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( I m not giving a recap today as I feel that last episode had so many happenings and mainly it contained POV so it can not b summarized here so if u don’t remember it , just go through the link which I gave)



Sanskar’s POV


Sanskar’s room

He was sitting on bed resting his head on headboard

POV starts

Swara u have still kept that book with u… I expected that it must b lying somewhere in ur house but it was on ur desk… That means u were reading it last night(he becomes happy thinking that)
U told me that book is very special for u… And you will always keep it and c u fulfilled ur promise… I hope we were together as we were before

How everything gets changed with time ! I feel if I could just undo all these happenings of my life… I just wanna refresh our school days… How happy we were… How much we cared for each other… How much we enjoyed together… How much we lov…(interrupted with his own thoughts) no not this

(He left a sigh)

During those days I couldn’t even handle listening Sanskar from ur mouth except Sansku…. And now u r not even Calling me Sanskar… And m not doing anything

Now toh my ears r craving to hear at least my name from ur mouth

Now I understood how must have u felt when I talked with u that way …. How much my rude behavior would have saddened u

As now ur this cold behavior is doing with me

Now it’s enough…. I can’t lie to myself more…
I m now knowingly suppressing my feelings …..

(Sorry for giving it again but just wanted to make it fresh in ur mind so as to avoid confusions)

Swara I never told u …. Or never any such need arised where I had to confess my feelings as we both were pretty sure abt it … But that was the biggest mistake of my life…. If I would have confessed at that tym nothing wrong would have happened…. There would have been no such differences between us and we would b Happy

But as we didn’t confessed it publicly or at least privately just c in what state we r now ….

It’s not that I hate u Swara…. No not at all… I can’t even think of doing so but it is just that the situation made me do so i.e hurt u

U also know that how much I cared for Dhruv and still I do.. He is an orphan
Despite of the fact that his uncle and aunt love him so much but still parent’s place can not b filled with anyone else’s love and care

I know him from my childhood he is in my life since last 20yrs…. And that is only the reason that I become extra possessive for him as I don’t want him to suffer more

He was such a bubbly child in early yrs of r childhood when we were in prep… But after that incident which took his mom and dad with him he became so sensitive and insecure

When he got admitted in our school that very moment I decided that I will help him here in his each and every problem… I’ll try my best to give him war he want at the cost of my happiness also … But he never shared his severe problems with me cause he knew that I would get tensed

That day when we went for an outing…. It was the worst day of my life as it took u from Me…. I was in such a dilemma that wat to do

That day when he proposed u I was so shocked … I was not in my senses to react or think anything, all I knew was that he had proposed u

(M writing flashback in inverted commas, so don’t mess it up with present)

Flashback starts

(Friends if u r not getting the exact scene wat m writing then do visit episode it will help u here is the link
http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-ss-love-hurts-love-heals-episode-14/ )

‘ Sanskar just left the place with his overflowing emotions … He locked himself in washroom Nd was standing numb , tears were continuously flowing from his eyes ‘


‘ here Swara was also shocked with this sudden proposal ….

She was not knowing how to handle this situation as she knew how sensitive Dhruv is

She made him stand up and started talking something with me (that I’ll reveal later )

After almost making him understand something both left to meet others with a satisfactory smile on Dhruv’s face and a relieved smile on Swara’s

It seemed that Dhruv is satisfied with wat Swara told him…


All were waiting for Swara, Sanskar Nd Dhruv

Just then Dhruv arrived and took his place, after him Swara also arrived

She sat at her seat

Kunal: Swaru where u went Han? U took so long ? (Swara was abt to answer when kunal when he continued) and Han where is Sanskar?

Swara : Oh Han Sanskar is not here! Where is he?

Kunal: he was not with u ? (With a teasing smile) I thought that u both r together so didn’t came to disturb u

Swara: (somewhere blushes but only understood by Megha and Kunal) are how will I know where he went… He was here only na

Megha: Han Swara but Kunal by mistake spilt his juice and Sanskar’s dress also got wet a little so he went to wash it

Swara : oh par ab tak aaya nahi? (Oh, but he didn’t came till now?)

Kunal:Swaru don’t worry I’ll go and c what he’s doing there! I hope that he must not b sleeping there

Swara hit him lightly on shoulder and said “go now”

When Kunal was abt to leave the place at that tym sanskar entered… He had somehow managed to compose his state and hide his pain… But Swara was quite tensed seeing him

He joined them all and took his seat with obviously a fake smile

Abhi: Where were u Sanskar? U took so long to wash it?

