Swasan (love just happens) Episode 6


Hi gues this is my another ff hope u all like it

Ragini gadodia: 26 year old beautiful girl she is a bit arrogant girl she is CEO of a multinational company she is among top CEO’s of world she has a NGO named ASHA she hates to be quite she always supports all those womens who has faced harrsment she is role model for thousands of girls at present she is staying in new York with her mother and bro she has huge fan following a famous personalities

Swara gadodia: 24 year old beautiful charming and bubbly girl she is a designer by profession and want to become a producer soon she is going to start her own production house. She is same in terms of principles as her sis she loves her a lot she stays in Bombay her mother stays quite more time with her she likes sanskar
Sidharth gadodia: he’s a 24 year old handsome guy swara’s tiwn brother he’s a bit filrt he has many girl frnds he studies in MKL university in new York he stays with his di and mom he loves them a lot swara is his favorite
Sharmistha gadodia: mother of swaragini and sid she stays with swara most of time she keeps travelling new York and Bombay she feels that swara can’t take her care properly she needs her the most ragini is their to take of sid loves her children a lot
Laksh maheswari: 26 year old handsome cool guy son of dp and ap he’s a actor by profession he is very famous celeb of india he has a huge fan following ragini’s close frnd and swara’s frnd too he has many girl frnds a filrt stays in Bombay with his parents and sis loves his bro and sis a lot his bro is his life he can do anything for him whenever he gets time he goes to London to meet him

Sanskar maheswari:28 year old handsome guy son of dp and janki he’s arrogant for him first work then rest of world a producer and business man owns a multinational company among top business men of world stays in London hates his dad dp a lot he stays away from them he loves his bro and sis a lot his bro is his life can do anything for him his mother died when he was 5 years old Uttra maheswari:22 year old beautiful girl daughter of ap and dp she stays in bomaby and London keeps travelling she loves his brother sanskar a lot so most of time she stays with him dp desn’t like that she stays with sanskar she is clg student
Ap and dp maheswari: parents of laksh and uttra sanskar is dp’s and janki’s son
Karan vahi: sanskar’s best frnd and he was ragini’s class mate he became sanskar’s frnd when they both were small they were neighbours when they stayed at Kolkata and both’s mothers were good frnd so they r also good frnd ragini and karan completed their studies in same school at Bangalore they r casual frnds he stays in London
So gues let start the story I’ll reveal about pairs soon both ragini and sanskar have a bitter past both came up in life laksh is the only person with whom ragini shares her pain and all swara has crush on sanskar she knows him as laksh’s bro but ragini don’t know sanskar as laksh’s bro and karan’s best frnd laksh is aware about ragini’s past he came to know this through swara but ragini’s doesn’t like to speak about it their’s lot of masti between swalakrag ragini is open to swara laksh and sid only sanskar knows ragini as rags as laksh’s frnd sanskar has never met ragini or even seen her photo he know her as CEO and not more than that and swara had no official talk with sanskar swalak too r good frnds
So gues how will the love story start btw those who not only leave in same place nor same country how will love blossoms btw them being a good frnd and loving someone r different things having a bitter past and coming up in life taking all responsibility being arrogant and having ego how can they love or like eachother after being soo much differences when persons don’t even stay at same place (means same state or locality) Imagine how they can fall for eachother but love is something that just happens

So lets start
5 years back
At rajsthan a village
Ragini is ready a bride all r happy for her marriage except her at her room she gets a call
Ragini is happy but sad too the person she is getting married she don’t like him the marriage is forced by her dad her mom too tried too stop but all in vain
Ragini: ma I don’t wanna get married
Sumi:I can’t do anything
Ragini: ma try to understand going hong kon is big opportunity for me I can achieve that which no has achieved
Sumi: what can I do ur baba will never except that
Dadi : sumi come fast barath has come
Sumi goes down having tears in her eyes
Ragini she is having tears seeing how helpless she’s she gets a idea

At mandap
Groom is seated
Poandit: plsz call bride
Dadi: I’ll bring her
She goes to her room but doen’t find her she gets a letter
Shekar: ma what happened
Dadi: ragini has ran away
All r shocked
Guest: I think she loved someone and ran with him
Gues 2: ha what a girl
Sumi gets angry
Sumi: will u all stop don’t dare to speak about my daughter

After 6 months
Shekar throwing sumi out of house
Ragini gets up she is sweating heavily she sees time its night 3 am she had a dream(the FB was ragini’s dream she got by that dream she is in her room she gets up and moves towards her balcony of room she sees their immense slinece all around freash air is coming so slient the environment is at night new York city looks more beautiful she is enjoying scenery
Ragini’s prov
It has been 5 years from know its all beause of me what and all happened I am selfish girl I can never forgive myself

gues plsz plsz comment if u like it thank u

Credit to: poonam

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  1. Please make it swasan plzzzzz…

  2. Nice..hey its swasan so pls give more imps to swara n sanskar pls..waiting fr nxt

  3. Heyy y z it epi 6.. Isn’t diz d intro itself…. Prev 5 episodes are of different story n by other writer… M confused!!

  4. Hey this is the intro na…then why Tellyupdates gave it as episode 6..?
    Anyway its awesome

  5. I think title is wrong ……..but I like your intro

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