Swasan (love just happens) Episode 3

Todays episode start with sanskar waking up due to sun rays falling on him and he wake up and see swara slepping and sun rase falling on her and it distrub her sleep so he stand in btw and then fastly put the prada on window and see swara
aftet some time sumi come to swara room and see sanskar wake up
sumi: u wake up early beta
sanskar: yeah aunty
sumi goes and kisses on swara forehead
sumi: sona beta wake up
sanskar see this and remember his mom and a tear come in his eyes but he hide it
swara wake up kisses on sumi cheek
swara: gm mom
and then see sanskar
swara: gm sanky
sanskar: hm swara
swara: no swara u are my best frnd u can call me sona ok
sanskar: ok swara no mo sona
and laughs

sumi: u both get freshup and come for breakfast we have to go shopping also
swara: yeah mom come sanky
they both go to freshup and sumi goes down
after some time they both come being ready and swara holding sanky hand they come to dinning table and do breakfast and after completipn of breakfast
swara: mom dad we have done come lets go
shekar: beta i have some important work so i cant come
swara: no dad u tell me u will come
sumi: beta try to understand dad has some work
swara: no dad have to come with us
and run and go in her room
sumi: this girl is becoming ziidi day by day
and sumi is about to go
sanky: aunty may i go
sumi: ok beta

and sanky goes to swara room and see her holding teddy and come near her swara turn her face
sanky: so my best frnd not talk to me then i should go na
and sanky is about to go but swara hold his hand and make het sit
swara: sanky nobody loves me na
sanky: no sona u are taking everything wrong think swara your dad has full fill all your wishes he loves u most in the world but today he has some work na u know sona he always wanted u to happy and now he is sad as u are sad he loves u most sona try to understand
swara hug sanky : thnk u come lets go
and they both come to hall
swara: dad u go work is important i will go with mom and sanky
shekar goes to swara: so my princess become so understanable and kisses on het cheeks
swara: no dad its all my best frnd sanky magic
all smile and shekar goes to office while swara sanky and sumi goes to shopping mall
theu enter in shopping mall and swara start selecting dress for sanky and aftet shopping they come home as they are tired so they took lunch and goes to relax

at evening sumi is reading magzine sitting in hall while sawsan is playing aftet some time shekar come and swara see her and go and hug him
shekar comes and sit in hall with him sanky and swara also come
shekar: sanskar i have done your admission in swara school u have to go from tomarrow
swara: really dad he will go with me i am so happy dad i love u
sanky: thnk i uncle
shekar: their is no need to tell thnk u i have see a spark in your eyes i know i will make your father proud
sanky get teary eyed
swara: oh no dad he again started crying before flood come please stop him
and all started laughing and sanky wipe his tears
sanky: u sona
and swara run and sanky start running behind her and shekar and sumi smile seeing them
dont know what destiny has written in their fate

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