SWASAN Love or Hate part 7


Episode 7
After meeting with Sanskar,girl directly goes to the principal’s office.
Girl(knocked at the door): May I come in sir?
Principal (looks at her): Come in (she comes in) yes u r?
Girl(nervous): Sir,My name is Swara Gadodia. Shekhar Gadodia’s daughter
Principal(remembered): Oh Shekhar’s daughter, beta ur father and me r really good friends.
Swara(smiles): Yes sir baba told me (asked) sir my class.
Principal (take her out): Come I will show u.
In The Ground
Sanskar and his group were talking but Sanskar was lost in Swara’s thought.
Abhi(brings him back): Sanskar where r u lost?
Sanskar (comes back): Han…what were u talking?
Yash(teases): Don’t tell me that u like that girl.
Sanskar (smiles): Yes u r right
Trio gets shocked
Trio(shouts): What?
Sanskar: Yes guys (look at their faces) don’t look at me like this,yr she is something different she is not like other girls but she is special. The way she gets scared (remembered her scary cuet face) the way she maintain distance (remembered her walking away) she makes me crazy.
Trio(hauts): Whoo….
Sanskar smiles
Abhi: OK Mr. Romeo lets go we r missing the Accounting class from two days.
Sanskar: Come on yr let it be we will take it later.
Sunaina: Sanskar abhi is right we should take the class.
Sanskar(surrender): OK yr let’s go.
In The Classroom
Sanskar and group enters in the class and every girl start staring Sanskar while Sanskar was enjoying this attention. On the way
Girl 1(blushes): Hi Sanskar!
Sanskar: Hello (winks at other girl) u r looking beautiful today.
Both girls blushes.
Sanskar takes his place and after some time principal entered in the class.
Students (stands up): Good Morning Sir.
Principal : Good Morning sit down everyone (everyone sits) today I came here to introduce someone to u, come in
(Swara entered in the class and many people were mesmerized to see Swara but Sanskar was surprised and happy)
Students she is Swara ur new class mate (listening to this Sanskar was very much happy) I hope u all will have a good impression on her,Swara take ur seat
Swara goes to her seat and during walking she was feeling many gazes on her.
Swara(herself): Swara why r they staring u like u r from another planet or they have never saw a human (a smile appeared on her face)
Swara sit beside a girl who was very much modern and she was doing her touch up after finishing it.
Girl(forwards hand): Hi my name is Kavita, Swara right? Nice to meet u.
Swara(smiles): Same here
Kavita and Swara have a chitchat and they become friends
After the lecture
Sanskar(confused): Guys what u all say, I directly go and talk to her.
Sunaina(sadly): I think its not good idea.
Yash: Sanskar I have a idea(smiles) u go and talk to Kavita and invite both of them for lunch with us.
Sanskar : Ya this is right (goes to Kavita) Hi Kavita
Kavita(blushes): Hi Sanskar, how r u?
Sanskar(smiles): Like always great u tell me r (looks at Swara) who is she?
Kavita: Oh she let me introduce u both (to Swara) Swara he is Sanskar (to Sanskar) and Sanskar he is Swara.
Sanskar(smiles): Hi
Swara(smiles): Hello
Sanskar(himself): Uff this smile can kill anyone (to Kavita) Kavita why don’t u join us in lunch
Kavita(shocked): Me?
Sanskar(smile): Ya u and ur new friend (looks at Swara)
Kavita(excited): Nice idea Swara let’s go.
Swara(interrupt): U all carry on I will join u all soon.
Sanskar and his group gets sad
Kavita: But…
Swara: I told u na,I will join u and I have some work regarding library (collecting books) so bye.
Kavita(smile): Bye (excited) let’s go Sanskar
Sanskar(sadly): Ya let’s go
In The Canteen
Kavita was talking but Sanskar was just giving answer in yes or no.
Sanskar (thinks): Swara come soon yr..
At the same time a girl entered in the canteen running and one boy came behind her
Girl(pleading): Please leave me (joins hand) I have done nothing with u
Boy(blocks her): Come baby don’t irritate me its just a matter of sometime (touching him sensuously) accept my offer
He started to molest her while girl was pleading and everyone where seeing it like a statue but Sanskar stands up and when he is about to go Kavita stop him
Kavita(holds his hand): Sanskar don’t go (stops him) he is a businessman’s son
Sanskar(angry añd resisting): R u nuts? She needs us
Abhi(serious): Sanskar Kavita is right don’t involve in these matters.
