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Episode 1
In Mumbai
A quite normal morning for everyone but she didn’t knew that this morning will bring her again face to face to whom she loves, no no the whom she hates very much and never wanted to meet again.
A girl wearing a business suit near the window of her office is non other then Swara Gadodia, the owner of ‘SR Group Of Companies.’
Swara(Monologue):Today 5 years have been passed of that incident but that incident is still now attached to my memories and life like hell, that incident has snatched the real me from myself. Those whom I trusted blindly and those who were the reason of my happiness become the cause of my sorrows and changes me completely. Now everyone knows the strict, bore ad cold Swara Gadodia because the chirpy, full of life Swara is lost somewhere and they r the reason of that and I just hate….
Her thoughts were disturbed by the knock on the door which was done by her Assistant Kabir.
Kabir: May I come in mama?
Swara: Come in.
Kabir: Mam Durga Prasad ji and his son has arrived.
Swara: Bring them to the conference hall and make the comfortable, I’m coming.
Kabir: Sure maam.

AT The Conference Hall.
Kabir(shakes hand with both persons): Hello sir, please sit down and be comfortable, mam is coming.
DP and his son takes their place.
Dp(to his son): Beta if she agrees for our partnership and project, the name of Maheshwari’s companies will be on new heights.
Son: She will dad but I found her little strange.
Dp(confused): What do u mean?
His son: I mean she never gives interview on news channels, only articles are present in the newspaper.
DP: I think she don’t want to show her identity to anyone.
Son: Hmmm.
DP and his son were talking when Swara entered in the cabin and DP’S son gets shocked.
Swara : Good afternoon gentleman and soory for the delay.
DP: It’s ok, no problem.
Kabir: Let me introduce to both the gentleman with you.
Swara: Ok
Kabir: Mam he is Durga Prasad Maheshwari (pointing towards Dp) the owner of the Maheshwari company and he is his son (pointing towards his son) MR.Sanskar Maheshwari ,the CEO of Maheshwari company.
Swara shakes hand to Dp and Sanskar also but Sansakr was in a state of shock,so he hold her hand for a while but she immediately removes her hand.
Swara: Gentleman my name is (Sanskar slowly whispers:Swara) Swara Gadodia ,the owner of this company,now let’s start the meeting.
Dp: Sure.
The meeting was started, during the whole meeting Sansakr was looking at Swara and Swara was feeling his gaze and she was getting full angry and irritated but she controlled herself. After the meeting.
Swara(while shaking hands): I must say that the presentation is really convincing and we will be glad to do this project and partnership with u.
DP: Thank u so much and the presentation was made by my son and I’m really proud of him (Sanskar fadely smiles)
Swara: Kabir take Dp ji to ur cabin and discuss about his and our terms and condition.
Kabir: Sure mam.

Kabir and Dp goes from the conference room and now only Swasan were left. Sanskar comes to Swara.
Sansakr(happily): Swara u here, u are the owner of this company. I’M SO MUCH HAPPY TO SEE U (Sansakr hugs Swara and Swara closed her eyes for a while but opened it immediately) I missed u so much, why didn’t u contact any of us?(Swara started to resist and gets full irritated and pushed Sansakr with full force, Sanskar gets shocked) Swara…
Swara(angrily shows him her index finger): e in your limit Mr.Maheshwari this is my office not ur home. Just remember that I’m ur business partner not anyone else. Did u get that? I hope u get that.
Swara starts to go from there.
Sansakar: Swara I came to know the truth (Swara for a while) Swara please forgive me.
Swara(turns her face half): If u came to know the truth then it’s good for u and don’t forget I’m just ur business partner.

Swara angrily goes from there to her cabin and sits on the chair and closed her eyes. Sanskar was in the state of shocked to see her Swara like this and was numb. DP cimes to Sanskar and saw him lost.
DP: Sanskar beta what happened< r u okay?
Sanskar: huh…no nothing dad I’m fine, u have finished all the formalities?
DP: Yes beta ,let’s go.
Sanskar: Hmm
Sansakr and DP goes from the cabin and Sanskar turned around and saw Swara through the glass whoa has closed her eyes.
Sansakr(thinks in heart): Swara I LOVE U please forgive me.
Swara(thinks in heart): Sanskar I will never forgive u and I HATE U.
Episode Ends

Credit to: Aisha Khan

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