Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 2


Thank u guys for ur valuable comments.i am sorry yesterday update was short so today i will give u long update.

swara reached home and went too her room skehar and ragini followed her.
RAGINI:doll how was ur interview.
SWARA:like a hell.
SKEHAR:what happened doll y r u angry.
Swara says them everything how she scolded sanskar and her interview and rules and regulations of d office.
Both skehar and ragini laugh after listening this.
Swara gave them a dead glare both composed themselves.

SKEHAR:doll if u don’t like then don’t go
SWARA:dad I want to work and I love to work so I will go to that idiots office.
RAGINI:k now get ready and come for dinner and sleep soon so that u can go to idiots office 2mmorrow.skehar chuckles.
Sanskar entered d house and all were waiting for him.
DP:how was d day my son.
DP:I know.
SANSKAR:how dad.
DP:because daily u say this only (winks at sanskar?)
AP:dp ji stop teasing my son.
Soon sanskar finished his dinner and left to his room.
Sanskar got fresh up and sat and started writing dairy when he was writing he think about swara how is scolded him.
SANSKAR(to himself):so miss swara sharma u scolded me right see now I will show hell.
Thinking this he does off.
Swara got up early and started getting ready for office and she left.
swara reached and even sanskar reached at d same time both headed to d lift and swara said.
SWARA:good morning sir.
SANSKAR:swara did amar said u d rules and regulations
SWARA:s sir.
SANSKAR:what time he said to be here.
SANSKAR:u r 5 mins late first day itself ur late.saying this he go and swara follow him.
SWARA(to herself): monster.
SANSKAR:I heared it swara.
Swara was shocked but composed herself and started doing her work sanskar was watching d way she work he was impressed by her work she solved difficult problems also.sanskar called swara and said.

SANSKAR:swara there is a meeting 2mmorrow and I want last month detail pls finish it and give.swara nods and goes and started doing d work after sometime sanskar entered her cabin swara saw him.
SANSKAR:swara it is finished or not.
SWARA:no sir
SANSKAR:swara it’s ok u go home it’s already late I will manage it.
SWARA:no sir only little work is there I will finish it.sanskar nods and leaves d place swara quickly finishes it and gives it to sanskar and she left.
Skehar and ragini were waiting for swara and were worried for her.just than swara entered d house
SKEHAR:doll y this much late.
SWARA;there was work dad

RAGINI:k doll get ready we will have our dinner.
Swara nods and they had dinner and they were enjoying pulling each other legs.
it was sunday swara thinks to go out with her frnds (kavitha,kavya)they go to mall.
Swara says everything about her job and about her idiot sir.were kaya (kavita+kavya=kaya) were laughing holding there stomach.wereas swara was pissed off by them while they were going swara dashes with a boy and d boy was about to go swara.
SWARA:hey u idiot don’t u have eyes dashing a girl and going don’t u have sense of humor to say sorry also.while she was scolding d boy turns and swara was shocked and numb whereas d boy saw her and smirk (d boy is non other than sanskar who came with his family there)
SANSKAR:so swara I did not dash u its u who dashed me.
SWARA(stammers):so…sorry ..si…sir.

KAVITA:swara he is ur idiot sir.
SANSKAR:idiot sir.
SWARA:soory sir
SANSKAR:swara 2mmorrow lets see in d office saying this he left.
SWARA:arrey y did u guys say idiot sir see now 2mmorrow he will show more attitude towards me.
KAVITA:but he is handsome.
SWARA:than go and marry him.
KAVYA:who will marry ur idiot sir
Saying this both burst into laughter.

Thats all guys sorry if d episode is not nice 2mmirrow I will give a better episode and pls post ur valuable comments.

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