Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 5


Thank u guys for ur valuable comments sorry I could not post my ff yesterday as I had cultural so sorry 2mmorrow I will give 2 Updates.

both SwasAn were sleeping peaceful like swara was top of sanskar and sanskar hugging her tightly both were sleeping in each other embrace just than swara gets up and see herself sleeping on sanskar hugging him tightly as if she is not going to leave him she blushed and just than reality hit she got up and tried to wake sanskar up.
SANSKAR:swara u r not letting me to sleep at night atleast now u let me sleep saying this he sleep. Swara was trying hard just than she saw a bottle of water and poured it on him. Sanskar got up with a jerk.

SANSKAR:swara what d hell r u doing.
SWARA: how much time I should wake up u idiot sanky we r still in store room.
SANSKAR:I forgot sorry come let’s see if d door is open.and d door was open both swasan came out.

SWARA:it is all because of u only
SANSKAR:oh hello Madam even I was with u ok u was not alone. Swara showed face and turned
Sanskar smiles seeing her. They reached sharma mission.
skehar and ragini were hell scared as swara did not return just than swasan came in ragini hugged swara and cried hard swara get shocked seeing ragini crying.
RAGINI:swara r u ok where did u go we were scared for u we where searching for u and sanskar all were searching for u also.

SwasAn said everything how they were alone in store room. Ragini ask swara to fresh up she will prepare breakfast ragini ask sanskar he say he will leave

all were worried for sanskar just than sanskar entered all ask what happens he narrate everything all ask him to change and come for breakfast.
all were sitting sanskar also came there just than they on t.v all were shocked after hearing the news about swasan were staying alone and someone took pics of swasan who were hugging and sleeping all maheshwari were shocked to see d news and sanskar was shocked and got angry and taught who might have done this. Just than skehar, ragini ,swara came there.

SKEHAR:what is going on what is happening they r talking bad about my daughter. Swara was crying hardly sanskar could not see swara crying he clutched his fist and taught something.
SANSKAR:uncle I will marry swara after saying this sanskar went to pooja room and took sindoor and filled swara’s mang.
All were shocked after this
SKEHAR:what have u done sanskar.
SANSKAR:uncle it is all because of me so now no one will say anything I will marry swara by all rules.
DP:s he is saying correct. Dp comes near skehar and ask.
DP:will u give ur second daughter hand to my son hand. Skehar nods.
SANSKAR:don’t worry uncle I will prove that swara is innocent and I will marry swara today itself. Swara was shocked she don’t know what to do.

After sometime All were busy with marriage preparation and swara was getting ready for d marriage within a day her life changed upside down she was broken because all talked about her character and her father badly she was crying badly just than sanskar came and saw her who was crying badly sanskar was feeling bad by seeing her crying. Sanskar went near her and hugged her and swara was crying still.
SANSKAR:swara stop crying u r a strong girl u should not cry stop crying swara I can’t see u crying.

SWARA:y sanskar y all happen only to me because of me my father should bow his head and because of me u r marrying me all only because of me sanskar.
SANSKAR:no swara it is not because of u y r u thinking like that it is because of me sorry swara because of me u should suffer but trust me swara I will prove that u r innocent.
SWARA:I always trust u sanky don’t leave me.
SANSKAR:forever I won’t leave u.
Soon swasan gets ready.
They sat on mandap and took 7vowes and sanskar desinged swara’s neck with mangalsutr and appiled sindoor a tear drop.escaped from her eyes.
Pandit:abb app pati patni hoye.
SwasAn took blessing from skehar And than dp and ap.
SANSKAR to SKEHAR:papa don’t worry from today swara is my wife no one will say anything and I will take care of her pls take care of urself.
Skehar hugs sanskar and blesses him.
Swara was sitting and sanskar entered and saw swara who was thinking about today’s incident.
Sanskar taught to change her mood
SANSKAR:swara I am getting scared.
SANSKAR:because I am married to u.
SWARA:oh hello I should feel scared because I have married to my idiot sir nice nick name na but now I will call u idiot hubby nice na see only I keep better name u always call me swara which is boring.
SANSKAR:aacha mere baccha kho woh boora lagta hai but I don’t mind it wait even I will keep a nick name for u always irritate na so I will call u irritating idiot ok
SWARA:sanky this is not fare I am not calling u irritating
SANSKAR:ok ok swara I was just joking wait I will call u shona.
SWARA:oh so sweet my cutu saying this she pulled his cheeks.
SWARA:s cutie for girl and cutu for boys.
Both Swasan burst into laughter.
SWARA:thank u sanskar
SANSKAR:for what

SWARA: I taught now no one will marry me but u stood beside me and said u will marry thank u.
SANSKAR:no need thanks swara because of me u r suffering. U change ur dress and come.
Swara nods and changes
SANSKAR:swara I will sleep in d couch u sleep in d bed.
SWARA:it ok sanskar bed is big enough so we can share And we r married also.
Soon swasan slept in bed.
Sorry guys if u did not like d story I know no one will like d story I am sorry if it is not nice. Pls post ur valuable comments.

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