Swasan Love hurts ….. Love heals ( Episode 18)


‘Swasan SS Love Hurts… Love Heals’ changed to ‘Swasan Love Hurts …. Love Heals’

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So let’s start with the next episode…..

As soon as Swara left Raglak were confused as y she gave such a long explanation…. Ragini was not so much concerned abt it but Laksh was now more suspicious….. He decided to find out the truth ….

Sanlak left for their home

Same night

Swara’s room

She was sitting busy doing something with a book it was not a diary for sure but it was a book . It was a novel -A romance novel ….
She was just busy caressing the cover of the book ….

Swara’s POV

Sansku I know m behaving rude with u. But what shud I do Sansku m left with no other option. M not angry with u . I agree I was upset with u . I was heartbroken , I know eight years ago also there was some reason behind ur behavior. And now also u didn’t hurt me by heart it was just a sudden impulse out of ur care for Dhruv but still it Hurts Sanskar…. It hurts…

U slapped me, I never even in my worst Dream imagined that u would do something like this. But… Leave it ..

(She walked towards the window and sat on the couch laid adjacent to the window … She started gazing the moon … Cold breeze touched her face )

Now I have to be careful I don’t want Laksh to know abt us, abt our friendship ( she gave a sad smile ), abt our… our …. I know u loved me, it was not any attraction for u but true love …

(She was lost in her own thoughts and slept their itself )


Gadodia mansion

Swara was seen preparing a coffee for herself…. When Shomi came there and became shocked seeing Swara’s state …

Her nose was all red, eyes became puffed her feet swelled up…

Swara looked at shomi then continued working avoiding her gaze as she knew she will b fired with questions any moment

Shomi caught Swara by her arm and dragged her towards the living room and settled them on couch

She then began her interrogation

Shomi: What is this shona ? ( She checked her temperature and got that she’s having fever) You r burning Swara (little angry )Were u not able to inform me …. When u came last night , u know na u catch cold easily, why didn’t u had some medicine yesterday Han?

Swara: Relax Maa… M all fine …. I was (cut by shomi again )

Shomi: I can c u all fine ( sarcastically)

Swara: Maa I was fine yesterday Woh I was not getting sleep last night so just sat near the window and donno when I slept there only …. And because of that I got fever

Shomi: beta u shud b careful na … Its gud that today is Sunday otherwise u r so adamant that u would not even take leave for a day …
Chalo go and take ur coffee from kitchen counter and then straight move towards ur room. I’ll bring kada for u in a while

Swara : Maa there’s no need for kada … M all fine c … I’ll just sleep for a while and then I’ll b okay

Shomi: Y u r so eager to make others drink that kada can’t u have…. No excuses just get back to ur room

[ Let me tell u that Swara catch cold easily , and if she sneezes much or gets fever her feet start to swell up ]

After few hours

It was 9am by now , and yes that kada incident happened early morning

Swara was on bed while covered in the blanket and reading a book

Just then Ragini came inside her room in full speed and suddenly hugged Swara

Swara: Ragu what happened u seem to b very Happy ?

Ragini : Di! Di ! U know today Laksh and his family is coming to c me (blushes at the end)

Swara: Oh my God look someone is blushing …. So Laksh finally told his parents…. M soooo happy for both of u ….

Ragini smiles

Swara: Ragu never hurt him …. He really loves u a lot … U r very lucky to get him… Only few people r blessed with true love

Laksh will always keep u happy…. U r blessed to have him in ur lyf…..
U know many people pass their lives waiting for their better half
(With a sad smile )

Chalo leave all this and go and get ready … Tell me who all r coming ? And when r they coming ?

Ragini: Di Laksh is coming with his mom dad …. They’ll b coming by 4pm …

Swara : oh! So we have a lot of time for preparations …. Chalo u go to ur room m going to help ma

Ragini: U will not move out of the room . We r here and can manage with the preparations … And after all r house is not of messy it is well enough for them to come
U just stop reading it will strain u…
Just sleep I’ll bring something for u to eat

Almost Evening

Gadodia’s were sitting waiting for Laksh

Just then their car arrived

After all the greeting ceremony and all( m not dragging that) they noticed Swara

Dp: Are Doctor Swara …. U r Ragini’s sister. ..

