Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 10

Thank u guys for ur valuable comments I am going to end this ff in 3 to 4 episode as my exams r starting from next Saturday so I have to study for that thank to silent readers.

Swara was happy as she is going to be with ragini and skehar but sanskar was not happy as he will miss swara so he silently leaves to his room swara saw him going and thinks to herself
SWARA(to herself):what happened to him still now he was happy but now he is so sad wait let me go and ask him.
Saying this swara goes to swasan room.

Sanskar was sitting there silently and was thinking how can he be without swara for 2 days just than swara entered d room and sat beside him and asked.
SWARA;sanky what happened to u y r u sad r u not happy.
SANSKAR:how can I be happy u r going for 2 days how can I be without u
Swara laugh seeing his childishness and pull his cheek.
SWARA:sanky u r like kid even kids want be like u.
SANSKAR(pout face):I am looking like a kid
SWARA(while pulling his cheeks):s my dear baby. Sanskar was lost in her cuteness and pulled her towards him through her waist and she landed on his laps both were staring each other and were lost on each other sanskar slowly kissed her forehead and said.
SANSKAR:this is to take care of urself
He kissed her cheeks
SANSKAR:this is to eat properly on time.
He kissed her beautiful eyes.
SANSKAR:this is to thing about me.

He eyes travelled her lips he soon captured her lips first swara was shocked by his sudden kiss but later even she started resprocriating the kiss it was a smooth kiss showing their love for each other sanskar one hand was caressing her bare back sensuously and another hand on her waist pulling her closely swara hands were on his hairs fisting it and pushing him more on her both were enjoying d kiss there were not interested to break d kiss both were kissing with love and paison it was a long lasting kiss both broke d kiss and they were breathing heavily because of d kiss. Swara was feeling shy because of d kiss sanskar saw her shyness and smiled and he lifted her face and made her look at him both were again lost for each other and they had a romantic eyelock just than raglak entered d room and saw swasan who were busy in there love.

LAKSH:ahem ahem.
Both swasan were deeply lost on each other so they could not hear raglak. But both raglak were supposed and smiled seeing there love for each other. Ragini went near swara and laksh went near sanskar and both raglak shaked swasan and both swasan came in there sense and saw raglak and was feeling embarrassed and shy.
RAGINI(tease):doll r u ready shall we go.
SWARA:woh di still I did not pack my dress.
RAGINI:doll than what r u doing from past half a hour.
LAKSH(teases):arrey ragini both swara and sanskar will miss each other na so they maybe romancing but sanskar while romancing pls close d door because as so many children r there like me here. Swara blushes hardly her cheeks became like a apple.
LAKSH(teases):swara font blush more than my brother can’t control himself he is already falling for u now he will drool on u.
RAGINI:laksh stop teasing my doll and my devar
LAKSH:devar ki bachchi.
SWARA:jiju don’t worry I will support u.
RAGINI;jiju ki bachchi.

All burst into laughter and soon swara started packing her things and ragini was helping her and sanskar was advising her.

SANSKAR:swara eat properly on time don’t skip ur meal and don’t do lots of work like today after going home don’t irritate them with ur talk and sleep fast today and call me if u want anything don’t go outside anywhere if u want u can go with ragini or call me i will come take care of urself. Ragini smiles seeing sanskar care for swara.
SWARA:oh god sanky u already said me this things don’t worry I will eat properly and sleep before sleeping I will call u ok. And it is just for 2 days and u also eat properly come home soon don’t come late sleep properly and call me when u r free u do all this like a good boy ok.
Sanskar nods silently and swara smiles seeing this and pulls his cheeks.
RAGINI:guys even I am here so pls stop romancing. Swara blushes and sanky smiles sheepishly.
RAGINI:doll shall we go. Swara nods and see sanskar who face changed pale as swara is going swara slightly kissed his cheeks and said.
SWARA:this is if u miss me. Saying this she goes and sanskar follows her soon trio reaches down just than skehar.
SKEHAR:dp ji I want swara to marry sanskar again with full rituals.
DP(happily):that’s a good idea than we will keep this marriage with raglak marriage. All were happy but sanskar was not because if that’s so he can’t be with swara till marriage swara saw his sadness and said.
SWARA:papa I don’t want to marry again I am happy with this marriage itself.
Sanskar was shocked as swara supported him. Because he know swara like marriage with a ritual but she said no only because of his sadness.
SANSKAR:no no papa we will marry with all ritual because swara like marriage with all ritual r marriage happened suddenly so I want to marry her with all ritual.

All were happy soon swara took blessings from everyone and she left and sanskar went to his room and was sad and said to himself.
SANSKAR(to himself):I will miss swara but I am happy that we r going to get married with all ritual and before r marriage I will prove that swara is innocent and I will catch d person who is behind this thing.
Thats all I will give u one more update today thank u guys for ur valuable comments and pls post ur valuable comments.

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