Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 9


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Both were still hugging and they were fully drenched in rain soon they realized there position and broke d hug swasan were avoiding eye contact with each other. Swara was blushing hardly whereas sanskar was scratching his head and goes inside d room both Swasan changed there night dress swara went to her side and slept and sanskar also slept in his side.

what happened to me y I am attracted by his touch if di touch me itself I used to shout but when sanskar touched me i was feeling like heaven oh my god what is happening to me i am getting mad being with a mad person. I started feeling bad when he is not talking to me also arrey what happened to me i even kissed him as if I am missing him oh god what he would have taught about me no no wait he only first kissed me i just reciprocated it oh my god what is happening with me. Swara don’t think more now sleep or u will become mad.saying this swara sleeps.

Oh god how can I kiss her what she would think about me but even she reciprocated d kiss and after that she again kissed me but sanskar how can u lose ur control I know u will lose ur sense by seeing her eyes that’s y u stayed away from her by fearing whether u will fall for her but really u have fallen for her. S really u have started loving her.
SANSKAR’s MIND:no I don’t love her.
SANSKAR’s HEART:than y did u cry when she was unconscious u never cried for anything still now but for d first time u cried. Than y did u move away from her when u started liking her because u were scared whether u will fall for her because u dont want her to be in this unwanted relationship. U love her sanskar u were so arrogant in ur office but she changed u completely u r really in love with swara.
SANSKAR’s MIND:do I love her.
SANSKAR’s HEART:s sanskar u love her.
SANSKAR’s MIND:oh my god I am in love oh god what a surprising thing that I am in love that to with a girl who is totally opposite to me oh god wait I will tell swara now itself that I love her.
SANSKAR’s HEART:r u mad sanskar u realized it but she should also realize it na that to I taught only u r tube light but ur wife is more tube light than u.
SANSKAR’s MIND:don’t dare a word about my wife see how cute she is while sleeping she is my innocent baby so cute na.
SANSKAR’s HEART:it is true elder say we can sleep with a animal also but we can’t sleep with a person who fell in love.
SANSKAR’s MIND:than get lost even I want to with my beautiful innocent baby wife ok.
Saying this sanskar slept and took swara in his embrace both slept cuddling each other.

Both were cuddling each other and sleeping peaceful sun was feeling shy to wake up d couples sun rays first falls on swara. Swara got up and saw herself hugging sanskar tightly as if she is not going to leave him forever she saw his cute face while sleeping a smile spread her lips seeing him and kissed his forehead and whispered good morning and got back.
SWARA(to herself):swara what happened to u u r hugging him and kissing him what is happening to me i am getting attracted to him so much I never got attracted to anyone like this
Soon swara got up and got fresh and came down happily.
SWARA:good morning ma good morning bhabhi
AP:good morning swara now say me what u want for breakfast.
SWARA:ma today i will cook u just instruct me pls.
PARI:good morning swara kk today u cook what will u cook?
SWARA:ma pls say what all like for breakfast.
AP:sanskar like aalo parota adarsh like sandwich laksh like pasta and dp like salad
SWARA:what about u two.
AP:I like poori and pari like gobi parota.
SWARA:kk ma I will do all this.
AP:beta no now only ur health became weak u can’t cook this many no beta.
SWARA(pout face):ma pls I want to cook nothing will happen pls ma
AP:kk but we will help u in cutting vegetable ok.
SWARA(happy):kk ma saying this she kisses ap and pari cheeks both get happy seeing swara.
Soon all finished there work and came.
DP:what special today by ur beautiful hands.
AP:today i did not cook today swara cooked for all.
DP:oh today my daughters in laws cooked than it will be fantastic than my wife’s food.
AP:than from 2mmorrow onward don’t ask my good.
DP:oh I am sorry my dear beautiful wife pls forgive me i love u.
Swara started laughing holding her stomach seeing dp flirting with ap. Sanskar was mesmerized by seeing swara laughing.
SWARA:papa u r just like sanskar even he ask me like this only. All were shocked after listening this as sanskar don’t like this thing but when swara said all looked shocked at sanskar all jaws were touching on d floor. Whereas sanskar gave a dead glare to swara. Swara slowly sign him sorry.
SANSKAR:I am feeling hungry shall we have our breakfast.
LAKSH(teasing):I know y r u interested in eating breakfast because it is made by swara na.
Sanskar scratching his head and smiles sheepishly whereas swara was blushing. Soon all stared having and parisad swara. Just than ragini and skehar entered.
SWARA:papa di saying this she hugged them.
RAGINI:doll how r u?
SWARA(happily):5ine di
DP:skehar ji pls join for breakfast today ur 3rd daughter in law as cooked.
LAKSH(teases):s papa that’s y sanskar is enjoying his breakfast today.
After hearing this swara blushes more and sanskar also sprightly blush.
Soon ragini and skehar also joined. sanskar tried to say swara but he know that his brother will tease so he saw swara and swara also saw him sanskar gave her a flying kiss for d yummy food that she made swara blushes and signed him thanks this all was noticed by all but they acted as if they don’t know ragini was happy as her sister was happy and all praised swara for today’s food.
SKEHAR to DP: actually 2mmorrow is raglak engagement na so taught we will take doll today and when u people come she will come with u 2mmorrow.
DP:ok u can take swara u no need to ask permission from us skehar ji.
Both dp and skehar hugged each other.

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