Swara: Namaste uncle … How r u now ?

Dp: M fine beta … Shekhar ji ur daughter is really one of the most humble and talented Doctor

Shekhar smiled and side hugged her

Then ap asked Swara
Ap: Swara beta r u not well …. Ur face seems so pale

Swara: Yes aunty woh I just caught cold nd fever … Otherwise m fine …. U pls come have ur seat

(Oh forgot to say Laksh had already taken elders blessings and all )

Elders started their talks by the time Shomi went to bring Ragini

Just then Sanskar enter who came directly from office
Swara became astonished to c him … She was so happy that she forgot the fact that Sanskar is Laksh’s brother

Swasan had a short eyelock where Sanskar became a little tensed sensing that Swara is not well

Their eye lock was broken by dp
Dp: Oh Sanskar come … Shekhar ji he is Sanskar my brother’s son …

Sanskar took blessings from elders
Then Ragini came and took blessings from ap and dp
Laksh complimented her with the gesture of his eyes and she blushed
She was dressed in a pink anarkali while Swara also in simple yellow anarkali

After a while elders went to temple to complete some tradition which is done after finalising an alliance

Raglak too went to the garden area to talk
Now only Swasan were left
Again they were left in awkward silence

Sanskar was abt to ask Swara abt her health when she excused herself giving an excuse

Sanskar: Swara …… ( interrupted)

Swara: Mr Maheshwari Excuse me I guess my phone is ringing

She stood up and started to go towards the stairs ( she was actually not able to walk properly due to swelling in her feet )

She started ascending the stair case when her leg got twisted and she sat on the second stair itself

Sanskar was observing her moves as staircase was just in front of living room

He rushed towards her and was abt to touch her leg when Swara spoke

Sanskar: Swara! What r u doing ? U shud b careful na
(Was abt to touch her foot )
Swara: m fine Mr Maheshwari

She started to stand up and was abt to fall again when she felt herself in air

Sanskar who ignored her cold behavior and lifted her in his arms

He started ascending the steps and soon was standing on the topmost step

But Swara was just lost in his eyes

He asked Swara abt her room which brought her back to senses

She without any argument directed him by pointing her finger towards the direction

Swara:(monologue) Swara what r u doing ? Stay away from him otherwise either u will hurt her or he will hurt u which u can’t bear anymore

Sanskar entered his room and made her sit on the bed

Sanskar: Swara where is first aid box

Swara: Its oky Mr Maheshwari! I’ll manage

Sanskar (with anger filled eyes ): Y r u always managing , sometimes u manage to go home alone, sometimes u manage to first aid ur sprained leg …. How much will u manage

Swara became silent at once and said

Swara: it is there in that drawer ( without any emotion )

Sanskar moved towards the table and while searching for the box he saw the book on the table it was the same book which she was reading the last night

Old memories flashed in his mind . Sanskar then soon composed his thoughts and went towards swara

He started to apply ointment when Swara said that she’ll will do on her own

Sanskar just nodded
And she started doing it , she finished applying gel and was struggling with the bandage

Just then Sanskar took the bandage in his hands and in this process their hands slightly brushed

Swara raised her head to look up at him, who was already staring her

Sanskar slowly wrapped it around her foot and looked at Swara

He was in dilemma that how to start conversationalist with her

Precap : Swasan convo and flashback scene


Oh I finally completed with this Episode … It was a pretty long one … And I hope u will like , I first time tried to write that lifting scene and all hope it was good enough to b read …. Actually I myself was not sure that what m writing …. And sry I didn’t followed the last precap as m updating after quite long and because of that I made slight changes in the storyline …. And I hope m clear with swara’s allergy I mean that swelling one … It is not just fictional , my cousin is having such allergy… And coming to raglak part I didn’t got much into that as its of course a Swasan ff …
I’ll be waiting for ur comments

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