Swasan Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 22)

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Leap of one month

It was a Sunday morning and gadodia’s Nd Maheshwari’s were busy in preparation for Raglak’s engagement in their respective houses (mansions)

Yes Raglak are getting engaged next week

Swara and Ragini were out for shopping

Swara:Ragu m tired yar …. Let’s have something

Ragu:Hmmm oky! Come


They were having their meal when Ragini got a phone call
After attending the call

Ragini:Diiiii(extra sweetly)

Swara:Hmmm yes Ragu

Ragini:woh I need ur help di(puppy eyes)

Swara:Y m I feeling that u r trapping me with that look


Swara:Han say na

Rag:woh Laksh called me….(interrupted)

Swara:and he wants to meet u but u r not allowed to do that alone so you need my help

Rag:oh wow di u r amazing…. Now tell will u help us

Swara:do I have any other option?


Swara:then speak up what he has planned

Ragini:he is coming in xyz garden in half an hour



Swaragini were standing there waiting for Laksh

Just then swara got a call so she went to attend it a little away from Ragini

And here Laksh came with Sanskar

Rag:Oh u came finally…. Hi Bhaiya

Sanskar: Hi Ragini

Laksh: Han woh sorry I was late… U r alone here?

Rag : no Di is with me… She got a call so went to take it… There she is (pointing towards swara)

Sanskar was happy to c her after two long months

Swara came after attending the call she didn’t saw in sanlak’s direction

Swara: Ragu where is that idiot Laksh , mom messaged me to reach home in next one hour

Laksh:oye m not idiot… Btw m already here

She turned and saw towards him and got shocked seeing Sanskar

Swara(monologue): Not again God… Y r u behind me always…. I don’t want to meet him… M trying to forget him which I also know is next to impossible but u , u r again n again …..

Laksh waved his hand in front of her

Lak: now where r u lost?

Swara: nothing , u both talk m going to sit there(pointing toward an empty bench)

Rag:di at least meet Sanskar Bhaiya, he’s also here

Swara:oh sorry …. Hello Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar was not happy as she was asked to greet him

San:Hi Swara
(Turning towards Laksh)
Lucky m going to wait in my office there u come after completing ur talks

Lak: arey no no bhai how can u? No u won’t go anywhere, if Maa or Chachi called me and asked to make them talk to u wat will I do? Or if she called u and asked abt me… No no I can’t take risk…(thinks for awhile) u go and join Swara, she would also get bore here


Swasan were unwillingly sitting together cause Raglak were at a distance from them from where they can c swasan but can’t hear their talks

All flashes were coming in their mind as it was the same garden where they use to come ( remember that friendship day scene)

Sanskar wanted to know abt Swara or he was eager to know that y has she kept that book with her still

Sanskar: Swara, how r u now?

Swara:Mr Maheshwari what will happen to me… That was just a mere fever …. And I would have got ill hundred of times in past seven years

Sanskar: I want to ask u something ?


Irked by her behavior

Sanskar: y have u kept that book still with u

Swara:which book Mr. Maheshwari? And m not answerable to u

Sanskar: U r Swara cause I was the one who gifted u that

Swara:no u were not… I don’t have anything gifted by u?

Sanskar: sw(interrupted)

Swara: My best friend Sanskar, my Sansku gave that to me…. I promised him to keep that always with me… And promises r made to fulfill…. Unlike other people I value them
And coming to u gave that book…. M nothing to u Mr Maheshwari…. Just a stranger or just or brother’s fiance’s sister

Sanskar: Enough Swara, enough
M tired of listening that mr Maheshwari from ur mouth…. I know I did wrong that day…. I raised my hand on u and said so ill abt u…. But m asking for forgiveness na… I know my sorry is not enough but u tell na wat shud I do? U punish me na… What else shud I say?
U r just revolving around that day…. U were also wrong na… I don’t know what happened between u and Dhruv that day that he was so tensed but it may have cost his life
I don’t want myself to indulge in ur personal matters but you should c na how sensitive he is… Y r u hurting him Han?

