Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 15(epilogue)

Thank u guys for ur valuable comments as I said this episode is last thank u for all ur love and support for this ff don’t worry I will again return with a new ff. Thank to silent reader.
It was fully decorated with candles and light and with light music the place was itself more romantic just than our love birds entered d room. Swara was feeling shy and nervous whereas sanskar was smiles merchivously looking at swara. Sanskar closed d door and back hugged swara. Whereas swara was blushing by his touch and breathing heavily.
SANSKAR(slowly whispered in her ear):I love u.
SWARA(slowly):I love u too.
This word was enough for sanky his hands slowly moved to her blouse and unhooked it and started kissing her bare back sensuously and seductively. Swara was clutching her saree tightly and was mourning in pleasure. Just than rain started swara ran to d balcony and started playing in d rain sanskar came there and pulled her closer to him both were drenching in d rain sanskar looked at her with lots of love and desire to make her his and swara was also looking at him with same desire to marks herself as his. Both had a passionate eyelock sanskar eyes slowly fell on her lips were water drops where there he wanted to drink d water sanskar placed his rough lips on her rosy juicey lips he started sucking her lips and he was drinking d water from her lips d moon and stars were feeling shy to see d couple who r romancing they hided themselves sanskar was kissing her passionately swara was also kissing him with equal passion and desire swara bitted his lower lips sanskar goarned in pleasure whereas sanskar bitted her upper lips swara was mourning both where kissing each other sanskar hands slowly moved from her waist to her bare back and started caressing her back sensuously which was giving heat for both of them which is must needed now swara hands where unbuttoning his shirt soon she was successful in unbuttoning his shirt and thrower his shirt. Soon they where going breathless so they broke d kiss swara eyes where down due to shyness sanskar smiled seeing her shyness and hugged her.
Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Mujhe aadat bana lo ik buri
Kehna ye tumse hai

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sar pe hai, kab se hai

Jism ke samandar mein
Ik lehar jo thehari hai
Usme thodi harqat hone do
Shayari sunaati inn do nasheeli aankhon ko
Mujhko paas aake padhne do
Ishq ki khwahishon mein
Bheeg lo baarishon mein
Aao na…
Sanskar slowly broke d hug and saw swara who was blushing hard which was driving him crazy sanskar slowly planted a kiss on her forehead and than her big beautiful eyes and than on her nose tip he slowly moved to her cheeks and starting giveing open mouth kisses whereas swara was mourning his name sanskar moved to her ear lounge and kissed her slightly and bitted her swara hands where moving on his clean shaved chest.
Tumhe paakar na khone ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Mujhe nazron mein rakh lo tum kahin
Kehna ye tumse hai

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sar pe hai, kab se hai

Hmm.. rokna nahi mujhko
Zidd pe aa gayi hoon main
Iss qadar deewanapan chadha
Dekho na yahaan aake
Mera haal kaisa hai
Toot ke abhi tak na juda

Ab sambhalna nahi hai
Jo bhi hai wo sahi hai
Aao na…
Sanskar took swara in bridal style and made her lie one bed and ge came on her he took her mang tika and kissed there he took her earning and kissed there he slowly moved to her neck and started giving wet kisses whereas his hands where moving on her waist and belly sensuously sanskar slowly unpinned her saree pallu he slowly placed his face and again started kissing
Swara hands where moving on his back and pushing him more on her sanskar slowly moved to her belly button and placed lingering kiss there and started kissing her passionately swara was continuously mourning in pain and pleasure by his teasingness on her she was fully enjoying his love on her. Sanskar again came up and placed his lips on her both kissed sensuously swara was kissing him more passionately not giving him a chance to kiss her Pressed it More Tightly n Bites the Upper Lips of Hers n Sucks them Immediately to Soften the Pain.He Sucked the Blood n Lipstick Wich was on Her Lips n Tasted them wid Pleasure giving Him a Wide Smile on His Face.Soon they Broke the Kiss as they were Out of Oxygen.s wada turned because of shyness sanskar smiled seeing her shyness and he slowly removed her blouse and he stared kissing her shoulder seductively swara was clutching d bedsheet sanskar slowly removed her blouse fully and he started giving wet kisses on her back which made swara to sweat. Sanskar slowly turned swara towards him Leaned down towards Her Neck Slowly n Placed His Rough Lips on Her Left Side Of Neck n Pecked them Sensuously n Bites Slowly Marking dat Neck Side as His n Swara who felt the Bite Moarned to reduce d pain she slowly placed a soft kiss.then Moved towards Her Other Side of Neck n Placed His Rough Lips there too n Pecked It Romantically n Bites.
Tumhe khud se milaane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Mujhe rehne do apne paas hi
Kehna ye tumse hai

