Swasan I love to Hate u ep 7


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“This is not possible…….how can this happen” Sanskar said with full anger

“How can u say we lost our deal……..we submitted our consignment then what thing wrong went ….Just answer me got damn it”

“I m sorry sir………..but that they r saying they didnt get the consignment……It is not delivered” Kabir said with bowed head

“What do u mean it is not deliverd yet……..Just call the driver who was supervising that huh……?” Sanskar ordered Kabir left the cabin
Sanskar got the call from an unknown person he recieve the call

“Who is it……?”

“Sir……..ur consignment is all destroyed i m sorry sir i couldnt get the control on brakes….” a man spoke in weak tone Sankar understand it the driver he asked with concer

“Aa…rrr. u okay ? where r u ”

“I m in the hospital i dont know who saved me but the person said the truck blasted……I m sorry” driver speak

“Dont worry nd take rest…..if need something call me okay?……We’ll find some way out” Sankar said nd cut the call

He straightly went to dp cabin


“Dad the consignment which was sent is not delivered the truck met an accident ” Sanskar said as he enter in the cabin

“WHATT…….now what we will do…….the company is in going in loss nd now this the last hope is also finished” Dp said tensedly

“Dad dont worry okay we will get way out of it……dont take tension its not good for ur health” consoled Sanskar

“Sankar………there is only way left” sanskar look him confusingly

“Accecpt there deal with that too condition” Dp said

“Dad….what deal plz say it clearly” Sankar said

“The deal of SWALAK CO.company ” Dp said with bowed head

“Dad what r u saying…..everything will be going to fine we fight with every problem we will
get the way out plzz dad no….” Sankar tried to make him understand

“sanskar we our bank defaulter if bank gets to know that the deal is no more then this company would be sealed….
and sealing mean that all ur grand father’s hard work will be ruined ….do u get that…..Just talk to them”
Dp said

“Accepting their demand means u have to leave ur chair we will work under some one other supervision……no
this can not happen dad plz no” Sanskar said

“Then u wnat ur grand father’s company should be sealed for ever ” Dp asked him

With alot of heavy discusion Sanskar had agreed for this. He took his phone nd dailed Swara’s number


“Countdown begins……10…9..8..7….6….5….4…3…2…1” said nd her phone rings She recieved nd said

“Yes Mr. Maheshwri…..”

“I want to talk u about something meet me” Sankar said in one breath

“At 5pm Mandir bridge is tha okay…?” Swara asked

“okay” He replied her without relaizing the name of place THE call disconnected

“Wait a minute why she called me at Mandir bridge” He said to himself


“She can never be on time huh ” sanskar said frustrated

“Its 5 now…..its not my mistake if u come soo early ” He heared someone yelling on him
He turns nd find Swara

“Tell what do u want to say now….?” Swara asked with atitude

“We are intersted in ur deal….” he said looking away from her she smiled but hides nd say

“But now Im not intersted…….” Swara said sternly She continues

“Swara Gadodia offer someone nd they reject without giving second thought………then say we r intersted…this
is not acceptable Mr. Maheshwri”

Sankar looks. He didnt want to plead as he Sanskar Maheshwri never pleaded infront of anyone but for the sake of company and his dad
he has to

“Listen we wnat this deal….u r getting what u want so stop this plz..”

“Dont forget that u r here for help so plz plead properly as the beggars do ” She said

Sanskar was so much furious but he was helpless he has to do in order to get the deal

“Once some one pleaded infront of u…….Have u forgotten ” Swara taunts

Sanskar understand what she want to make him do he folded his hand Swara looks at this He was about to went on her feet
she stopped him turns way nd say

“Im not that much harsh the deal is done the paper should be signed by tomorrow ” saying that she start walking towards the car
Sanskar look her going


“Hey…..Laksh what is this ritual we cant see girls during haldi rituals” The groom said with pout face. Laksh then see Ragini coming downstair in pink
lehenga. He was totally lost in her but some where he feels he has seen her some where but where he was confused he say

“Have seen her somewhere….oh god why do I feel soo great to see her everytime………should I ask her this ” His frnd shakes him nd laksh comes out his world his friends ask that where is he so lost
He say

