Swasan Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 19)

Recap- Raglak’s alliance got fixed and Swasan moments

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Episode 19

Sanskar slowly wrapped the bandage around her foot and looked at Swara

He was in dilemma that how to start conversation with her

Soon gathering some courage he started speaking while Swara was looking at the empty Space In room

Sanskar: Swara …. (Swara raised her head to look at him )

‘Soon their eyes met and they were just lost in each other

Their eyes were conveying the message of their hearts
Their hearts who were shouting to talk to each other, who wanted to end all the misunderstandings and just get lost in each other , who wanted their old Sansku and Swara back who were lost somewhere in these long 7yrs actually not lost but were forcibly suppressed deep down in their hearts’

This eye lock which was just for a couple of minutes seemed like eternity

The pain and gulit in Swara and Sanskar’s eyes respectively was clearly visible

Their eye lock was broken by sanskar’s idiot cell phone that was ringing n ringing

Sensing the ring both composed themselves

Swara started looking everywhere other than Sanskar in the room whereas Sanskar turned other side to attend the call

After settling that call matter he started speaking again while looking towards Swara but avoiding eye contact

Sanskar: Swara woh r u fine?

Swara: I m fine Mr Maheshwari ,thanks for asking

(He was obviously hurt by this behavior of hers but couldn’t understand his fault)

Sanskar: U were well till last night na then what happen suddenly

Swara: I caught cold last night only

He looked towards her

Sanskar: u care to explain how?(frustrated by her one word answers)

Swara : Actually not! But yesterday I was not feeling sleepy so I went near the window and slept there itself

Sanskar:(little angry ) Y don’t you take care of urself Swara

Swara: I don’t feel necessary to answer you(trying to remain strong )

Sanskar: (little loudly) Swara y r u being so rude to me

Swara: U have no right to shout at me Mr Maheshwari

Sanskar: (politely and genuinely) M ur… Ur (closed his eyes saying this) friend Swara and u r also a very close friend of mine

(Swara was hardly controlling her feelings till now and all that was needed was a spark to ignite the reaction and here his one sentence acted as that spark)

Swara :(almost shouting ) No Mr Maheshwari…. No
M none to u … U only said this na ….. M none to u … U only broke r friendship na which I hardly preserved from last seven years….
U only accused me , u slapped me still I never said anything to u but now I can’t stop myself from saying

By completing the sentence she started coughing hard

Swara: M….m…no-ne…none ….to u

Sanskar became tensed and tried to calm her down
Sanskar: Swara shh… Shaant ho jao…U r still not well(Swara calm down u r still not well)

He tried to pat her back but she being stubborn stiffened her back and shifted back resting it against the headboard

Sanskar let out a sigh and stood up to bring water

He saw empty jug on side table and went downstairs to fetch s glass of water


Sanskar filled a glass of water and just then saw raglak coming with ice cream bags

He sighed as they didn’t heard them shouting and moved back to Swara’s room

(Raglak were abt to enter the house when their common friend called Laksh to ask abt their alliance so they stopped their only and started taking on phone together I mean keeping the call on speaker)

Swara’s room

Here she was still coughing when Sanskar entered with water

He went near her bent down a little and offered her water
She was adamant not to take it so just turned her face

Now Sanskar was pissed off with her behavior
He sat in front of her and pulled her a little forward and forcibly made her drink water she tried spitting it out but he just gave a death glare which was enough for her to stay quiet

Sanskar slowly made her drink it, Kept the glass on side table then started patting her back
She also without any argument let him do what he was doing

Gradually her coughing decreased

Just then raglak entered and were shocked to c the scenario
Because they were so close to each other that it didn’t seemed they r somewhat strangers

Laksh was now damn sure that they r hiding something big whereas Ragini didn’t observed it much she was more worried for her sister who was still coughing a bit

The door was open so Swasan didn’t noticed their presence

Ragini: Di!!! What happened? (Quickly moved towards her)

(Swasan jerked and maintained distance)

Laksh: Bhai

Sanskar stood up

Ragini patted Swara’s back and asked Sanskar

Ragini: What happened Sanskar bhai?

Sanskar: Nothing Ragini she was should(interrupted by Swara)

Swara: nothing Ragu woh because of fever m coughing

Ragini nodded

Then ohky Ragini noticed Swara’s bandaged foot

Rag: Di what happened to ur foot ? Why is it bandaged ?

Swara: Woh (coughs )Woh I fell

Sanskar :Her leg got twisted and she fell on the stair case

Ragu: Di Wat r u doing nowadays Han ? U r becoming so careless

Swara pouted and said: what is my mistake if my leg got twisted

Sanskar was just adoring their bond , he was happy seeing Swara being normal

Rag:Hawww Laksh! I toh forgot

Laksh : what u forgot Ragu

Rag: we bought ice creams na, di cant have them as she’s not well

Swara became alert hearing ice cream

She started blabbering
Swara: no Ragu.. M fine c na m fine…. I’ll have ice cream… U cant do like this nhi I’ll have ice cream

And as a result of speaking so much she again started coughing?

Sanskar forgetting abt Raglak went towards Swara and held her face making her look upwards and started patting her back (remember that scene before karvachauth when Ragini was faking memory loss the same happened na… I love that scene)

Sanskar : kitna bolti ho tum! Chup Nhi reh sakti (how much u speak, can’t u stay quite)

Raglak became shocked seeing this as till last day , they(Swasan) were being so formal but now Sanskar is showing so much care for Swara … It was really an astonishing fact
Just then Sanskar realized that Ragini and Laksh r also there so he quickly departed

Laksh: Swara u fine na?

Ragini: Di what r u doing ? Now just keep finger on ur lips? Koi ice cream Nhi mil rhi tumhe ( u r not getting any ice cream)

Saying this she leaves down to prepare again a new kada for Swara

Here Laksh was.looking suspiciously towards Swasan

Swara noticed this and asked
Swara : what happened Laksh?

Laksh: nothing Swara … Was just thinking that how come bhai here ?

Sanskar: Woh… Woh Swara fell on stairs na so she wasn’t able to walk (interrupted by Laksh )

Laksh: what u picked her up and bright her here?

Swara:(suddenly shouted ) No no nothing like that he just supported me (she bit her tongue for lying )

Sanskar: Han lucky …. M getting late for meeting so I shud leave

Laksh:(was abt to say something when he went ) wait bhai

Laksh thought that there is no meeting today so y he lied , he decided to find out the truth anyhow now

To be continued …..


So this was the Episode ….. I don’t know whether u will like it or not cause it was a simple one …..

However I wanna ask something that r u feeling bore with this story , shud I wrap it up soon ? Or u expect anything else ?

M really confuse regarding this cause there were less comments on last Episode …. I don’t know that was because I updated after a long gap or because of story line… But I expect more comments in this one…. Thnks a lot for reading and as I said I uploaded today and next update of MSL and LHLH on next weekend or I may give on Thursday ….

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