Sorry for this much delay friends Episode 3
At Kaveri’s house
Everyone was very much impress by Swara’s thoughts and her gesture. Everyone was enjoying the party while Swara was standing alone in a corner. Sanskar saw her and thought to rectify his mistake and ask forgiveness fro her, he started to move but at the middle he stops when he saw that a boy was approaching her with a rose.
Swara(surprised): Siddharth u here?
He is Sidharth Kapoor Swara’s childhood friend.
Sid(winks at her): U were missing me right?
Swara: Ya,This party is really boring.
Sid: After all it’s masi’s party.

Both give HiFi to each other. Sanskar was not at all liking their closeness.
Swara: OK tell me when did u came to India?
Sid: Day before yesterday.
Swara: And u didn’t inform me (turns her face) go I’m not talking to u.
Sid: Array (cones in front of Swara) array yr Swara I want to give u a surprise (holds ear) please forgive me.
Swara(smiles): OK but for the first and last time.
Sid(hugs her): Thanks my princess.
Now that was enough for Sanskar he immediately goes to them and seeing Sanskar Swara’s face expression changes, Sid notices it.
Sanskar: Hi

Sid: Hello.
Sanskar: Actually I was getting bore so I thought to join u both, can I?
Sid: Sure u can.
Sanskar(forwards hand): I’m Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sid: Oh u r the CEO of Maheshwari company (shakes hand) nice to meet u. Sorry I didn’t meet u today.
Sanskar(confused): When we were suppose to meet?
Sid: At SR Group of Companies actually I’m the CEO of SR Group Of Companies (Swara opens mouth and Sid chuckles) Swara close ur mouth or else any mosquitoe will get in.
Swara closes her mouth.
Swara(happily): U r joining SR , u accepted my offer.
Sid: Yes princess and who dare to reject ur offer.

Swara giggles while Sanskar gets irked.
Sanskar(monologue): I wish I could punch him, how he could be so much frank with Swara?
Sid: Let’s celebrate my joining.
Swara(confused): But how?
Sid(forwards hand): One dance to this new beginning.
Swasan looked at eachother.
Sanskar(forwards hand): Swara one dance for the new beginning of us.
Swara (gives hand): Hmm
Both Season goes to the dance floor.

Sid: Swara where r u lost.
Swara(comes to senes): Huh… No where (gives hand) let’s go.
Swara and Sid goes to the dance floor and Sanskar goes to Nisha.
Sanskar(forwards hand): Would u like to dance with me.
Nisha(happily): Yes sir.
Kaveri gets happy and soon they join the dance floor. Swasan were dancing with different partners but they were looking at each other.
Sid: Swara can I ask u something?
Swara: From when u started to take permission.

Sid: Do u know Sanskar Maheshwari from before.
Swara: No…. I don’t know him.
Sid and Sanskar twirl their partners and exhange them, Swata’s eyes were closed and she collide with someone’s chest,she opened her eyes with a jerk.
Swara(looked at that person): Sanskar.(She started to move back but Sanskar holds her waist and pulls her closer.) Mr. Sanskar leave me.
Sanskar: No way Swara(Swara gets shocked) if u leave the dance floor like this what will ur masi think
Swara(started to resist): She will not think anything.
Sanskar(Swara’s resistance goes in vain): Swara why r u doing this to me?
Swara(angrily): I’m doing nothing with u.
Sanskar(tucked some hairs behind Swara’s ear and Swara feels his touch and closed her eyes): Swara don’t u remember anything,our promises, our love, our any single moment which we spent with each other.
Swara reminiscences Swasan hug, Swara kisses on Sanskar’s cheek, Swara’s head on Sanskar’s shoulder.

But suddenly some flashes started to come that Swara was at Sanskar’s feet and Sanskar harshly closed the door on her face.
Swara(open eyes with a jerk): No I don’t remember anything, I just only remember my insult, ur harsh words and behaviour and that is enough for me.
Swara goes from there angrily, Sid notice that and Sanskar stands in a distraught condition.

Episode End

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