Episode 5
Shona word echoed in Swara’s ear.
Sanskar was running in a garden and Swara was chasing him.
Swara(running and angry): Sanskar u idiot, how dare u called me Witch.
Sanskar(running and laughing): U asked me for a nick name so I give it to u.
Swara(runs faster): U…
Sanskar gets tired and sits on a bench and Swara also came to him and was breathing fastly.
Sanskar(breathing heavily): What kind of human u r? Don’t u get tired?
Swara(angrily): Don’t change the topic, I asked u for a nick name and u called me Witch
Sanskar(nodes in yes): Ya it suits u better.
Swara (turns around): I’m not talking to u, I’m going.
Swara started to go but Sanskar pulls her and make her sit beside her.
Sanskar(romantically): U want a nick name(Swara noded in yes) then what about SHONA.
Swara(happily): Shona that’s a nice name (stands up) I will go tell everyone to call me Shona.
Swara started to go again but this time Sanskar stands up and puuls Swara towards him and holds her waist.
Swara(shocked): Sanskar.
Sanskar (put his finger on Swara’s lips): Sshh… U talk to much (Swara widened her eyes) Swara u will not tell anyone about ur nick name.
Swara(confused): But why?
Sanskar(romantic voice): Because I don’t want that except me someone else calls u Shona.
Swara(blushes and shy): Sanskar please leave me. Someone will see us.
Sanskar(tucked her hair lock behind her ear): I don’t care.
Swara(pushes him slightly): But I do.
Swara runs from there and Sanskar smiles
Sid comes inside the cabin and saw Swara lost.
Sid(tries to bring her bsck): Swara where r u lost?
Swara(comes back): Huh…nowhere,u tell me did u talk to DP ji.
Sid: Yes and he said that ha has no issues regarding this(shakes hand)so Sanskar u can join from tomorrow.
Sanskar: Ya sure.
Sid: I will prepare or cabin but it will take time till then u will share Swara’s cabin.
Swara looks at Sid like She will kill her right now.
Sanskar(giggles inside): Oh OK no problem (goes out) Bye
Sanskar goes and Sid looks at Swara
Sid(looks at Swara’s angry face): Why do I feel that u r going to kill me.
Swara(throws cushion): Yes.
Sid(catches the cushion): But why?
Swara(angry): What was the need to say that Mr. Maheshwari will share my cabin, if u like him so much so told him to share or cabin.
Sid: But my cabin is short then urs.
Swara(again throws a cushion): How innocent?
Sid (again catches it): OK OK don’t look me like this I will tell Mr. Maheshwari tomorrow.
Swara(relieved): Good
Sid started to go but stops near the door.
Sid(looked at Swara): But Swara I…
Swara(shouts ): Sid…
Sid started to laugh while going outside.
Swara(irritated): Idiot.
At Night
At the GM
Swara was working on her laptop. When a lady around 80s enter in Swara’s room, Swara looked at her and immediately closes her laptop and stands up
Swara(goes to her dadi): Dadi why u came here? U should call me.
Dadi(caresses her face): Why can’t I meet my daughter in her room.
Swara(makes her sit and put her head on her lap): No dadi there is nothing like that.
Dadi: What happened to u Swara? Why u always makes busy urself in work.
Swara: Dadi because of business work.
Dadi(caressing her hairs): Swara beta I know that u r hiding ur pain in front of us but at least give sometime to urself beta.
Swara(wipes her tears): Dadi it’s nothing like that (gets up and makes her stand) now u go to ur room it’s really late.
Swara makes her dadi sleep and goes to her room and tries to sleep.
Swara(lays down): I will never show my wounds to anyone but because of u Sanskar I lost myself. I just hate that moment when first time I met u.
5 Years ago.
A beautiful morning and silence on the road and pleasant view but the silence was disturbed by loud sound of music and a rash driver. The car was driven by a young and handsome guy.
Guy(): Wow Sanskar u will break or previous record just few minutes left.
That guy was Sanskar he was driving his car very fast at the same time he saw someone coming towards his direction so he applies break but it was late the car already hitted someone.
Sanskar(shocked): Oh shit (angrily comes out from car) What the hell can’t u see….
But Sanskar couldn’t say more because he saw a beautiful girl with whom he hits and he gets mesmerised
The girl have a bicycle and she was wearing kurti,jeans and duppatta.
Sanskar(come out from trauma): I’m really sorry (Sanskar touches her wounded hand,girl looks at her and they become face to face and he said to himself)
Wow yr how beautiful.
That girl immediately backs her hand and stands up.
Sanskar(stands uo): Listen ….I’m really sorry.
Girl didn’t say anything and goes from there.
Sanskar saw her but he gets a phone call and after answering the call he looks around but till then she was disappeared.
Sanskar(amused): Who was she? Was she an angle?(hits his head) Sanskar come back from ur dreams,u r getting late for college
Sanskar droves from there.
Episode Ends

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