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Hello people…I hope u all r doing good… M back with the next chapter of Love Hurts…Love Heals…
Today is the 25th EPISODE of this ff… My first piece of writing , my first ever ff, and the story which is very close to my heart… I know completing 25 episodes is not such a big achievement but for me it is not less than an achievement because in the situations and circumstances I wrote this I never imagined that I could even complete these many episodes… And this all is possible just because of your support guys… Because of the love u showered upon my simple story…

I’m trying to improve with every passing update, and I feel I have improved a lot in accordance with the first update

Oky now enough of my blabbering, u all would say that I hardly give updates and now m wasting tym in talking here… But a big THANK YOU to all my dear readers from the bottom of my heart

So without wasting more tym let’s start with the next episode

Previous Episode- Episode 24


Swara was getting ready for her clinic…
Today she was surrounded with so many unusual feelings, she herself didn’t know what she is going to do, but one thing is decided that she will talk to Sanskar today at any cost

Sanskar’s side

Sanskar was not at all aware that his elders r planning to get him married to Swara

Today his day started with a new mission….
Yes, a mission, life is really so unpredictable… Few days back he was all alone somewhere in the guilt of losing his love and now he has got a new hope…
A hope which is not less that a new chance for him…
He has decided to find out what exactly happened seven years back, cause something or the other is still undiscovered to him… And may be this small discovery can set everything back to its place… It’s true that the past can never be forgotten but we can at least try to learn from the past and make her future better… The things that already happening can never be omitted, but the new day, the new phase that is waiting for us could be written in golden letters… After all they are your thoughts who are the architect of your own DESTINY….


Soon the day passed and it was evening… The trees and streets were washed by the rain…. The sky was partially cloudy, the sun was going to set in an hour…. The breeze blowing was so calm and fresh….

Sanskar reached the park by sharp 5 o’clock… The park was situated few meters away from the river… (Well that is completely my part of imagination so I don’t know if any such place exists )

Sanskar felt very fresh after seeing the picturesque beauty of nature …

He sat on a bench and started waiting for Swara, she was late today as already ten minutes passed which was quite unusual…

After waiting for almost twenty minutes Sanskar saw swara approaching him…

Sanskar became horrified seeing her…. She was having a bandage on her head…
He rushed towards her not caring abt the present problems going between them…
He palmed her face and out of concern started bombarding her with questions…

Sanskar: Swara what happened to you , u r oky na? This bandage how u got hurt… U got hurt somewhere else too ? (Swara who had prepared herself to talk to him strictly melted seeing his concern)

Swara held Sanskar’s hand which was on her face

Swara: I’m completely fine Sanskar… (In a gentle tone)

Sanskar raised his eyes to look into her eyes…. He felt so good to hear his name from her mouth after so many says… He was highly pissed off hearing Mr Maheshwari from her

Sanskar composing himself asked: Swara how u got hurt? (His concern was clearly visible from his tone)

Swara narrated that how her head hit the steering wheel when she applied sudden brakes to save her car from crashing into a two wheeler who was coming from opposite side…

Sanskar out of concern hugged her…

Swara neither reciprocated the hug nor stopped attentionfter few seconds when Sanskar realized what he was doing he departed the hug

Sanskar: M sorry … Woh…

She stayed silent
Swara was now back to her original form

Sanskar returned back to the bench and said : U called me to talk something? Bolo kya hua?

Swara: Hmmm… Yeah I wanted to talk something important

Sanskar: We can sit and talk …

Swara: no m fine like this…

Sanskar: Swara u got hurt on your head… U would be feeling weak and tired due to blood loss…

Swara:No m fine Mr Maheshwari… U need not to worry abt me

Sanskar: But(interrupted )

Swara: we should start talking Mr Maheshwari I don’t want to waste ur tym…

(He was irked with the work Mr Maheshwari)

Sanskar nodded being left with no other option…

He was hurt by her cold behavior …. And now it was crystal clear before him that how swara would have felt back then

He was already disturbed after the incidents that took place at Raglak’s engagement… And now he was feeling that something bad is coming up again in the form of this conversation

Swara: r u listening Mr Maheshwari…?

Sanskar: Hmmm yeah speak

Swara: Yesterday Annapurna aunty, dp uncle , sujata aunty and ram uncle came to our house

Sanskar became attentive, listening each n every word with attention

Swara closed her eyes and said: They came to my house to talk abt our alliance

Sanskar stood up : what?

Swara: Yes, They find us a perfect match for each other and they wish to see us married…

Sanskar was not knowing what to say he was himself so shocked
His thoughts were disturbed by Swara’s voice

Swara: A perfect match…!! (she gave sad sarcastic smile) They don’t know that we can never be together…
Marriage is a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding… And respect comes from trust… When we are not having these two elements in between us then how can we be together…

Sanskar’s POV

Swara messaged me to meet her today…. I waited n waited for her when she finally came… I was shocked to c her… She was having a bandage on head…. Although injury was not so severe but Still I was worried for her…
I was worried and therefore I hugged her without my knowledge… And then came the worst part… Her words… Her cold words really hurt me… And now I can say how would she had felt when I talked to her like that…
When I imagine myself in her shoes I would also behave the same… I feel so guilty for my actions

Then she told abt r alliance, I didn’t knew whether I should be happy or shocked… I would be happy if I get a chance to hold her hand…. But before anything else I have to sort out all the problems between us…. M the creator of this mess and I would only clear it out

Swara’s POV

Today when I saw Sanskar’s eyes…they were filled with concern and honesty… It is said that eyes are the mirror to one’s soul…
I know my cold behavior hurts him but he has only forced me to behave like that… I don’t know what would be the future of our relationship but I don’t want more problems between us….

My thoughts came to a halt with Sanskar’s question…

POV ends …

He stood up and came towards Swara

Sanskar: Swara what was your reply to them? (His heart wanted to hear a yes but he knew that is not gonna happen )

Swara: Hmm. Wat?

Sanskar: What was your reply?

Swara: I was not knowing what to answering I asked for sometime from them…

Sanskar:And what have u decided?

Swara: I don’t know what I have decided Sanskar… Things r not so good between us.. We can’t even talk to each other properly… U don’t like me…(she closed her eyes and said) U don’t even consider me a friend (she turned and continued talking) I don’t want to cry more on r past… Because now I feel we were never meant to be together …. That day u left me… And in case I agree for the alliance and u still do the same what would I do? I would be left all alone all over again…(Sanskar’s heart was filled with guilt now ) So I want to know your answer… Then I would think upon it ….

Few moments of silence prevailed between them with a lost Sanskar

Sanskar was brought back to attention by Swara’s words

Swara: I think I should leave

Sanskar : Ummm… Shall I drop u?

Swara: no I can go on my own

Sanskar nodden, and sat on the bench again continuing his thought process…
After few minutes he too left the place


So here I complete this episode… I hope u would like it… I’ll be waiting for your reviews?

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