“U have to see the Haldi ceremony na….?” Groom nodes yes

“Then come with me ” He said with a mischeivious look

“But we rnot allowed lucky…..” Groom said

“Oh come on lucky loves enter in no entry…….lets go” He said

“Okay then….but if we cught then….?” His frnd ask

“We will see afterward” laksh said

“I feel that u upto something…..better to spit it now lucky….Idont want to be scolded” Groom said

“Are u coming” Laksh said him with a look “Do I havea choice” Groom said

“No…its ur wedding nd u have the rite to enjoy” Laksh said calmly

“I think u r rite”groom said
They enter in the girls portion in girls attire liking wraping a clothe nd hiding thier faces

Laksh see Ragini coming he thinks this is the rite time to ask nd notice something her without any one notice he grab her hand nd drag her to dark room at first
she was scared start saying

“Who ever u r………just leave me u dont know my bhai He will not leave if he get to know this” Laksh shut her mouth and switch on the light
Ragini was surprised to see him soo close to him He take way his hand nd she start yelling on her

“How dare u…….I thought u belong to a good family but……” Before she could complete Laksh say

“Relax plz….think before u speak” He makes her stand in back position in front of mirror. She see her blouse dori loose Laksh turns back as not to see
her embarced face she ties dori properly nd say

“Thanx……nd sorry……I…I..Was”

“Its ok I can understand u was scared…..Dont worry” Laksh said after turning. She smiles nd say

“Friends……” forward her hand

“Friends……forever” He smiles nd shakes hand

“Im Ragini ”

“Laksh but my frnd call me lucky so can call me lucky” he said

When she was about to go he holds her hand she look him confusingly nd he ask her

“Have we met before…..?”

“No….Y?” she said with curiousity

“Its nothing like that……I just ask…come lets go” He said

“Wait what u r doing here…..u guyz r not allowed so ?” She asked him nd continues

“Wait r u alone or u r with…..” They hear voices from outside nd they near door they see the groom nd his frndz are caughtevery one
is scolding them laksh say

“Now laksh u r gone Rudr willnot going to leave u….he already warn u……oh god what should I do”

Ragini looks his tensed face nd burst out laughing. He was totally lost in her laugh but he say

“Ragini….ur friend is in danger nd u r…..” She stops nd say “there is a window leave fom there”
He leaves as he dont want to face his friend rite now


Swara get in the car drive, her car wason full speed. She was driving ruthlessly nd suddenly stops

“Its hard to see the person u love, begging in front of u……….Why did u do that……broke my heart…….I hate my self to
Love u ” She said in frustration

Here Sanskar entered the room nd closed it

“She made me beg….” Sankar said He broke every thing to let out his anger which he controlled
After that he sat on his couch closed his eyed

“She also did that in past………She almost went on ur feet….but u were heartless at that time” his inner voice confronted him



“Oh god……! is it important that where ever i go she comes there” Sanskar said while looking Swara coming from entrance she was looking gorgeous
in blue lehenga

“But blue compliments her ….” He said while Swara looks him comes towards him and say

“What a coencidence……we meet again” Swara said

“Are u not following me ? Sanskar asked her

“Me……Swara Gadodia will follow u ?” she ask him with full excitment

“Because every girls loves to follow me “He said proudly

“Plz then dont mention me in every girl…..Its my best friend maraige okay….so stop day dreaming that Ill
follow u….” She said with atittude

“Hmm…..okay ” She leaves from goes to bride room. He finds something suspious in her behaiviour but he ignores
He get a call from his frend as their was alot of noise he he goes outside lawn when he is done talking he turns nd swara with a girl
heavily dressed in red lehenga

“What u r doing here…….whom with u r….she seems like bride” as he say he again continues

“Wait is she bride…..Swara plz say no ” Sansakr ask

“Yes she is bride nd i m taking her to her love” Swara said

“Nooooo r u mad huh? Sankar ask angril. Swara see a guard coming towards them from far she whisper him

“Turn…..Turn….plz” Sanskar does not response to him she make him turn he see guard
nd think

“Now we r caught…..” He stood thier without any expresion staring the guard

“Sir…! r u okay” Gaurd ask him he nodes in yes nd say

“No” guard say “huh….?” Sanskar soon realizes with a fake smile says

“Yes……Yes…everything is okay…..Yeah everything is fine” Guard see him confusingly nd say

