Swasan (love just happens) Episode 4

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Todays episode start with next morning sumi wake up boyh sanskar and swara and get them ready for school and take them for break fast
All are sitting on dinning table
Shekar: sanskar beta best of luck and do study well
Sanky: yeah uncle
Swara: papa I am so happy now my best frnd sanky will go with me school yippee
All smile seeing swara excitement and after breakfast shelar drop them in school
Sanskar is in 8th class while swara is in 5th class both go in school and put their bags in class and go to prayer ground as in school a group of students who make fun of girls is their as sanskar go for some work swara is standing with her frnds this group come and start irritating them
Boy1: today our target is that girl poiting towards swara
Boy2: yeah lets go

And they go towards
Boy3: aur bandariya whts happening
All girls get scared but not swara
Swara: how dare u to call me bandariya I will complain to principal
Boy 1: laughs go
And they come near swara and start irritating her swara resist but they are continuously irritating her sanskar see this as and get angry he come their and see swara in tears sanskar get more angry
Sanskar come and swara see her and go and hug him
Swara sobbing: sanky see they are irritaging me
Sanskar comes to them and hold their leader collar
Sanskar: how dare u to touch her her eyes are red due to anger
They all get scared
Boy1: soory

Sanskar: don’t tell me soory tell her ok
And they all tell soory to swara
Sanskar: and from now its my last warning don’t u dare to come near her
The group goes from their and sanskar come to swara who is crying
Sanskar: no my sona is so brave na don’t cry you don’t look like ghost while crying
Swara hits sanky on head: sanky
Sanskar: now smile
Swara smile
Sanskar: now that’s like my good girl
Swara: promise sanky u will save me from all problems
Sanskar: promise
And here the group come to other side
Boy3: why you come from their
Boy2: we will see them
Boy1: no its not the correct time I will see them I have a planning
And they disscus the planning and smiles
After some time prayer started and after prayer principal tell them about the picnic all students get happy and that group also happy now they can take their revenge easily
All go in class room and after some class recess held and swara sanskar sitting with each other and eating suddenly that group come sanskar angery seeing them
Boy1: I am so soory for morning
Swara: its ok
Boy1: thnks for forgivness shall we be frnds
Sanskar senses something wrong
Sanskar gesture no to swara but swara hold his hand
Swara: ok
Boy1: thnks by the way my name is rohit and he is mohit and sid
Swara: my name is swara and he is sanskar
Rohit: thnks for accepting our frndship

Swara its ok
Rohit: now we will go
And they turn and smile evily and go from their
Saskar: sona why you accept their frndship in think they are planning something
Swara: don’t take tension I just said causally I don’t want any type of fight
Sanskar: ok
And their recess bell ring and they all go to their classes and when school get over they both sit in car and go towards home

Precap: picnic and that group planning


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