Swasan: love of my life – Episode 2


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Let’s begin
Shomi is shocked battery listening to Swara
Shekar:we also dont want a cheap daughter like you go away from here and never show your face to us

Swasan leave from there in the car
Sanskar:Swara I’m sorry
Swara:Sanskar pls don’t say sorry you are nice man when my so called family disowned me you supported me you are truly my saviour
Sanskar:but you are in this condition bcuz of me
Swara:yes and I want to thank you for doing this bcuz now I know how much so called sister loves me

Swasan reach a beautiful mansion
Swara:why are we here is it your house
Sanskar:yes but from now on its our home
Swara smiles

They enter the house
Sanskar:Rajesh kaka rama kaki
Two people come out
He introduces Swara to them as his wife
They both greet her
Sanskar:Swara if you need anything you can ask them
Swara nods

Sanskar:come I’ll take you to room
While going in the stairs
Sanskar:Swara don’t worry I’ll never force this relationship on you
Swara:Sanskar I trust you and now I trust only you
They both enter a room it’s beautiful looking room with blacks nd white combination
Sanskar :it’s our room Swara and if you want we can stay in separate rooms
Swara:no it’s ok
Swasan change in something comfortable
Swara:Sanskar I wanted to ask you something

Sanskar:ask no
Swara:don’t you miss your family
Sanskar smiles and answer
Sanskar:Swara which family who doesn’t care about me
Swara:maybe but what about your mom I be seen how much she loves you
Sanskar:I know but she’ll never disobey Mr Dp
Swara:hmm good night
Sanskar:good night
They both sleep on the bed with cushions in between
In the morning Sundays are falling on teh heavenly couple
Swasan are sleeping in each others embrace

Swara gets up first and is shocked to see herself in Sanskar embrace
She tries to go but stops after hearing Sanskar murmur
Sanskar:don’t leave me pls don’t
Swara wakes up Sanskar
Sanskar is also shocked to see their position
Sanskar:sorry actually
Swara:it’s ok Sanskar
And she quickly goe ato the washroom to avoid further embarrassment
After sometime she sees Sanskar is already ready .
She applies sindoor and mangalsutra

Sanskar:why you ask how I’m living in such a big mansion
Swara:well I would love to know .
Sanskar:in these 5 yrs after lot of struggle I’ve established my company karma
Swara:what you are the owner of karma
Swara is shocked
Sanskar:yes and not many people have seen me ok now I’m going to office you take care
Swara nods sadly

Sanskar:what happen
Swara:nothing I’ll feel boring sitting here at home
Sanskar:ok so I’ll come home early today then we can for dinner outside is it fine and if you want you can call some of your friends at home if you feel bored
Swara smiles and nods ok
Swasan have their breakfast together
And Sanskar goes to his office and Swara does some chores and remains very busy whole day

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