“Okay…..sir”Guard start passing him as it was dark swarand her frnd hides behind the wall but sanskar didint knew that
he truns nd say “Wait”
But see none of them while guard see him suspiously “Yes…sir”

“I….I think u have been called by someone over there ” sanskar say in one breath

“Really…..but I didnt hear any voice” Guard say

“I dont know ” Guard leaves nd he took a long breath

“But where they go…..?”He see someone hiding there nd goes to find out they were standing he tell them
that he left nd sayto bride

“Plz go back to ur room before anyone see us…” Swara interupted him

“No…she is not going anywhere ok…..Keep that in mind”

“U r risking ur nd as well as her life Swara….?”sanskar said

“Swara like risk her life nd as far as my Pooja is concerned so she needs to get out of it” Swara said while
holding her hand

“And who r u to decide for her” Sanskar ask

“Her friend” she said frimly “Its getting let go ” Pooja said

swara while going drags him to her red colour jeep sanskar says

“Hey what r u doing”

“Kidnapping u Mr. whatever…..hurry up get in….fast” swara said

“What no….” He said

“Listen we dont have time to give explanation to so…….nd for taking I dont wish to kidnap
but u have see us running if u tell somebody it wont be good……U will get to know everything just get in”
Swara said in anger. He obediently sat in the jeep nd she started jeep with full jeep

“Hey slow down the speed I dont know about u but I dont wish to die so soon” Sanskar said

“Dont worry i willnot let u die so soon becoz i have to first sent my frnd to her love” swara said

Sanskar asked to Pooja “Ur lover knows u r coming leaving everything behind…….?

“Dont worry the the lover is thier in Mandir…..our other friends keeping an eye on him”

“What…u have kidnapped him as well…poor guy” Pooja turns him nd stare him
Sanskar continues

“U look quite sensible think once more ur life can get riuned if what he dont wants to marry u…u cant force
ur firend is half crack but u think its matter of life nd death”
Pooja says

“I love him……he promised me to marry me” sanskar gives disgusting look to swara say

“Oh God why have u stuck me in these insane girls” He continues

“What if anyone not finds u in room so they will first check in every Mandir….if they find u
what will u do”

Swara say

“They wont…becoz there is someone who is ready to marry that guynd no one finds out who is in veil…..so chill”

“I have thought u r half crack but …….u r full crack…Do u have any idea……u r playing with
four lives”They reach mandir nd goes to inside the mandir

Pooja see the boy name Vivaan nd hugs him he breaks her huge nd say

“What is this……why m i here…why ur frndz took me here”

“See I told…….I fear for this he is ready nd u ” sanskar whisper in her ear. Swara gave her angry look nd move
forward nd ask vivan

“Do u love her…..” he says “Yes swara but…….”

“Her parent fixed her wedding today she left everything for u” swara said

“What….pooja…but leaving everything…I just cant understand” Vivaan said analyzing the situation

“Her parent used as her business object……She was forced to it” Swara said Sanskar looks at her

“What…Pooja I cant loose u……Swara thank u soo much im ready to marry r u?” She smile nd nodes in yes
The maraige happens happily nd ended they had selfies clicked photos

swara come to sanskar nd say “Have u got ur answer huh?

“YES….but what about the wedding happened there without anyone notice ” Sanskar asked

“They both love each other nd thier parent tried to separate them……I cant see tears in my frndz eyes”
Swara said looking the newly wedded couples He smiles nd was inspired by her daring

“But what if I tell anyone else u can be jailed ” Sanskar jokes

“Noo u cant because u dont want to go behind the bars as well”swara said frimly

“Me…..why” sanskar said confused

“Because u witnessed the the whole wedding nd didnt stop it ” swara said

“And what prove do u have against me ” Swara shows him selfie in which he is clearly visible
Sankar says

“Smart move….” Swara say

“Swara Gadodia does every work very keenly not giving any clue”

“Hmmm…..so frndz?” sanskar asked her

“hmm ok….frndz for life” said swara They smile


hey guyz how u like this one update swasan bhagakr shadi krou plan did u enjoyed plz tell me honestly

Credit to: Sana

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