He is such a kind hearted perso…..(interrupted )

Swara pushed him as a result he was abt to fall down and she stood up

Swara:(yelling)Just shut ur mouth Mr Sanskar Maheshwari, before I do something to u… What do you think of urself han? R u God that you will predict everything by ur own self! U know wat you r a born idiot
Now m regretting that we were friends…. U wanted me to call u Sanskar na…. So listen Mr Sanskar Maheshwari I loved u with all my heart and soul then and I still do…. But not any more m trying hard to forget u and move on in my life…. U have just made me a jest… Nothing more than that… U don’t even know what is the business of ur lyf… U just want me to do whatever u want… U can humiliate me any time, leave me anytime, then again u want me to b ur friend cause u feel suffocated because of ur guilt but its high time now…. I know that the circumstances were wrong then and because of which we took that step knowingly giving pain to r hearts

But now listen Mr Sanskar Maheshwari u have killed my Sansku
…. And keep this small thing in ur pea sized mind that don’t force me to turn pages of r history because it won’t b beneficial now …. Next week Is my sister’s engagement and we would b meeting a number of tyms so don’t create any scene in front of them cause I don’t want anyone to know abt us
Saying this she turned and saw Raglak behind her
Swara quickly wiped her tears composed her anger and said “Ragini I think we should leave its quiet late and elders must b waiting ”

Ragini and Laksh heard her last sentence and were now sure there was something big but for now they pretended as they r unknown to this fact


Swaragini were in car this tym Swara was not driving she asked Ragini to drive as Swara was not in good mood

Ragini: Di

No response

Ragini:Diii (little high)


Rag:Di r u oky?

Swa:han Ragu

Rag:then y r u so lost?

Swara:Nothing like that Ragu m not feeling well I mean my head is paining

Rag:Hmmm oky


Sanskar’s room

There was a knock on his room’s door when he was busy thinking abt something

San:Yes Lucky get in

Lak:Bhai still awake?

San:Yes wasn’t getting sleep, u tell u here at this tym?

Lak:yes I wanted to talk to u abt something important!

Sanskar was little aware that he’s talking abt park incident

Sanskar: Lucky its getting late and m feeling sleepy also (fakes a yawn) let’s talk in morning

He covered himself with comforter and pretended to sleep

After five minutes when he saw towards the door he saw Laksh standing at the same place

Lucky gave him a pity look and said: Done with ur acting skills now tell me

Sanskar nodded

Lak:I don’t want to beat across the bush let me come directly on the point

Sanskar again nodded in agreement

Laksh:What r you and Swara hiding from us? I know there’s something serious

Sanskar: its nothing like that Lucky

Lak:Bhai I know that you know each other from a long tym… And I can predict that u both were close too… Now please spill the beans

Sanskar knew now he can’t lie

Sanskar: Laksh we were in same school and same class

Lak: I know

San:We were childhood friends and me, Swara, Kunal and all shared a great bond

Laksh was curiously listening to all this and he secretly called Ragini

She was also hearing everything

Sanskar: Bas that’s it

Lak:Don’t lie bhai! Then y r u guys behaving so awkwardly now… Y didn’t you told all this before… Because there is so much more

Sanskar thought for a while and thought its better to tell him otherwise he will do something or the other to discover the truth which may complicate the situation

San:Lucky we were best friends we both cared a lot for each other…. But in past year of r school in twelfth we got separated due to some reason… And that’s y we like this now

Laksh:wat reason

San:that is not important Lucky… Now don’t think abt past , its better not to make it a big issue, we both r mature enough to handle it on r own .. And don’t tell Swara that u know all this cause she never wanted this
Its getting late so go n sleep and close the door while going

Sanskar’s POV

First tym I said all this to Lucky he must b. Feeling that m being rude to him… But I can’t tell him also at least not after today’s incident

To be continued

Precap: Dhruv’s entry in scene; Ap:Swara beta we have decided something, we want u to….


I know u all r waiting for the truth revelation… So just wait for next one u r going to get the most awaited shock…. And one more thing I don’t know whether you will like the reason of their seperation or not but still will try to make it as good as possible…. Thnk you for commenting will b waiting for ur reviews…


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