Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 4


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swara was getting ready for office cooly ragini saw this and asked her.
RAGINI:doll u r getting ready for office cooly
SWARA:s di because that idiot sir is now relative na so if he says something I will off him by doing dramas ad I have seen many drama serial like my favorite serial “iss pyaar kho kya naam doon” I think so my idiot sir will be convenienced
By drama he is really mad but handsome u know I kept him a new nick name “monster idiot sir”nice na I always keep awesome name but this suits him more as he is a monster hitler he is cute and handsome but with that he shows more attitude that to towards me. What he think about swara I will never get scared seeing him he is really believing me di actually whenever he get to know that I call him idiot sir I act as if I am scared of him seeing my sacredness he leaves me so that y I said I will always do drama before him.u should be blessed to get me see I am saying u tips di after marriage u have to do drama with my monster idiot sir or hitler idiot sir
Swara heared some laughing noise so she turned back and was shocked and numb seeing this d person laugh holding his stomach and ragini also start laughing.
SWARA:jiju and idiot sir sorry sorry hitler idiot sir or monster idiot sir.after hearing this raglak laugh even more and sanskar gives dead glare to swara.
SWARA:stop u both see hitler is getting angry.
Saying this even swara started laughing like a hell. Sanskar was mesmerized by seeing her laughing.swara stops laughing by his dead glare
Raglak also stopped laughing and were about to go.
LAKSH:swara all d best with ur monster or hitler idiot sir.saying this raglak went leaving Swasan alone.
SANSKAR(came close to swara and asked): swara I warned u right than y u always poke me ah?
SWARA:because u r really a hitler and from now u r my relative and from now I won’t call u sir it is so boring what shall I call u arrey u also think na y u always make me to think ur nick name.
Sanskar saw her with wide eyes and jaws touching still d ground as any girl does not even dare to speak with him but this girl is talking with him as if she is talking with her boyfriend.
SWARA(thinks for a long time and conclude at last):ahh I will call hitler idiot sanky nice na I know I always keep nice nick names.
SANSKAR:swara u know to whom r u talking no girl dare to even see me but u r d first girl who keep nick name for me and ask me how it is seriously u r imposible.
SWARA:apko bhoora laga but I can’t do anything ok ok now stop ur unwanted question and comes let’s leave to office or my hitler idiot sir will say me that I am late. Sanskar shook his head and both left and reached office.
sanskar was driving d car whereas swara was sitting beside him and ask him.
SWARA:sanky how can u come silently see me i always keep talking but u opposite to me i don’t know how will ur wife bare u.
SANSKAR:if u come as my wife what will u do?
SWARA:of course I will divorce u.hahaha I was just joking I will change u as me.
SANSKAR(to himself):u r already changing me.
Swara heared that and blushes but hide it.
Both Swasan were doing there work but swara was disturbing sanskar some times and she already mingled with d staff and started chatting with them.after sometime it was night 8 o colck swara entered sanskar cabin.
SWARA:idiot sanky shall we go how much time will u take that’s y I said di that I won’t come with u but it was my fate as di and jiju took my car
SANSKAR:oh hello madam business is not easy and it is not easy to become top most business man also so u should wait and swara pls give me the file of karma company which is in store room.
swara was searching for it and sanskar came there.
SANSKAR:I know u would have not found.
SWARA:if so than u could have searched it by urself. Saying this swara turns her face with a pout face. Sanskar smiles seeing her.
Suddenly the room gets closed and lights also goes swara gets scared and hugs sanskar tightly.both feel current passing through their body and sanskar hugs her back swara feel butterflies in her stomach by his touch. This was different feeling for both of them and they were enjoying it soon they come to reality and swara started blaming sanskar.
SWARA:I know this u have done to take revenge from me for calling u idiot.
SANSKAR:u r idiot now when I am with u how can I say.
SWARA:s but how this happened how can we go home?
SANSKAR(get tensed seeing her): nothing will happen swara I am with u.
Swara was happy and relaxed after hearing I am with u from him both try but they could not find a way to go out swara was hell scared and she was feeling sleepy both sat down swara put her head on his chest and his hands were on her waist sanskar slowly carressed her hairs swara slept by this and sanskar smiled seeing her beautiful innocent face while she is sleeping.
SANSKAR(to himself):I don’t know y I am affected by u ur making me crazy swara day by day I am really going mad I don’t know what feeling I have for u but when u r closer to me i feel like heaven I like ur sweetness and ur pranks u r really changing this arrogant sanskar maheshwari like u.by saying this he kisses her forehead slightly. And he to does off like that .
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