Swasan I love to Hate u ep 8

Hey guyz thank u soo much for ur comments Seriously from passed three to four days my finger start paining but reading ur comment vanishes this pain really very happy to read each nd every comment


“Seems like ny daughter doesnt have time for her mom”Shomi said when swara entered. She could feel the pain
in her eyes

“Its nothing like that mom…..Why havnt u slept its 11….u should have” Swara said

“How can a mother sleep peacefully when there kids are not at home……Have u had ur supper” Shomi asked

“Mom I dont feel like having it….lil tired see u in morning” She hugged her tightly Shomi feelt that she needs her
Swara left to her room

Swara changed to her night suit nd went to bed. she heared a knock but the door was opened shomi went in

“Mom u here…do u wnat anything…? Swara asked but notice the glass of milk Shomi say

“Yes i need something…….my shona who smiles whole heartly” Shomi said but swara tried to change the topic

“Mom u bring milk…..uknow i dont like milk plzz ”

“Remember what ur dad says about milk………milk make us strong so gulp it at once so havent take ur dinner” Shomi said with concern

Swara drinks the milk nd give it to nd put it a side Shomi make her lie on her lap Shomi says

“I miss my shona……cant u forget everything nd start the new beginig….shona ” SWara say

“Mom what happened in the past cant be forgotten…….how can I forgot what happend is just because of me ” Swara get up nd shomi looks at her wondering
what is she saying swara said

“U lost ur husband becuase of me…..in these years i thought….have u forgiven me…? Shomi hugged her nd say

“It was not ur fault…..it was……” Before shomi complete her sentence swara says

“No mom its my fault……my fault to fall for him…….my fault to trust him……it was all my fault”

“I dont know how should I convince it was not ur fault…….but ur dad wont like u in this state……ur
love u more than this world even more than me….he would be hurt by this dont say again Shona”
Shomi says

Swara sleeps in her mother’s embrace


The next morning

Sanskar nd eveyone was there wailting for swara nd she finally comes. Swara say

“Shall we proceed with paper work first”

Durga prasad giving her 52% shares in his company as per Swara’s demand the maximum share. All borde of director had agreed to this
Swara announces proudly

“I m the new boss of this company…..”

Every employee in the office was shocked swara continues

“Dont worry ur jobs are secured……..every thing will be same (while looking sanskar)
accept the decision maker…..i think u will co operate with ur new boss”

Every one nod in yes Swara turns to dp nd say

“Now I ll be working here so i think my cabin should be prepaed in one month……..but for now….” Dp stare her like she would
be taking his cabin but swara say

“Dont worry Mr. Maheshwri I wont take ur cabin…….I ll take ur sons” Immediately say

“No……” Swara look at him he continues “I….I mean my stuff is there nd where i ll sit nd work ”

“Take ur stuff nd I have seen a desk empty over there (she points where employes sits) u can work there”

“But..how can I sit there no…….” Swara turns to Dp nd gave him a bossy look Dp say

“Sanskar u will sit there…she is the boss” Although didnt like dp addressing her as boss nd her harsh toward him she always
respected him ad her dad’s best friend.But she was on a mission she reminded herself nd hide her emotion

“Fine…..” Sankar agreed nd asked “Can I take my stuff from my cabin miss bossy”

“Yes….” Swara said leaves nd enter in sanskar ‘s…….no in her new cabin she goes to window nd stand thier

Just then Sanskar storms in the cabin

“Make it fast Mr. Maheshwri……Ihave other works to do….” said swara without turning

“While arranging his thing He says

“I know u r very happy today…u got what u desired rite…I know u hate me alot….but swara if are here to take revenge then harm me nt dad or this company
…….I ll bear ur every punishment plz…..spare my dad nd his company”

Swara turns nd say

“I suggest u to be professional nd dont get personal mr. Maheshwri……..as far as this company concerned
so let me clear u this…….weak forces are captured by strong forces……and this is common in bussiness” She said frimly

she again say

“We hate or love the person with whom we share a relation…….I dont share any relation with u so keep that in mind”
Sanskar was about to leave she say

“Mr Maheshwri this is not ur cabin now onward……atleast for one month so its better to knock first nd come
Now u may leave” Sanskar stare her in anger nd leaves

“This is just the starting……..U will face worst now on wards” Swara whispers


“Hey ragzzz what r u planning to do now ur atudies r completed now what u r gonna do” Her frnd asked Rahini

“Nothing I havent thought yet……I ll talk to bhai but he is disturb nowadays” Ragin said

“Hey come lets meet in coffee nd discuss it what do u say…?” Her frnd say

“hmm….ok ” Ragin say nd disconnectes the call

“Mom I m goig to meet a frnd okay” Ragini asked her mother

“Okay but go with driver……dont drive plz” Ap said smiling

“Hmmm okay…….but u cant stop me driving I know after I gain my senses U guyz r become very protective chill mom
this time it wont happen ” Ragini said

“We know but prevention is better than cure” Ap saidnd Ragini left

She reaches cofee shop she bumped in to someone It was laksh before she could say something he say

“Please use ur eyes because somebody told me if we stop using it…it will stop functionning” nd they burst out laughing

“Laksh….u r too much ” Ragini said while laughing

“What u r doing…..?” Laksh asked

“Spying you……” Ragini said with curiously “What” laksh exclaimed

“Chill……joking…..I came to meet my friend Kiran nd You….” Ragini said

“Oh….well i was attending a meeting ” Laksh said

“So the meeting done?” Asked Ragini “Yes its done….by the may I join till ur friend not come”

