Episode 2
Swara enters in a big mansion named SR Mansion(The Gadodia family were not rich first but due to Swara’s dedication they becomes rich)
Swara says Hi to her Maa and Baba. Swara entered in her room which was a luxurious and a neat and clean one. After getting fresh Swara sits on the couch with her laptop and gets involve in it.
Shomi entered in the room wearing a beautiful saree.
Shomi: Swara (no response) Swara (little louder)
Swara: Yes maa (looks at Shomi ) Oho maa u r looking to much beautiful that dad will be flat on u again.
Shomi(blushes): Now let it be and get ready we have to go.
Swara(confused): But where?
Shomi: Uff what I do with this girl, u forgot today ur Kaveri Masi has thrown a party for her Nisha.
Swara(calm): So the party is for Nisha na, so why should I have to go.
Shomi: Swara If Ragini would be here,so I never told u to come with me.
Swara: But where is Ragini till now?
Shomi: She is at her friends’ house for group study.
Swara(whispers): I very well know her group studies.
A girl is shown dancing in a club who is non other then Ragini.
Shomi: So u r coming with me.
Swara: Maa I have work to do
At that time Shekhar enters.
Shekhar: Shomi r u ready?
Swara(pleading): Baba plz make herunderstand that I don’t wanna come.
Shekhar: Don’t force her Shomi.
Shomi(angry): Shekhar ur pampered has make her stubborn.
Shekhar(shocked): What did I do? Acha now let’s go we r getting late.
Shomi: OK (going but stopped) but Swara beta u have changed, few years before u met with everyone but now u have kept urself as a prisoner in these walls.
Shomi goes from there but Shomi’s words were echoing in Swara’s mind.
Swara(closes the laptop): Maa yes I have changed but I don’t want that my family thinks that I have changed.
Swara stands and first call Ragini.
Ragini(bites her tongue): Swara di…. shut man now I gone (she received the call) sh… guys (in a corner) Yes Swara di.
Swara(coldly): Ragini where r u?
Ragini: At my friends’ house for group study.
Swara(calmly): I’m not talking about or excuse which u gave to maa,I’m asking ur exact position.
Ragini(bites her tongue): Di I’m at the Hell Club
Swara: ok I want u to at home till 11:30
Ragini(shocked): 11:30 r u serious di
Swara: No more excuses Ragini, Maya and baba have gone to kaveri masi’s house and I’m also going and we will return till 11 and I want u at 11:30.
Ragini: OK (she hung up the call) did Swara di said that she is going(looks at time) I think I have listened something wrong because going at this time impossible.
At Kaveri’s House
Shomi and Shekhar entered at the Kaveri’s house
(Guys Kaveri lives with her daughter she is a widow, she is quite jealous from Shomi and Swara)
Shekhar+ Shomi: Hello Kaveri
Kaveri: Hi (hugs Shekhar) oh my brother how r u did ur wife takes care of u.
Shekhar: She take cares of me more than u.
Kaveri(falsely smiles): Oh that’s good come I will introduce u to our chief guest.
The chief guest were non other than the Maheshwari’s.
Kaveri: Shekhar he is Dp ji,my daughters boss(they shake hand) she is his wife Ap ji (Shomi and Ap say hello) and this young man is their only son Sanskar Maheshwari (Sanskar takes blessing) and Dp Ji he is my brother Shekhar and his wife Sharmishtha. Oh from child I remembered where is Ragini.
Shomi: Kaveri she had gone for group study to her friends house.
Kaveri: And where is your elder one?
Shomi(fumbles): Woh woh…
Kaveri(taunting): See Ap ji Shomi what kind is or upbringing that or daughter don’t want to meet her blood relatives and my daughter always be ready to go to her blood relatives.
Dp(interrupt): May be she is busy
Kaveri: What kind of busy that she don’t have time for her relatives.
A voice came from behind ‘If I knew that u will be missing me so much then I would come with maa and baba.’
Everyone turns around and saw Swara there. Everyone gets happy except Kaveri who was not liking it and Sanskar was mesmerized seeing Swara.
Swara(takes blessing): Hello masi.
Kaveri(fakely hugs): Hello my bachi,how r u?
Swara(smiles): I’m fine.
Kaveri: Acha Swara why…I how u made the plan to come to ur Madi’s house.
Swara: Masi I want to prove Maya that her Swara never changes for her.(give Shomi a side hug)
Kaveri do the introduction of Swara and Maheshwari’s, Swara takes blessing from Dp and Ap.
Swara: Masi wont u introduce me to or other guest.
Kaveri: OK
Swara(goes to Dp): Uncle please don’t tell masi that we r partners because I don’t want that she feels low infront of me.
Dp(nods in yes): OK beta
Swara goes from there.
Dp(impressed): What a girl?
Sanskar(smiles): I know…
Sanskar looks at going Swara.
Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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