Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 13


Thank u guys for ur valuable comments and I am going to finish this ff at 14 and 15th will be an epilogue 2mmorrow I will update d two. Thank to silent readers.
Sanskar was shocked to see d person he could not belive it sanskar caught hold d person and took him to a corner and sanskar revealed himself. D person was shocked to see sanskar and was feeling guilt
SANSKAR:I believed u so much I trusted u so much but what d hell u did with me.
PERSON:sir pls listen to me.
SANSKAR(anger):I don’t won’t to hear ur stupids talk amar I just want d answer y did u do like that y did u post my pics with swara.
(S d boy was non other than amar sanskars PA)
Amar broke down and cried hardly sanskar was shocked
SANSKAR:amar what happened y r u crying.
AMAR:sir I can’t tell u d truth because my family is in his custody if I say u everything he will kill my family pls forgive I am helpless sir I know u will find d truth somewhere but pls sir I have to save my family.
SANSKAR:don’t worry nothing will happen to ur family I will take care but say me who is d main cause for this.
SANSKAR:but y sahil is doing this
AMAR:because karma group of companies project was assigned to both of u but he could not succeed d project as u won d project so he taught to defame and get d project so only he used me and I took d picture of u and swara so that he can get d project.
Sanskar was shocked to know d truth
SANSKAR:don’t worry amar ur family will be safe I will take care and don’t be here go somewhere. Amar nods and go sanskar things now how to make sahil confess his crime.
Just than he gets a call from swara. He pick d call.
SANSKAR:haan swara y did u call me at late night.
OTHER SIDE:sanskar I am not swara try to find who am i.
SAHIL:wow sanskar u found me so easily what did u think about me sanskar am i a fool u can trap amar but not sahil see i traped u so easily by ur lovely family s sanskar ur full family is with me so choice is urs sanskar if u want d project than u should forget ur family or if u want ur family u should forget d project. I will give u 5mins time choice is urs ur countdown starts now so sanskar what is ur choice.

SANSKAR:I will save my project and my family sahil.
SAHIL:sanskar ok as u said I will give u one hour time try to find ur family and save them after 1 hour each each members will be dying. Saying this sahil keeps d phone. Sanskar get tensed as he knows sahil he get scared about his family just than he thinks to trace as swara’s mobile is with sahil. When he try to trace he could as sahil is more intelligent than sanskar he tried lots he was having only last half a hour. He started thinking
SANSKAR(to himself):I think sahil was following me so he should be somewhere here only near to me i should find him or it will be so difficult
Soon he came to maheshwari mission to see if he get any clue he see all d room he could sense someone is there he slowly came out and someone closed his face with cover sanskar kicked him from back and took d cover out of his face and holded d person neck tightly and lifted him in air just than someone came from back and hurted sanskar with a rod. Sanskar fell down with pool of blood. And d another person who got beating from sanskar was also bleeding but he left.
they two reached and said sahil.
TWO PERSON:sahil sanskar died.
SWARA(shouted):no he want die he is alive still I am alive he will also be alive.
SAHIL:don’t worry swara I am going to send u all to d same place where sanskar is. Swara went near sahil and slapped him tightly and said.
SWARA:no my sanskar is alive and he will be alive for his swara
SAHIL(raised his hand):how dare u slapped me when he was about to slap swara someone stopped him(off course it is sanskar only)
All were shocked to see sanskar whereas police also came there and to sahil.
POLICE:sahil u r under arrest.
SAHIL:what is d proof.
SANSKAR:sahil u can’t always win when amar was saying d truth I was recording it and for ur kind information I have kept a camera in my home as I know u will surely come so they saw u taking my family also.(to police):pls arrest him. While moving sahil took police gun and was about to shoot sanskar but someone shooted sahil all were shocked it was sahil mother who shooted sahil by her hands. Soon all came home and in d news it is proved that swara is innocent. Skehar hugged sanskar tightly and said.
SKEHAR:thank u sanskar u have kept ur word I am so happy.
ADARSH: s now all problem solved so now full enjoyment and marriage.
All smiled

AP:s now all became alright like before so from 2mmorrow marriage ritual start 2mmorrow is mehendi and sangeet ceremony. And day after tomorrow is haldi and marriage.
All smiles listening this sanskar winks at swara whereas swara blushes and than she looks at his wound she came near him and asked.
SWARA:is it paining
SANSKAR:when u r near me it is not paining when u r far from me it is paining. Swara looked at him with so much love and kissed his cheeks lovingly. All coughed to make them realize that everyone r there. Swasan soon came to there sense and got embarrassed and shy. Swara ran to swasan room due to shyness and sanskar moved behind her.

Swara took d first aid box and was waiting for sanskar just than sanskar saw her with first aid box.
SANSKAR:so u know that i will come.
SWARA(made him sit on d bed and started first aiding him):s my dear hubby I know about u.
After she first aided him he pulled her she landed on his laps both looked into each other swaras eyes become moist because it was wounded badly.
SWARA:is it paining..
SANSKAR:s my dear but now it is not paining.
Swara understood what he is saying and hit him slightly on his shoulder.
SANSKAR:swara how u know that i will come.
SWARA:I had hope on our love sanskar that it want break but how did u reach up to us.
SANSKAR:it is so simple actually I beat a person his blood was oozing with his blood strain I found d place.
SWARA:my husband is a genius.
SANSKAR(pats himself):s I am.
Swara smiled and hugged him even he hugged her.
This was showing there love for each other.

Thats all guys for today 2mmorrow I will give d 2 updates and finish it thank u fir all ur support pls post ur valuable comments.

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