Sanskar: Oh yes then I saw hotel’s garden so went for a short walk

Ipshita: Hawww u must have at least told us na… We would have also joined u

Sanskar: Woh it was so mesmerizing na so I forgot may be
(Hardly controlling his emotions as that was the same place where Dhruv proposed Swara)

They all started having their dinner

Swara was looking at Sanskar while almost neglecting her food, Sanskar who was just playing with his food although Swara knew it so well that they were one of the favorite dishes of Sanskar

Swara was now sure that there was something wrong with him

She held his hand under table without anyone’s notice

Sanskar was boggled by this act of her as it brought him back to senses

He looked towards Swara who was already looking towards him

Swara asked him what happened through the gesture of her eyes

Sanskar was ignoring her gaze till now but now he has to convince her that he’s oky so that to prevent her from being more suspicious

Sanskar also gestured her through his eyes that his oky nothing happened and showed him by putting his other hand on head that he’s having headache

Swara was still not that satisfied but ignored it for time being

They all finished their dinner and were moving towards the exit when Swara held Sanskar’s hand and dragged him towards a corner away from others stating that she forgot her watch in the restaurant

Swara dragged him towards garden area whereas all others left towards the exit and were waiting for them in parking

Swara:Sanskar what happened r u not well? (Checking his forehead)

Sanskar was trying to stay away from Swara so he just moved a little away in a way that she should not feel something wrong

Sanskar:Han Swara …. M fine … Its just that m feeling a little unwell today… And my head is a is I paining

Swara: oh oky

Sanskar: Swara let’s get back ur watch fast as all r waiting for us

Swara: Woh Sanskar I have my watch with me itself, I just wanted to talk to you so made an excuse

Sanskar: oky no problem…. Now let’s move

He started walking

Swara: Sanskar( she held his hand and stopped him from going)

Sanskar: Wat happened Swara?

Swara: Woh Sanskar I was also there in… garden but I didn’t saw (interrupted by Megha who came there to call them)

Megha: Arey ! U both r here! U guys r too much han… Talk later na now we r getting late… Chalo Swara (dragged Swara with her)

Swara who was holding Sanskar’s hand till now was still holding and Sanskar was seeing her going

She was looking back at him while Megha was continuously telling her something

Soon their hands departed then Sanskar also followed her
That day passed and Swara was not able to talk to Sanskar

Sanskar was sitting in his room seeing their old photographs which they clicked on their happy moments

There was one photograph in which both Swasan were sitting on floor oops on mud drenched in muddy water with Kunal standing behind them he too drenched in that muddy Water

This pic was clicked by Megha when they all friends went for a picnic a year ago and they all landed up in this state while making each other their prey

They all were giving so funny expression a in that photograph

Swara Kunal and Sanskar all r having that image one is having real others have duplicate copies


He keep it at back and takes other image out

It was showing swara dressed in baby pink frock , having a birthday? cap on her head ! She was cutting her birthday? cake Ragini was standing beside her holding the knife with her …. Megha Ipshita were beside Ragini ‘s side on Swara’s left

Whereas Sanskar was on her right

All were in happiest of their moods

He saw many such images and at last it was swasan’s image where Sanskar had side hugged Swara

It was of their result when they both secured first position in academics but due to all other activities Sanskar was first overall and Swara second

It was such a great day for them where they almost realized their feelings for each other


Like this he thought abt all his happy moments with Swara

He was even thinking abt some of the moments he spent with Dhruv

He was in such a state that can’t be described

He was extra tensed , he had to choose one person out of two most important people of his life

One side was Swara and other side was Dhruv

It’s not that Sanskar is over thinking abt Dhruv …. No not at all…. Sanskar is not tensed for him just like that he has a strong reason behind that , and somewhere in our thoughts we will not find it so important that he left Swara …

To b continued ….


So m ready to bear ur scoldings or whatever u wanna say….. I know this is really stupid kind of chapter not at all interesting. … I somehow posted it cause I had to post it before MSL…. M really sorry for this Episode I’ll post next part of 21st chapter soon cause this is not complete 21st Episode

I was actually not in a state to write my hands r paining cause of today’s dayout and m writing it almost sleeping…. Still posting it to hear ur bashings? …

Chalo gud nyt for now and be ready for MSL tomorrow

Gud nyt for now???

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