Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 6


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Both Swasan were sleeping peaceful. Just than sanskar got up and saw swara beside him sleeping like a angel he smiles thinking about her he slightly kisses her forehead.
SANSKAR:good morning mental shona.
SWARA:ragini pls let me sleep
SANSKAR(smiles):shona I am sanskar not ragini. Just than swara recall what happened and got up.
SWARA:sorry I forgot that we got married.

SANSKAR:it is ok mental shona now pls get ready.
SWARA:how dare u can call me mental saying this swara beats sanskar and sanskar was trying to hold both lost there balance and fell on d bed by this swara lips brushed sanskars lips both r shocked both compose themselves
SWARA(looking down):I will get ready
Soon swara came out wearing lengha and sanskar went to get fresh. Sanskar came out only with towel on his waist. Swara saw him and was lost in his hotness sanskar saw swara lost in him and smirk.
SANSKAR(smirk):shona I know I am hot and dashing but pls control urself.
SWARA(feels shy):no no I was not seeing u I was just
SWARA:nothing get ready soon and come down.
SANSKAR:shona wait.
Sanskar came closer to her and turned her swara was breathing heavily sanskar moved her hairs front and tied her dori while he was tieing his hands touched her back current passed in there body. Sanskar tied her dori and whispered in her ears.

SANSKAR; beautiful.
Swara blushes after hearing.
SWARA:sanky r u going for office today.
SANSKAR: no shona today i am not going as I am newly married na (winks at her)
SWARA:sanky I won’t to work now also.
SANSKAR:ok shona u can work but only in my office.
Both smiles looking at each other soon sanskar also got ready and both Swasan came down.
PARI:swara today is ur first day na so u should cook some sweet come I will show u saying this swara went with pari helplessly.

swara don’t know to cook she tried wifi but it did not work she was thinking a lot just than she got a message from sanky how to do kheer swara was happy and started doing it and finished it after a while. Just than sanky entered kitchen swara hugged him tightly sanskar was feeling happy when she hugs him he hugged her back.
SWARA:thank u
SANSKAR:in friendship no sorry and no thank u.
Swara smiles.

all praises swara for her kheer and gives her gift
DP:sanskar I have arranged a party as u got married
SANSKAR:but papa
DP:don’t worry sanskar nothing will happen.
Sanskar nods.
AP:swara today is ur muh dikhaee function so beta get ready soon and I will help u to get ready swara nods.
sanskar was busy in his work and swara was feeling bore.
SWARA:sanky we newly got married and u always u r with that stupid laptop.
SANSKAR:y r u feeling jealous?
SWARA:I am not feeling jealous.

Sanskar smiles hearing her.
SWARA:it is waste of talking to u just than they hear a door knock
SANSKAR:come in ma.
Ap and pari came in.
AP:swara hear wear this saree and hear is d jewels and wear this also ok get ready and come soon. Saying this ap and pari left.
Swara was trying hard to wear saree as she don’t know to wear saree sanskar see this and came to her

SANSKAR:what happened?
SWARA:I don’t know to wear saree
SANSKAR(burst into laughter):u got married but u don’t know to wear saree.
SWARA:hello instead of helping me u r teasing me how mean u r.
SANSKAR:ok I will help u.
SWARA(narrowing her eyes):u know to wear saree.
SANSKAR:s in childhood I used to help my mother now I have to help my wife.

Swara smiles sanskar took her pallu and he started making her wear saree swara was liking his touch on her but she don’t know y both were close to each other and can hear each other heart beat after long time swara wore saree and sanskar helped her to wear her jewel also sanskar was blowed by her beauty he was falling for her yes he was really falling for her beauty and innocence. When swara was about to go sanskar holded her hand swara saw him sanskar came close to her and filled her mang with sindoor both looked at each other and were lost in each other and they had a passionate eyelock both were not in there sense sanskar eyes feel on her baby pink lips both were moving closer there was a inch gap between there lips She tiptoed to reach his level and kissed his lips… Sanskar too respond to her it is a sweet lovely kiss with full of love for each other which turned into passionate kiss and long kiss soon both broke d kiss due to lack of oxygen. Both came to there sense and avoided eye contact with each other soon both Swasan came down for muh dikhaee function.

SwasAn were made to sit beside each other ap bring a bowl of milk and put ring in that
AP:now u both should find ring in d milk.
Soon swasan were trying to find d milk both hands were touching each other both feel something new as they never felt like this before swara found it but gave it to sanskar but sanskar gave it to swara both were playing like this giving it to each other laksh felt irritated and took both d hands out both were holding d ring.
All clapped for them.

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