“Yeah sure…..” Ragini offered him seat. He sat infront of her

“So what ur doing these days” Laksh asked

“Nothing….but thinking something to do actually I nd my friend came here to discuss this” Ragini said

“Hmm…..well sshould I suggest you something I heared ur voice in sangeet u sing soo well try something
in that feild” Laksh says Ragini was amazed as how does he nd when did he hear her
Laksh understand nd continues

“Actually after the competition when u went to ur firend room I heared u singing ” Laksh say

“Well thank u my bhai also suggested me the same but dont have any idea actually I m shy to sing in front of world….I
usually sings morning arthi but there r only my family members ”

“But why r u hiding ur talent I suggest u take part in singing competition I heared that it going to be
conducted here in Kolkata U can try” Laksh says

“Hmmmm…I ll think about it” Ragini said

“What is ur full name Ragini may I know plz” Laksh asked Ragini looks him confusingly
She was about to tell her name when her friend calls her

“Hey….Ragini” Ragini turns while Laksh gets a call nd he says he say bye to Ragini nd leaves


Sankar comes to office washroom nd locks it see himself in mirror

“I cant bear her hatred…..this much hatred that she said so easily she dont share any relation with
has she forgotten everything……? Sanskar say to himself

“What wrong she said what relation u share with her do u have any answer for this” His inner voice said

“But……” Sankar said

“Why cant u bear hatred….Uknew after what u did she will hate u….now what r u feeling something”
His inner voice said

“No I….I cant feel anything for her…..I dont have this right…..no she hate me ” Sankar said

“Ur heart is feeling exactly what ur thinking……atleast be honest to ur self” his inner voice shot back

“No…..nooooo….this cant be happen in this life atleast” Sankar shouted Suddenly he heared a knock at the door
He wash his face in order to hides his tears .He opens the door Kabir is standing with some paper

“Sir u need to sign these paper”

“Now I mnot the boss go get sign from ur new boss “He said angrily

He comes to his desk where Swara suggested him to sit every employee was staring him nd he lose his control nd start yelling

“Dont u all have works to do………Do ur work ” Swara who saw this from window

“U have no control on ur anger today as well…”


“Are u sure he is the one…….I mean I dont know the full name but last my sister took “Lucky” name
Sanskar said Its been eight month ragin was in coma. She loved somebody who betrayed her She was shocked nd
driving her ruthlessly nd lost her control nd met with an accident

Her condition was critical Sanskar was taking her hospital nd she was saying only one thing

“He betrayed me……..I loved him ….he betrayed me” Tears was falling from her eyes

“Ragini tell me the name….plz” Sankar saidwho was also in tear seeing her sister in soo much was killing him
nd who ever hurt her to such extent. He felt like to kill him before she was taken to operation theatre

She said “Lucky……” nd doctor asked him to stay outside

After four to five hours doctor came nd whole family was there Dp ap nd sanskar they asked doctor about her daughter
doctor says

“She is in coma…..when she will wake up or not we cant say anything….but seems like ur
daughter dont wants to live anymore” Sanskar held dr collar say

“Do whatever but treat my sister….nothing should be happen to her”

“Mr. Maheshwri…..plz calm down we r doing our best but patient has to respond to the treatment as well”
Dr said he release him nd say “Just do ur best dr..”

“We r…..u can meet her but one by one”

Sanskar went in the room looking his sister lifeless was hurting him alot. He sit beside her nd say

“My princess…..! I promise the who is responsible for this I wont spare him……but come back to ur family
U know u r the heart of Maheshwri plz come back ” He kisses her forehead nd promised her

“That lucky will suffer the same pain from which u r suffering” he calls his friend

“U have dig out information about lucky……ok” Saying that he disconnects it He looks at her sisiternd say

“I wont spare him……”

After eight month he gets to know who is lucky. According to his sources He finds Lucky is Laksh gadodia
son of shekhar gadodia Sanskar say

“Laksh Gadodia I ll also play my revenge in ur style…Tit for tat….nd trust me u will the most pain of ur life….Be ready”


How r u liking for raglak fans there are raglak scenes but the focus of story is swasan so plz if got hurt so i m sorry

Credit to: Sana


  1. Seeba

    I am a silent reader,but today I could n’t control my hands in commenting…
    It became one of my fav ff now..
    Keep rocking..
    I like this swara….

  2. samanvitha murty

    Its very nice but i hav a doubt
    u are showing ragini and laksh is it present or past ??
    If it is present then Why Doesn’t she remember him ??

  3. meghs

    oh so sanskar has misunderstand lucky to the person who cheated ragini….
    his revenge fulfilled hurting swara… n now swara taking revenge oh god… so much hate…

  4. Arati

    When ever I read about swara I deal like crying, but don’t change the plot keep swara negative, till her mission complete, I love her attitude

  5. Aditi Singh

    its amazing n now I have got the idea what happen in past….sanskar tricked swara as he think she is the sister of lucky but laksh is not that lucky……n when he will know he will regret for his deeds…..

  6. Ruhani

    As usual u nailed it babes so that’s hw the revenge story strtd hmm interesting waiting 4 more raglak scenes

  7. sana

    Raglak scenes r in present sorry for the confusion but for every past scene I mention that this is Past
    nd for romance u will see the it but for now enjoy hatred atitude anger

  8. jaf

    Oi i m not able to understand!….
    Wats this??…..
    If ragini’$ bf is laksh then why doesnt they borh dnt recgnise??

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