Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 12


Thank u guys for ur valuable comments 14 episode will be last and 15th will be epilogue so thank to silent readers.
Swasan not met each other in two day but both talked with each other through phone today is engagement of swasan and raglak. Swasan r happy because they will see each other after two days.
It was decorated like(swasan engagement in serial)just than swaragini and skehar entered swaragini took blessings from elders swara was wearing orange colour lengha and ragini was wearing blue colour lengha both were looking stunning.
AP:my both bahus r beautiful today. Both swaragini blushes just than sanskar and laksh came sanskar was wearing gold colour sherwani and laksh blue colour sherwani. Both took blessings from skehar sanskar stood beside swara and whispered.
SANSKAR:shona u r looking stunning I am losing my control on u after that u should not complain me.
SWARA:u have full rights I am all urs no one will complain. Sanskar looks at swara and swara looks at sanskar both had a passionate eyelock it was broke by raglak who coughed and made them come in there sense.

LAKSH:romeo u can romance afterward with ur Juliet. After hearing this both swasan gets embarrassed and everyone laughed looking at there embarrassed face. Pandit ji came soon they started the engagement first raglak exchanged rings next swasan.
Ap gave ring to swara and swara put d ring on his finger and dp gave d ring to sanskar and sanskar adored d ring on her hand and slightly kissed her hand without anyone’s notice all clapped hand for them they asked swasan and raglak to dance all d four danced for tukur tukur.
Than full family danced for kala chashma song.
While dancing sanskar slowly pull swara without anyone’s notice and took her to there room.
SWARA:sanky what r u doing

SANSKAR:u know I missed u so much in this 2 days but u r asking me what I am doing. Swara smiles seeing this and encircled her hands on his neck and he engulfed his hand on her waist.
SWARA:aacha ji so u missed me
Sanskar nods cutely swara was lost in that cute and pecked his lips sanskar was shocked by her sudden kiss but than he again pulled her when he was about to kiss her swara put her finger between there lips but sanskar did not even care and kissed her swara slowly started involving in d kiss and took her finger both kissed passionate and seductively swara was kissing his upper lips whereas sanskar was kissing her lower lips soon they broke d kiss.
SANSKAR:swara I can’t wait more I want u.
SWARA(was shocked by his sudden confession):wh…wh..aa..what..rr…u…sa…saying
SANSKAR:s I want u I want to love u and I want to show my love to u. Swara smiles seeing her husband’s madness on her and hugged him.
SWARA:sanskar still only 4 days for ur marriage so pls wait my dear madness hubby.
Sanskar broke d hug and saw swara and kissed her forehead.
SANSKAR:kk let’s talk sometime interesting what about our kids. Swara I want 100 kids
SWARA:oh my god sanskar 100 kids means I will really die. Sanskar closed her mouth with his hand and swara sighed him sorry through eyes.
SWARA:I want a boy who is just like u but not arrogant like u.
SANSKAR:but I want a girl. But it’s ok swara first boy and than a girl think in ur hand a baby boy and in my hand a baby girl oh god it will be so cute. Swara smiles seeing her husband’s imagination.

SANSKAR:and I am dam sure u will be a good mother of our kids.
SWARA:s I only did not have mother but our kids should not face that problem. A tear skip from her eyes thinks about her mom sanskar engulfed her into a hug both were hugging each other tightly and closely to each other. Soon both broke d hug as they heared a door knock.
Swasan composed themselves and opened d door it was non other than raglak.
RAGINI:doll shall we go.
SWARA:s di
Soon swaragini and skehar left to sharma mission.
Sanskar was doing his work just than he recall how swasan were accused and their marriage
SANSKAR(to himself):at that night no one was in office only my office staff know that i stayed there so only my office staff r involved in this I know about my staff someone would have threatened them I have to go and check my office through CCTV camera. Saying this he come down and saw his family chit-chatting
AP:sanskar were r u going in this night.
SANSKAR:ma I am going to office I will come in a hour don’t worry. Saying this sanskar left.
no one was there sanskar entered and saw if anyone r there he went to electronic room and started seeing d video of there room but he could not see anyone taking photos he again played d video and he started noting d time just than he saw 10 mins was missing it was showing 11.00 clock after that it showed 11.10 so sanskar understood that d person who took photo came in this ten minutes and used jammer to not record this in video. Sanskar felt that someone was with him he could sense that someone was there in d office following him he recorded that video in his laptop and he started searching if someone is there but he could not find soon sanskar left.
A BOY(IN D CALL):sir I think so he will find it because today he took d video I am getting scared pls leave me i can’t do this.
BOSS:oh my god did u forget something
BOY:no no
BOSS:ok now were r u
BOY:I am outside office
BOSS:stupid don’t stand there sanskar might find u.
BOY:don’t worry sir before he came I came out and I am hiding in a house which he can’t see.
BOSS:k but if he find than u know what I will do.
BOY:s sir I want tell to anyone bye sir.
All were waiting for sanskar just than sanskar came
AP:u came go and sleep.

SANSKAR just nodded and left he came to his room and started thinking.
SANSKAR(to himself):sanskar compulsory that man will come to home and he will try to do something before he does u should do something. U should get to know d person who is back of d main person. Sanskar u don’t have much time u should go but not like this I surely know that person will be near my house checking me so do something sanskar.
Sanskar goes out by back gate and he distinguished himself like a fortune teller he roamed his house full street just than in a house a man was coming covering himself with a mask sanskar saw him and think maybe he can be so they both were walking to each other sanskar wanted dashed on him and d man fell down and d mask in his face came out sanskar was shocked to see d person.
Thats all guys for today pls post ur valuable comments.
Who is that boy?
Who is d boss?
What is d link between d boss and sanskar?
Y D boss is threatening d boy?
Who was d man and y was sanskar shocked?
To know this stay tuned

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