Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 7


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Swara was sitting and sanskar was doing his work.
Sanskar no response
SWARA:idiot sanky
SANSKAR:now what u want?
SWARA:when ever I call u sanky u want say anything when ever I call u idiot sanky u reply me.
SANSKAR(annoyed):that was a bad joke.
SANSKAR(got irritated):what u want swara?
SANSKAR(shouted):swara r u mad can’t u see I am working r u kid to play pls grow up swara I don’t know how ur father and ragini bared u it is really difficult for me to bare u.
SWARA(scared and her eyes are filled with tears):sorry. Saying this she went to balcony.
SWARA(to herself):swara here no one will pamper like ragini di and papa. Swara u should be in ur limits I forgot to be in my limits I miss u di and papa I am feeling lonely here when I was there u both used to talk with me but here it is different I miss u both so much. Saying this she cried hard soon she composed herself and came changed her dress and slept in her side.
Sanskar after finishing his work he slept.

Swara got up first and saw sanskar beside her sleeping like a baby hugging a pillow but she jerk by her taught and got ready in pink color anarkali with light make up when she was about to put her sindoor she looks at sanskar who was sleeping peaceful soon she come to her sense and put her sindoor and went down.
She was surprised to see ragini and skehar she went and hugged them both tightly as she was missing them so much.
RAGINI:doll how r u?
SWARA(fake smile):I am 5ine di how come u both here.
SKEHAR:today we r fixing d date of engagement of raglak. Swara gets happy and hugged ragini tightly.
SKEHAR:doll where is sanskar.
SWARA:he is getting ready.
Skehar nods swara was talking with them just than sanskar came and took blessing from skehar. Pandit ji came and fixed engagement after 2 days. Swara was happy that ragini will be here for her company just than she search for sanskar but she does not find him.
Swara searches him everywhere but did not find him she became worried she taught to call him.
SWARA:shall I call him or not no swara don’t call him he will again scold u no no I will call him.
Saying this she call sanskar and he attends d call.
SWARA:sanskar where r u I am searching for u. U did not say me also.
SANSKAR(angry):swara I already said to u don’t act like a kid I already said to mom that I am going out and for ur kind information I came to say u but u were busy in ur own talks not even bother about me I know u r my wife but it doesn’t mean that I have to seak ur permission for my work saying this he kept d phone.
SWARA(to herself):I should have been in my limits I should not have called him I don’t know y no one love me i should have listened to di and papa they said not to go for work that was my mistake which changed my life upside down. Saying this she sat with a thud and cried after sometime she composed herself and came down. Ragini was talking with her but swara just nodded or just gave her a fake smile.
RAGINI(to herself):what happened to doll today she always talk non stoppingly but today she is so silent from morning I am seeing her she is like this only she does not even talk with anyone much I have to talk to sanskar no no I will talk to laksh he will talk to sanskar.
Soon ragini and skehar went swara again started feeling lonely just than sanskar came but she did not say anything she went to room.

Swara was sitting and thinking about ragini and skehar
SWARA:di u both always r not in home I feel lonely to be alone.
RAGINI:doll don’t lie we daily come soon
SKEHAR:s doll princess is right we always spend time with u more than patients.
SWARA:I swear I will never marry a doctor than even he will never care me.
SKEHAR:doll it is not only doctor everyone r like that.
SWARA;not like u both.
SKEHAR:k sorry from now onward we will spend time with our doll ok.
SWARA:ok saying this she hugs them.
SWARA:u where right papa even husband don’t care there wife. Swara composed herself and changed her clothes and she was arranging d bed just than sanskar entered she looked at him but did not say anything and went to balcony and was seeing d sky and was thinking about her mom.
after swaragini mom death swara was kid and was crying for her mom that time ragini took her to terrace and said.
RAGINI:doll our mom did not die she went to god.
SWARA(cutely):when will she come.
RAGINI:doll our mom has become a star look there in d sky there r so many star in that she is one whenever u miss mom u can see her.
Swara stopped crying and hugged ragini.

SWARA:mom I miss u so much. Her taught were broke by sanskar shout.
SANSKAR:swara where is karma company file.
SWARA:I don’t know
SANSKAR:it is waste of asking u saying this he started searching. Swara saw d file on d table.
SWARA:it is on d table itself.
Sanskar saw it and started doing his work. Swara did not understand y he is always angry with her and always shout at her she jerk her taught and came to her side and slept thinking atleast 2mmorrow he will say sorry and they will become friends.
Sanskar got up soon and he got ready just than swara git up and saw sanskar her eyes r filled with tears but she composed herself just than sanskar was about to go.
SWARA:sanskar I want to talk to u.
SWARA:y r u behaving rudely with me what mistake I have done pls say me i will try to change but pls talk to me.
Sanskar did not say anything and left.
Swara sat done and cried hardly thinking about sanskar rude behavior.
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Y is sanskar behaving rude with swara?
Will sanskar ask sorry to swara?
To know this stay tuned.

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