When Sanskar was resisting everyone heard a sound of tight slap and the one who slapped that guy was non other than Swara and everyone gets shocked.
Boy(raises his hand): How dare u?
Swara(holds his hand): Don’t u dare to touch me (slaps again) u animal ,if u can’t respect woman then don’t try to harm her. And get lost
Boy: I will see u.
Swara (angrily): I am also here and u r too then we will see.
Boy goes from there and Swara immediately wraps the girl in a shawl
Swara(console): Don’t cry,see I’m here (shputs) anyone please bring water (takes water) thanks (make her drink) drink it.
The girl drinks it and and feels better.
Girl(thankfully): Thank u so much (holds her hand) saving me from that beast.
Swara (console): Hey it’s ok I’m Swara
Girl(speaks): Priya
Swara(smile): Nice to meet u Priya (concerned) tell me ur address I will drop u
Priya(interrupt): No thanks I will go by myself
Swara(worried): R u sure (Priya nods yes) ok bye
The whole canteen witnessed the whole scene and Sanskar was very much impressed
Sanskar(thinks): Wow yr she is just awesome, she is just driving me more crazy.
Swara goes and sits with the gang.
Kavita(smile): Wow Swara I didn’t knew that u have such courage.
Yash(impressed): I’m must say that the slap was so much tough
Swara(angrily): He deserves that actually those who do such type of cheap things deserve only this
Abhi(whispers): Think once again Sanskar do u really like her (Sanskar looks on) just imagine u proposed her and u get that slap also.
Sanskar(shouts): No..
Swara(shocked): What happened?
Sanskar :Nothing
Swara(stand up): OK guys I will go and get something for me.
After Swara left
Sanskar(started to go): I will also go and clear the bills.
Swara was on the counter and Sanskar also comes and clear his bills. When returning
Sanskar(breaks the ice): Thanks and Sorry
Swara(smiles): I understand the Sorry but thanks is for what?
Sanskar(relaxed): Because of not slapping us.
Swara(confused): Huh….
Sanskar : Ya we did a prank and if u get serious I just can imagine the slap(holds cheek)
Swara burst out laughing and Sanskar lost in her
Swara(laughing): Haha…Sanskar that was too funny (put hand on his shoulder) Sanskar I slap him because he was wrong but u were just doing a prank that’s it.
Swara notices Sanskar’s gaze and looks in Sanskar’s eyes and both have an eye lock. Swara comes back and remove her hand and so do Sanskar
Sanskar(smiles): So we r friends right?
Swara: When did I said this (he get confuse and she smiles) we will be soon
Swara goes from there smiling and Sanskar keep his hand on his heart.
At the GM
Swara is working on her laptop when Ragini comes to her.
Ragini(angry): Di u don’t have time for me.
Swara(without taking off eyes from laptop): Oh is it?
Ragini(nods in yes): Yes u always busy with ur office or laptop
Swara(closes laptop): OK tell me what my dear wants?
Ragini(excited): R u sure di u will do whatever I will say?
Swara: Double sure.
Ragini(happily): OK come with me for shopping.
Swara: No Ragini, u know na I don’t like shopping
Ragini(requesting): Plz di plz….
Swara(pleading): Ragini anything but not shopping.
Shomi and Dadi were coming from stairs.
Ragini: Maa,dadi see na di is not coming with me for shopping.
Shomi: Swara beta go for shopping and get some fresh air
Swara(resisting): No maa I don’t want to go.
Dadi was listening the whole argument quietly and then speaks.
Dadi(shouts): Swara Gadodia (trio gets shocked) u r going for shopping right now did u get it now stand up and change (started to go) and listen (Swara stops) if u came home without anything for u then I will not let u enter in this house, OK
Swara nods like an obedient child and when she goes Dadi started to laugh.
Shomi(shocked): Maa?
Dadi(laughing): Sorry sorry but for Swara I have to do this.
Ragini(holds her shoulder): Well dadi u look funny when u gets angry.
The trio started laughing.
In The Mall
Ragini was selecting dresses for her while Swara was suggesting her and she gets a call.
Swara(attends the call): Ragini u select dresses I will come in some time
Ragini nods her head in yes and then Swara attend the call, at the same time Sanskar entered in the mall with Ap and both Swasan feel immense happiness in their heart and both started to look here and there.
Scene splits between Swasan face
Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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