Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 3


Thank u guys for ur valuable comments I am really happy by ur comments and happy birthday to abdul hafiz(uma).

SWARA:di u know about my idiot sir na he will show attitude I won’t go for office 2mmorrow.
RAGINI:don’t worry doll ur idiot sir want say anything.
SWARA:di u don’t know about him he is very strict and he does what he says today he was so angry so 2mmorrow I am dead in his hands.i don’t won’t to die soon I didn’t even get engaged.(pout face)
RAGINI:doll nothing will happen trust me.
SWARA:k I will go only for u.
Just than skehar came and said.
SKEHAR:ragini 2mmorrow d boys family is coming to see u and d boy is also a doctor.
RAGINI:ok dad.
SKEHAR:r u happy princess
RAGINI:I am happy when u both r happy. And I know ur selection is d best selection.
Skehar hugs ragini.
SWARA:u both forgot me so bad of u people.

SKEHAR:sorry doll I taught that u r thinking about ur idiot sir.ragini chuckles.
All trio hugs.

AP:laksh 2mmorrow we r going to see d girl.
LAKSH:ok mom ur wish I like papa’s selection.
DP:woh toh hai that’s y I selected ur mom (winks at laksh)
LAKSH:papa did u love mom
DP:how can u ask this question laksh of course s I loved her I even proposed her like sharukh khan.u know sharukh khan also Learned from me only how to propose.
AP:ji pls stop ur drama (to laksh)ur father is dramebaaz.
All smiled listening this but sanskar was thinking about something and laughing
DP:ap pls pinch me he is my son who is laughing.
DP:sanskar what happened y r u laughing?
Sanskar was about to say but laksh intrepted and said.
LAKSH:may be papa he was thinking about idiot sir.

SANSKAR: how do u know
LAKSH:for ur kind information I was with u
ALL TOGETHER:idiot sir???
Laksh says everything to them all started laughing.
SANSKAR:u know what ma that girl got scared when I said to meet me oh my god u should have seen her face she was so cute when she was scared lol she belived what I said she don’t know that I won’t come 2mmorrow to office but she is very intelligent girl got 1st rank in final and she is so innocent.
All were shocked as sanskar was talking about a girl and was prasing her.all had a great time with each other.

SWARA:di today i won’t go to office as today boy is coming to see u na see first itself I will say u both I will interview with that boy I will check whether he is good and I will put marks also for him if I give him 100 marks only he can marry my di ok.
Both skehar and ragini nod there head.swara smiles.soon they made everything ready and maheshwari reached and skehar welcomed them.skehar asked swaragini to come down ragini came first and took blessing from them.swara was coming and she hits with a person and again.
SWARA:hey y always god make me to hit someone but this time it won’t be my idiot sir as he is in d office just than sanskar turns and swara is shocked and even sanskar.all d family members burst into laughter.

LAKSH:so she is d girl who call sanskar as idiot sir oh my god what a coincidence.
SKEHAR:doll u should not say idiot ask him sorry
SWARA(to sanskar):sorry sir(to herself)swara u r dead from his hands.
Sanskar heared her and chuckles. Swara came and took blessing from ap and dp
SKEHAR:she is my second daughter(pointing swara).swara u wanted to ask some questions na ask them.
SWARA:nothing papa.after hearing this ragini smiles.
SKEHAR:princess and doll show laksh and sanskar d house both swaragini nods and raglak went other side leaving Swasan alone swara was hell scared and sanskar see it and smirk.
SANSKAR:so swara u r going to be my relative great but swara pls go to doctor and check ur eyesight because u only dash not me understood and don’t call me idiot sir ok this is last warning for u if u do this again then u will surely die from my hand and think about that because till now u did not even get engaged.

While sanskar was saying this swara was moving back and when she was about to fall sanskar holds her but he lost his balance and both fall on each other and had an long eyelock.
Swara was lost in that dark brown eyes and sanskar was lost on her beautiful innocent face both were lost on each other just than raglak came and saw swasan
LAKSH:ahem..ahem…swara and idiot sir pls getup so both composed themselves and got up
LAKSH:so swara were r my question and were is my mark or did u forget everything by seeing ur idiot sir but swara I really like d way u named him.swara forgot that sanskar is there and she started saying about him.

SWARA:s jiju u r right ur idiot brother is waste and is not jolly type like me he is full of attitude and u know to work in his office he has rules and regulations so dumb ur idiot brother is but he look cute when he is angry and he is handsome also.
Sanskar did not get angry when swara said about him he was enjoying her cute face and was admiring her innocence.

LAKSH:I think so ur idiot sir is with u (to swara)all d best saying this raglak left swara alone with sanskar and swara saw sanskar with horrified eyes.sanskar came close to swara and swara moved back and swara hit d wall sanskar blocked her ways by his hand and moved more closer to her there was only one inch gap between them and both can hear each other heart beat.sanskar moved near her ears and whispered.
SANSKAR:2mmorrow we will compulsory meet in d office.saying this he leave her and swara was thinking about what he said and his warning she get scared.Soon maheshwari family left

SANSKAR:oh my god swara is really mad she always says me idiot sir. She always make me mad I don’t know what she is doing with me but I am going mad for her god only knows what is going to happen and I know now she will be thinking about 2mmorrow lol she is scared of me.but she looks cute when she is scared. I always like to see her scared face so only I always make her scared but bichari she font know that also.sanskar what happened to u y r u thinking about her just sleep.saying this sanskar sleeps with a smile on his face thinking about swara.

SWARA:swara u r dead from his hand he will compulsory kill u for sure oh my god I did not even get engaged I feel bad for my self pls god say me from that monster idiot sir.wow swara u always keep a good nick name like idiot sir but he is really cute and handsome when he gets angry that’s y I always irritate him by calling him idiot sir lol he looks like that only but he is handsome and cute like my cuteu.swara stop thinking about him and sleep as this is ur last sleep because 2mmorrow u r going to die by his hands.saying this she sleep.

Thats all guys thank u once again for ur valuable comments pls post ur valuable comments.and sorry if it is not nice.

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  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Thank you for your wishes dear…. You can call me Uma.Abdul hafiz is my surname. About chappy, mind blowing??. Hehe, swara is so funny and cute… Loved it.. Keep it up dear. Waiting for nxt.
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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    aaww… sweet.. sweet sweet story of them.. omggg, i kept smiling
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