Episode 6

Next Day
At the GM
Swara get up early and goes downstairs, she saw that no one was awake till that time, so she tied up her hairs and goes into the kitchen.
After sometime everyone gets up and come downstairs and were shocked to see Swara arranging breakfast table.
Shomi(surprised): Swara beta u here? At this time.
Swara (during working): Ya Maa actually when I got up I saw that no one was there to prepare breakfast so I just started.
Shekhar(looking here and there): But where is kaka? Didn’t he came till now?
Swara: Let it be baba may be he is still sleeping.
Shomi: But ….
Swara(interrupt): Maa please (stops her from saying further) and u all sit down for breakfast or else it will become cold.
Everyone started breakfast and after a while Kaka came running.
Kaka(came running): Please forgive me, I came late. Woh yesterday I was not feeling well so I slept late that’s why (lowers his head)
Swara(comes to kaka): It’s OK kaka everyone do mistakes but u were genuinely ill so no problem (holds his shoulder and turned him around) so go and take rest.
Kaka(resist): But beta what about lunch and dinner.
Swara: No ifs and buts u go and don’t worry about lunch and dinner I will make it.
Kaka(confused): Office?
Swara: Oho today I have taken leave (everyone gets shocked) so u go now.
Swara turned around and saw that everyone were staring her in disbelievingly.
Swara(questioning look): What???
Ragini(immediately stands up and started to check her forehead ) : Di r u okay na?
Swara: Absolutely (confused) but why?
Shekhar(shockex): Because u r taking leave, I guess since 3 years u never take a single leave and now…
Swara(interrupt): Because I want to spend sometime with my family (herself) and away from that person.

At the SR Company.
Everyone in the office were quite shocked that Swara didn’t came till now.
At that time Kabir gets the call of Swara.
Kabir: Yes Mam.
Swara: kabir today I’m not coming to office (kabir gets shocked) so take care of the office and tell Sid about this. Okay?
Kabir(obediently): Yes mam.
Swara :And yaa Mr . Maheshwari will join the office from today so make him comfortable (bossy tone)
Kabir: Sure mam.
Swara hung up the call.
Sanskar entered in the office and was quite happy that he can spend time with Swara.
Sanskar entered in the cabin and saw the cabin empty, he looked here and there then a voice came from back ‘She will not come today’
Sanskar (turns): Siddharth .
Sid(comes in): Ya (forwards hand) and u can call me Sid because we didn’t meet each other officially.
Sanskar (shakes hand): Oh that’s great. So u also call me Sanskar.
Sid: Sure And ya I remember Swara will not come today.
Sanskar(tensed): Why?… I mean is miss Gadodia is fine.
Sid(nods in yes): Yup she is absolutely fine actually she wanted a break so she take leave for today.
Sanskar(sadly): Hmm.
Sid: OK Sanskar I will take a leave for now(started to go) u make yourself comfortable. I will come after sometime.
Sid goes from there and Sanskar adjust his things on the table, then he looked at Swara’s table and goes near to it and start to caressing it.
Sanskar(emotionally): Swara why r u running from me,why? U know that I love u so much but still(wipes tears) but I know that u still love me but ur hatred is coming in between,please come back to ur Sanskar.

Sanskar came running and joins his group.
Sunaina: Sanskar u r late again.
Sanskar: Sorry yr I met with a little accident.
Trio gets shocked.
Abhi(worried): How many times I told u to drive safely but u never listen.
Sanskar(put hand on Abhi’s shoulder): Chill guys now I’m fine (remember about the girl and lost in her thoughts).
Abhi(brings him back): Where r u lost?
Sanskar(comes back): Nowhere OK tell something new and good
Yash(smiles): Ya there is an entry of a new student in our college.
Sanskar(smirking): Oh that’s a great news.
Abhi(immediately): Guys u both r going to do nothing.
Sanskar: Abhi relax yr we r just going to welcome that new comer what say Sunaina and Yash(HiFi).
Abhi shakes his head in unbelievingly.
Sanskar(devilishly): Come on guys let’s make a plan(gathers his friend)
Sanskar tells his plan to his gang and everyone dispersed.
Abhi was there on the gate while Yash and Sunaina throws water and Yash spread marble on the floor in the way of Principal’s office and Sanskar was guiding them.
Sanskar(smirking): Come my new champ, be ready for ur welcome.

At the same time the girl whom Sanskar met with the accident entered in the college.
Abhi(on Bluetooth): Sanskar there is a girl who has entered in the college.
Sanskar(on Bluetooth): OK OK (to Yash and Sumaina) guys our target is arrived and she is a girl,come on let’s hide (hide behind pillars).
Girl started to come to the principal’s office and everyone was enjoying but Sanskar can’t see the girl
Yash: Sanskar look at the girl,she don’t know that what she has to face.
Sanskar(trying to see): Yr I want to see the scene also but I can’t see the girl.
Sunaina: No problem come on my side we all will enjoy it together.
Sanskar comes to other side and was shocked and numb to see that girl.
Sanskar(shocked): She..(remember the morning scene) oh no .
Sanskar immediately goes from there and runs towards her.
Yash(shocked): Sanskar….
Sumaina: What happened to him?
Yash: Don’t know ….let’s go.
His friends also follows Sanskar
That girl’s every step was increasing Sanskar’s heart beat.
That girl’s foot when places on water she was about to slip but two strong arms hold her and that were of Sanskar.
Sanskar was mesmerized to see her scared expression and her beautiful face with lots of innocence and simplicity.
Sanskar tried to make her stand up but because of marbles both gets disbalance and both falls down and that girl was on the top of Sanskar and Sanskar was just lost in that girl but girl tried to stands up.
His friends came and gets shocked to see the scene.
Girl(stands up): I’m sorry.
Sanskar(stands up): It’s okay,it was not ur fault actually we played a prank but it get serious one.
Girl: And thanks for saving me.
Sanskar(smiles): It’s ok (forwards his hand) hi I’m Sanskar Maheshwari.
The girl looked at Sanskar and then his hand.
Girl(started to go): Thanks and sorry once again.
Sanskar(shocked): Interesting! First girl in my life who doesn’t pay any heed to me.
Sanskar and that girl moves in opposite direction.
Girl(herself): This is one of the worst day of my life, is this day going more worst?
Sanskar(himself): This is the one the best days of my life, I hope it gets more good.
Both were moving in different direction but Sanskar turned back and looked at her once.

Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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