Swasan (love just happens) Episode 5





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Todays episode start with sanskar and swara coming home and tell everthing to sumi and then take permission for picnic from sumi
Sumi: sanskar beta you have to take care of swara ok
Sanskar: ok aunty I will u don’t take tension
And they go to their room and get freshnup and then they play
Next morning swara is sleeping today sanskar goes to wake her
Sanskar: sona wake other wise we will get late
Swara get up immedatly

Swara: sanky u know I am very excited for picnic
And swara goes to bathroom and get ready and after break fast they go school with shekar
As they reach school shekar sanskar swara come out of car shekar goes to swara
Shekar: my princess you take care of yourself ok
Swara: papa sanky is with me na don’t take tension
Shekar and sanky smiles
Shekar: ok beta bye
And waves bye and they also waves bye and goes in the group seeing swara and sanskar smiles
Rohit: now that sanskaar will know what happen when some one mess with me
Sid: yeah he care of that girl so much na now we will give pain to that girl swara and he will also fell pain

And they three smiles and sit in bus and then swara and sanskar also come and sit in bus and swara sit near window seat and sanskar near her whole journey she is talking and sanskar is listening and smiling and after sometime they reach the picnic spot and get out of the bus teachers tell them to be with them and they go in and swara excited to see all the rides they mostly enjoy all the rides and then all students go to swmming pool area but swasan not go as swara has fear of water so sansakar is also sitting with her and they are talking and that group is keeping eye on them
Sid: yar rohit this sanskar is not leaving her alone for a single min when we will excute our plane
Rohit: wait we will get chance
Then swara goes and with sanskar and sit at place where less people are presnt
Sanskar: why you come here
Swara: I am not felling well their
And hold sanky hand after sometime of talking
Swara: sanky please bring ice cream and chips I am hungry
Sanskar: ok I will go but promise me you will not go any where
Swara: ok promise and sanskar goes from their

That group smiles evily and goes nearswara from behind and put a cloth on her mouth and hold her mouth and one hold her legs as there are less people so it is not noticed swara is struggling but they take her and throw her in bulbuliya as they throw her she get injured and she immediately remove her cloth and only manage to see rohit and they runs from their and swara stand but fall down
Rohit and his group come out and smiles
Rohit: now they will know that don’t mess with rohit
Sid: yar your idea is brilliant
And they go from their and sanky come at the place and does not find swara and started felling restless and started searching her and here swara is crying with fear and shouting sanky name and see her hand injury
As sanky is searching swara and rohit and his gang see him and smiles and start talking at that time sanky comes their and stop hearing swara name

Rohit: he is searching her here and she is crying their in bulbuliya
Mohit: poor swara
And all laughs and sanky gets angry and goes near rohit and hold his collar and his eyes become red due to anger
Sanky: if anything happens to swara then I will not leave you u get that
And jerk him and he falls and sanky goes in bulbuliya and start searching swara after sometime he found swara sitting and shevring with fear a tear come in his eyes seeing swara in that condition he goes near her and swara see him and hug him tightly
Sanskar: sona ok relax I am here na don’t cry
Swara: sanky that rohit he is so bad and start sobbing
Sanskar: ok we will punish him but please stop crying
And sanskar see blood in her hand and breaks the hug
Sanskar: sona hows this happen
Swara: they throw me and I fall and my hand get injured its paning sanky
Sanskar take the hanky and tied it in her hands
Sanskar: ok come we go out

They are trying to get out but fails and its alredy late and time for their going all the techers start their attendance and rohit and his gand tell attendance on name of swasan and they go from their and swasan are in bulbuliya
Swara: sanky when we will go home I want to meet mom please sanky take me from here
Sanskar hold her hand to less her fear but fails
And here sumi and shekar get panic as swasan both had not come they go to collage cut principal tell that we come earlies and it is the attance of students sumi and shekar complain in police
As it become night and swasan sucees in getting out of bulbulyia and see no one their swara get scared and started crying and hug sanky as sanky is also fearing but not showing their they see a phone and sanky goes and call shekar

Shekar: hello
Sanky: hello uncle me sanky
Shekar worriedly: beta where are u where is swara
Sanskar tell him whole incident
Shekar: don’t worry beta I am coming their only you see if some elder person is their
Sanskar see watchman
Sanky: yes
Shekar: go and call him
Sanky goes and call him
Watchman: beta what are you doing at night here
Sanky: you please come with me
And watch man goes with him and shekar tell him the whole incident
Shekar: we are coming u please take care of them
Wathch man: ok sir
and shekar and sumi leave and here swasan

sanskar: now uncle aunty is coming we will go home now
swara: really and a relif come on her face and she lay in sanskar lap
after sometime shekar and sumi come their and seeing them both children gets happy and shekar and sumi runs to them
swasan runs and hug shekar and started crying
shekar: don’t cry beta I will not leave them
and they take them from their and sumi sit at back seat and swasan lay in her lap and are crying shekar seeing them get angry and they drove towards house sumi make them eat and then they sleep in sumi lap both are very scared
next day in school shekar come to principal with swasan and tell him about the whole incident principal call rohit mohit and sid and their parents shekar eyes them angrily and they get feared rohit father come and shekar see him and get angry

shekar: dp kanna u here
dp: yeah and see shekar angrly
dp: yes principal what happen why you called me
and principal tell him the whole incident
principal: I am restigating him from this school
shekar: now I understand like father like son but dp don’t you dare to touch my daughter
dp: I will see u for this insult and take rohit from their
principal: we are really soory for this mistake
shekar: its ok principal

and take swasan from their
destiny has something planned which will chage their lives

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