Tumhe apna banane ka junoon
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Sar pe hai, kab se hai
Now this it for swara she loosed all her control and pushed sanskar and came above him she sensuously started kissing his neck with wet kisses making him goarn her name and Started Caressing His Bare Back Sensuously Continously and Kissed It Romantically Biting His neck and His Chest wid Hunger. Sanskar was enjoying her teasingness on him he was goarning in pleasure swara was not evening giving him a chance she slowly moved her hands on him and kissed him with more passion
Sanskaar Strtd Caressing Her Bak Romantically frm Her Bare Shoulder to Back Side Sensuously.
Swara was feeling weak by his touch sanskar made her lie on d bed and came over her and both removed d barriers between them sanskar enterwined his hands with her and entered into her swara was mourning loudly by pain but soon she started to enjoy him sweat were drenching them d night was blissfully for them d room was surrounded by there mourning soon both slept in each other embrace all there clothes wear lying down d room was fully messed by there love.The Moon,Stars n Sky too Noticed 2 Souls Becoming One n Were Blessing their Love on these 2 Love Birds n were Smiling on their Union.
Swasan were Sleeping Peacefully n Comfortably in Eachother’s Embrace wid Sanskaar on Top of Swara. D sunday feel shy to fall on d love birds but it fall on swara and swara hid herself more on sanskar and hugged him tightly sanskar slowly open his eyes and he saw his love his wife who was sleeping like a baby hugging him tightly. Sanskar smiled and planted a sweet kiss on her forehead feeling d kiss swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar string her swara blushed.
SANSKAR:good morning doll.
Swara was surprised as sanskar called her doll and smiled.
SWARA:good morning idiot sir swara chuckles.
Sanskar smiled and saw swara lovingly.
SWARA:what special u called me doll.
SANSKAR:papa said u like ur loved one calling u doll so I also taught to call u doll.
SWARA:thank u.
SANSKAR:for what.
SWARA:for everything
Sanskar smiled and kissed her forehead and than again started kissing her cheeks when he was about to kiss her lips swara stopped him.
SWARA:sanskar we r already late come on now get up we have to go I need to get fresh up.
SANSKAR:let’s fresh up together I will help u.
SWARA:I will kill u
SANSKAR:pls only for today my dear doll.
SWARA:I will kick u go get ready.
Soon both Swasan got ready and came down.
ADARSH:wow sanskar today u got up so soon.
LAKSH(teases):he would have been busy y r u saying him.
Just than ragini notes swara neck, hand, her back which was red due to love marks ragini started teasing her showing d love marks swara was feeling shy and ran to her room.
Swara was feeling shy as all were teasing her showing her love mark just than sanskar came and hugged her from back
SANSKAR:may I know y my doll is shying.
SWARA:because of u.
SANSKAR:what did I do.
Swara say everything how they teased her with there love mark sanskar smiled and turned her towards him and hugged her swara smiled and hugged him tightly
SWARA:I love u thank u for coming into my life.
SANSKAR:I love u too pls be with me till my last breath.
SWARA:ur last breath will be mine.
Both looked at each other and hugged tightly.
swara was serving breakfast from past one week she is not feeling well all were worried for her when she was serving she was about to fall but sanskar holded her in d nick of time. Soon they called d doctor and doctor checked swara
DOCTOR: congratulations she is pregnant.
All were happy after listening this sanskar hugged swara tightly as she gave him promotion from husband to father skehar blessed them all were happy and celebrated.
ap was running behind a boy with a glass of milk but d boy was not drinking it and a girl was also running with d boy. Suddenly d boy hits someone.
SANSKAR:krish y r u making my mom run behind u come-on drink milk it is good for health saying this he wink at d child.
GIRL:chachu he is not drinking but I finished drinking see i am a good girl saying this she shows her face to krish.
SWARA:both father and son r same I can’t manage both of them together I don’t know ma how u managed him(pointing sanskar).
All burst into laughter and had a family time.
Swara was cleaning d room she felt hand on her waist she started blushing.
SANSKAR:arrey 3 yrs over after our marriage but now also u r blushing by my touch.
Swara smiles looking at him and hugged him and said.
SWARA:if u touch me when I am 60 also it will be new for me because I love u.
SANSKAR:I love u too.
U know one day we met suddenly our marriage happened but we did not know when we started loving and falling for each other.
both swasan smiles looking at each other and hugged each other sanskar slowly planted a kiss on her head and d screen shade away.
Thats all thank u all for ur love and support pls post ur valuable comments and thank u for ur support which made this story a remarkable one for me. Thank u all once again and thank to silent readers also who read this boring story.

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