swasan (love just happens) Episode 1

Guys this is my first ff hope you all like it
My story start with a huge mansion is shown and there is a party in mansion as we go inside a man is talking some one his face is reveled he is shekar
Man: shekar ji party is just awesome
Shekar: mr. gupta its shekar gadodia princess birth day so it will be grand na
Man: see here comes your daughter
And shekar turn and see a lady coming holding hand of a six year old girl lady is wearing a black sari with golden boder she is looking stunning she is wife of shekar and the small girl is swara
Shekar goes near them and give his hand to sumi and whishper
Shekar: you are looking stunning my love today
Sumi blushes: shekar you
Swara: dad how I am looking dad
Shekar goes and kiss her and tell you always look beautifull my cuite and take them to hall
Shekar announces lades and gentel man attention please I thank all of to come here on my daughter birthday I am happy for it I know some people tell me that I am rude and arrogant but I can do anything for my family and smiles so lets have chers on the name of my daughter swara and lets begin the party
And light music start playing and shekar take sumi to dance floor and they dance on song aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya ha
Here on road a boy wearing stitched clothes walking with a lady on road suddenly a car come and hit that lady and the lady fell on floor in the pool of blood
Boy shout ma and goes near her
Boy: ma nothing will happen to you

Lady: sanskar beta
Yeah he is our hero sanskar
Sanskar: ma wait I will get help
And he start asking for help but no will stop so he see a mansion and their a car is outside the house he goes their
As in party swara see dancing and little bore so she go towards the window and see a boy is coming to his house and staring dad car so she go outside
Sanskar enter bcz secutry gurad is sleeping and he is about to sit in car some voice stop her
Swara: stop what are you doning
Sanskar: please I need help otherwise my mom will died please
Swara: but you cant take my fathers car
Sanskar: please let me take please underastand my situation its about someone life
Swara: ok take
Sanskar: thnk u
Swara: its ok and goes in
And sanskar sit in car and take It by this secrty gurad wake up and see sanskar taking car secutrity gurad try to stop him but fails and goes in and tell this to shekar and they come outside and follow the car
Here sanskar take this ma in car and goes to hospital and shekar is following him
In the house swara tell her mom that she has given permission to take the car so sumi started calling shekar but its unreachable
Here in hospital doctor admitted sanskar mom and shekar come from behind their and secutrity guard points towards sanskar shekar goes to him
Secutity guard : sir he is the boy who stole the car
Shekar: inspector please aresst him

Sanskar fell on shekar legs : sir please I am not a theif my mom had an accident so to admit her hospital I have to do this
Shekar see truth in her eyes
And shekar phone rings
Sumi: shekar where are you
Skekar: in city hospital;
Sumi: shekar don’t do nothing with that boy I am coming their
Shekar: but why
Sumi: I am saying na do it
Shekar: ok
And here sumi and swara left in their car to hospital and when they reach hospital they see shekar standing and the boy is sitting on floor and crying
Swara goes to boy and wipes his tear and turn to shekar
Swara: dad there is no mistake of his I had given permission to take car dad please forgive him for my shake
Shekar: ok beta how can I say no to u
And swara hug shekar and sumi smiles
After some time doctor come out and say soory we cant sane her there is excessive blood loss and internal injury bcz of it she is no more
This is a blunder for snaskar he fell on floor and cries sumi and shekar see this and felt bad seeing him like this
Swara: now papa what will happen to him where he will go
There is a silence there is no answer
Swara goes to sanskar and hold her hand

Swara: papa can we take him to our house please dad
Sanskar see swara with teary eyed and shekar see towards sumi and sumi noded in yes
Shekar: ok beta
Swara: love u dad

And they did funral of sanskar mother and then they take sanskar to their home
If you want to know what happen next so please comment If you like I continue my story


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  1. It’s good dude… Continue…….

  2. nice yaar continue…

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    so nyc yaar….. swasan scenes…

  4. This is quite similar to nehas plot….i felt so…..but nice

  5. Awsme dear plsss continue

  6. sry, itsnt good… yar. its bst…. awesome stry .. nice concept and the bst part is its swasan…. #swasan_forever. …

  7. Nice and different intro

  8. Continue soon

  9. It’s good but don’t you think that swara a six year old girl is a bit too mature it could be 13 or 14 and sanskar if swara is 6 then be is max 10yrs old and he is driving at such a young age……don’t mind…….your story plot is nice just do the age change …….

  10. mridulakrishnan

    nice story dear…..pls continue…

  11. nice plz continue

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