Episode 4
At the GM
Swara entered in her room and directly goes to washroom and started splash water on her face like she want all her sorrows and pain to wash out. After that she comes to her room and goes to the dressing table. A voice came ‘What happened Swara?’
Swara turned around and saw her conscience in front of her.
Swara’s Con: What happened Swara? Why u r feeling weak. His touch still effects u na?
Swara: There is nothing like that.
Swara’s Con: Don’t lie,at least from urself, u know it better his one touch can easily melts u.
Swara(sits on the bed): U don’t know that how it feels to come face to face to a person whom u loved very much.
Swara’s Con: So accept it that u still love him(Swara looks at her angrily) accept it Swara
Swara(throws pillow on her conscience while she disappears): I don’t love him, I just hate him did u listen(she shouts) I hate u Sanskar.
Saying this she lays down and slept and murmerd ‘Why did u do this to me, why u leave me’
On the other hand
At the MM
Sanskar was siting on the bed and he put his head on his hand and thinks about Swara’s words.
Sanskar(Monologue): Swara why u hate me so much, Swara our differences were not so much that u forgot our love, I know I did a mistake but please don’t punish me like this at least talk to me, scold me but ur silence and ignorance is killing me, please Swara…
At late night
A girl entered in the GM from a passage and when she was about to open the door someone else open it and she gets shocked.
Girl (shocked): Swara di…
Swara(put hands on her chest): U r late Ragini.
Ragini(bites her tongue): I’m sorry di. Who actually tire got bursted.
Swara(calmly): Nice excuse but I will not be convinced at all and now ur pocket money is reduced.
Ragini(shocked): Di this is not fair, please di u r my only supporter please next time I will not be late.
Swara: Previous week u gave me same promise.
Ragini(hugs her): Di please please…..
Swara(smiles): OK I will not reduce it.
Ragini(hugs her again): Thank u di.. U r the best.
Swara: Well I know this and go slowly everyone is sleeping
Ragini quietly goes to her room and Swara once again checked everyone that if they don’t need anything.
Next Day
Swara entered in her cabin and gets surprised.
Swara(surprised): Sid u at this time, r u fine?
Sid(smiles): Ya I’m absolutely fine actually I want to do some talk with u
Swara: Ya go on.
Sid(straightforward): Swara is there is something which u didn’t told me.
Swara(fumbles): No…there is nothing.
Sid(holds her shoulder): Swara if u don’t want to tell me then it’s OK I will not force u.
A tear escapes from her eyes and Sid saw it, Sid holds her hand and makes her sit.
Swara(puts hand on Sid’s hand): Sid I will tell u but on the right time.
He keeps hand on Sid’s hand, at the same time Sanskar entered in the cabin and gets shocked.
Sanskar(shocked): I’m sorry (looks at Swara) I think I came on the wrong time.
Sid stands up and Swara wipes her tears and Sanskar saw this.
Sid: No no Mr.Maheshwari it’s nothing like that,please come in (shakes hand) have a seat.
The trio settles down.
Sanskar(to Swara): Ms.Swara u called dad and he was busy so he send me, is anything important
Swara(nodes her head in yes): Yes Mr.Maheshwari actually I want that the project should be done from my office because I don’t want that my cousin came.to know about our partnership, I hope u can understand.
Sanskar(smiles): It’s OK Ms.Swara no problem.
Sid (thinks): But Mr.Maheshwari won’t it be difficult to u for managing ur and this office also.
Sanskar: I will manage (himself) and anything for Swara.
Swara(interrupt): No Mr.Maheshwari it will be tough,let us think something.
After a while.
Sid(announces): I have an idea.
Swara(smiles): From when u get ideas (Sid makes faces) OK OK don’t scare me tell me ur idea.
Sid: Why don’t Mr. Maheshwari works from our office?
Swara gets shocked while Sanskar gets happy.
Swara(immediately): No no…(both Sid and Sanskar looks at Swara) I mean will DP ji allow him ,he must have work at his office.
Sid: No problem I will talk to DP ji and infact now.
Sid goes from the cabin, Swara gets irritated and started to go but her feet hits the chair and she gets disbalance and when she was about to fall Sanskar saved her.
Both have an eye lock
Swara(composes herself and fumbles): Th..a..nk thanks Mr. Maheshwari.
Swara started to go again
Sanskar(smiles): Ur welcome SHONA.
Swara stopped and Shona word echoed in her ears.
Episode Ends

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