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Recap- Swasan moments: There painful convo;and some light scenes; Laksh determined to find out the truth

As soon as Sanskar left the room , Laksh also went downstairs after telling Swara to take rest ….

Laksh was looking for Ragini to talk to her abt Swasan

Swara’s POV

Wat u did Swara , u bursted out ur anger at him… But he should also think na… M I a puppet for him that when he’ll feel he will consider me as his friend and the next moment he’ll call me a stranger … And this is also not enough for that idiot Maheshwari that he will again call me his friend …. (In deep thinking and staring the roof blankly ) What is happening to u Sanskar..?? U were neger like this !!! Y r u confusing ur self this much ..???… Y can’t u just let go ur anger and again become my old Sansku…. Who was never so confusing …. Ur this strange behavior is now really irritating me

Ufff!!! My head (holds her head) My head is now paining like hell

POV ends

She arranged pillows and slept thinking abt the various things happening in her life …. And as already she was not well sleep took over her soon

Here Sanskar’s side

Sanskar was driving the car thinking abt the moments he spent with Swara ….. He was somewhere happy and hurt too after spending time with her

He was happy as at least he was there beside her and hurt cause of her cold behavior

He stopped the car near a place
(It was the same place shown on beginning of swaragini serial many times where Swara first time met Laksh )
He went there and sat on a bench

Sanskar took out a photo from his valet ….. It was folded into a very small one…

He just unfolded it …. It was a photo of swasan sitting on a bench and Swara was having a book in her hand(same one which I told in 18th Episode)

It was photo clicked on friendship day as both were showing friendship bands in their hands in it

Swara was wearing it on left hand and Sanskar on right and they both have brought their wrists close for a pose showing those bands


Sanskar was sitting on bench waiting for Swara

After ten minutes she came

Sanskar saw her coming and turned his face showing he’s angry with her

Swara soon reached him and was sitongon her knees in front of him …. She was holding a small shopping bag in her hand …she kept it on her lap and held her ears… Saying a soft sorry ….

Swara: sorry na Sansku …. I was stuck with mom as I went with her for shopping…

Sanskar still didn’t said anything but changed his posture now his head was supported by his hand ( I mean he was sitting keeping his head bended and supporting it with his hands)

Swara:Sansku sorry na… I know m very late… But pls talk to me

Still he didn’t uttered a word

Swara being disappointed got up and was abt to go

Swara: Oky Sanskar m going

Hearing Sanskar from her mouth and seeing her going he got up and caught her hand

He dragged her towards the bench and they both sat there

Sanskar: Y were u calling me Sanskar?

Swara: So wat shud I do? I told u that I was with mom and even I said sorry but still u were angry that too on friendship day

Sanskar: Ohky sorry baba …. M not angry now

Swara smiled and took out a box wrapped in gift wrap from her bag and gave it to Sanskar

Sanskar asked, ” wat is it”
Swara: u see urself

Sanskar unwrapped it and it was a wrist watch. … Sanskar was very fond of wrist watches at that tym and is still

Sanskar: it is awesome Swara… But…

Swara:Ya I know there was no need for this but I wanted to gift something to my best friend so this is it

Sanskar was also not less, he knew how much Swara loved reading that too love novels

He took out something from his bag and gave it to Swara

Swara was so happy that she stood up and started jumping

Swara: Yey … Yipee… Sansku u r shoo shweet… (She pulled his cheeks )thnkew sooo much

Sanskar: (rubbing his cheeks ) ahh Swara… Now calm down … Just sit down

They both tied friendship bands on each other’s hands and started chatting

Just then Sanskar remembered that he’s having a camera with him (there were no selfie wale phones at thatym?)

They both asked one kid to click their pic
(This was in flashback)

Sanskar was brought back from this flash back as he felt a drop on his eye… He opened his eyes and saw that it was abt to rain
He kept that photo in his pocket again and drove away from there thinking abt their cute memories


Here Laksh went downstairs

He entered kitchen and saw Ragini making a kada

Laksh: Ragu

Rag: Han Laksh

Laksh: Woh Ragini u saw how bhai was taking care of Swara , he was there in her room too

Ragini: (busy doing her work ) Han Laksh so wat ?

Laksh: Woh Ragini! Kunal is Swara’s best friend na?

Ragini:(turning towards him) Han Laksh …. Now stop beating round the bush and say clearly

Laksh: Ragini Woh I think…. That Bhai and Swara is hiding something

Ragini : (leaving the work she was doing) Y Laksh? Any serious matter ?

Laksh: no nothing like that… But whenever they meet I …. I mean

When at the party we met them they were so formal… When I was asking ant their school and all Swara’s expression were so weird… Then when I asked abt their batch…. She started coughing… U know na she never lies and when she do so she starts fumbling with words

Ragini was just nodding her head listening seriously as well as patiently

Laksh: U remember when that day bhai came to drop her here… And her by chance burnt his tongue with coffee
That tym Swara become so panicked I mean she said that he’s always doing like that… And when I asked she said she once noticed in canteen
Now u only tell that how much we remember such one time scene incidents that also of strangers

Ragini again nodded

Laksh: and u saw , how bhai was taking care of her… He was so caring towards her… And when we came they again became so formal
I think they hiding a lot from us

Ragini: Yes I also noticed Laksh but every time ignored it thinking it a coincidence or just like that
But now I think this matter is really deep



Sanskar’s room

He was sitting on bed resting his head on headboard

POV starts

Swara u have still kept that book with u… I expected that it must b lying somewhere in ur house but it was on ur desk… That means u were reading it last night(he becomes happy thinking that)
U told me that book is very special for u… And you will always keep it and c u fulfilled ur promise… I hope we were together as we were before

How everything gets changed with time ! I feel if I could just undo all these happenings of my life… I just wanna refresh our school days… How happy we were… How much we cared for each other… How much we enjoyed together… How much we lov…(interrupted with his own thoughts) no not this

(He left a sigh)

During those days I couldn’t even handle listening Sanskar from ur mouth except Sansku…. And now u r not even Calling me Sanskar… And m not doing anything

Now toh my ears r craving to hear at least my name from ur mouth

Now I understood how must have u felt when I talked with u that way …. How much my rude behavior would have saddened u

As now ur this cold behavior is doing with me

Now it’s enough…. I can’t lie to myself more…
I m now knowingly suppressing my feelings …..

To be continued ….


I know that nowadays u people r getting bore from this story…. So I have decided something that I’ll reveal the past from Sanskar’s POV in next Episode surely…. And cool down guys m not ending it now… But I was asking that if u r not liking it then should I wrap it up ! It was just a question guys…

And coming to this Episode…. I know it was not upto the mark and short too… But I have decided that I’ll post one Episode more this week before next weekend… But I’ll post only when the response is gud on this one otherwise at its regular tym

And thnk u so much for the response on My Secret Lover m very glad seeing u liking that story

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