored also at home
Swara :wow I’d love to join
Sanskar:ok so from tomorrow you acn join office
And they keep on talking
Suddenly a man comes towards their table
Man:Swara beta
Swasan see towards the table and Swara gets shocked
Man:I’m glad you recognized me
Sanskar us confused
Swara:Sanskar he and Mrs gadodia married but they both divorced eo when I was 7 due to worm reasons
Ashwin:Swara I saw you with shomi two months
back and I wanted to meet you but I couldn’t I wanted to apologize to both of you that time I didn’t realize that it was not your fault that you are shomi and shekar daughter and I scolded
you alot I’m sorry
Swara:no it’s ok pa I mean uncle
Ashwin:beta where is shomi I want to meet her

and apologize
Swara:it’s ok papa no need to apologize to her she only Doesn’t trust me
Ashwin:beta what are you saying
Swara explains everything to ashwin
Ashqin:I can’t believe this anyways I wanted you to meet someone
Swara:yes sure
Ashwin calls someone and a lady a boy and a girl comes there
Swara is shocked seeing them
Swara:janki aunty nisha arjun
Sanskar:you know them
Swara:Sanskar nisha and arjun are my childhood friends they were often
Ashwin:yes swara I and jaya adopted them

Ashwin :yes my wife
And he points to janki
Swara:but she is janki aunty ragini’s mother
Janki:beta do you know me ar my family bcuz I suffered a memory loss before some years
Swara:yes aunty
And Swara tells her about her marriage with shekar how she fell down from the stairs after listening to shomi and shekar conversation how swaragini United their parents about ragini engagement with Laksh how Laksh told he loved Swara and everything want happen till now
Listening all this janki fainted

They took her to hospital
Swara:I shouldn’t have told her the truth
Ashwin:no Swara she had to know it one day and I’m feeling sorry for you whatever happened
Swara:it’s ok unc
Ashwin:Swara you still have the right to call me papa
Swara was teary eyed after listening to him
Sanskar:Swara are you fine

And after sometime janki regained consciousness
Dr:she fainted bcuz of shock I think there are chances for her to regain her memory she is fine now
Everyone was happy that she is fine
Janki:swara I remember everything now and I didn’t die after falling from the stairs urvashi my sister faked my death bcuz she wanted to marry shekar and I’m feeling very ashamed that my daughter ragini did like this
Swara:no aunty pls don’t takej stress
Janki:ashwin even after regaining my memory I have the same respect for you and love fro our children

All smiled and janki ashwin nisha and arjun have a hug
Janki sees Swara sad and calls her also for hug
Swara happily hugs them and Sanskar smiles seeing her happy
Screen freezes on the happy faces of everyone

Precap:janki and ragini confrontation
Pls comment and sorry for no swasan scenes

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