Swasan- love happen suddenly episode 1


So this is my first episode guys this is a short story I will end this soon.i will post regularly.
So let’s start.

Skehar is a doctor and ragini is also a doctor.
Swara finished her CA exam and is waiting for job.laksh is also a doctor and adarsh is helping dp in business and sanskar is top most business man.
a girl is sitting in d bed with a pout face and there is a man and a girl begging her to forgive them.
MAN AND D GIRL TOGETHER:sorry shona there was a urgent case so we have to go pls forgive us and let us go.
(S d girl with a pout face is non other than swara)
SWARA:but u both said u will spend d whole day with me but now u r saying I want to go this is not fare.
GIRL: everything fare in love and war my cutie.

SWARA:but di this is not fare if I have to forgive u two u both should allow me for work.
SKEHAR:but y u need to work beta?
SWARA:no one is in house I feel lonely so I will go for work like u people.
RAGINI:k u can go.
Swara got happy and hugged skehar and ragini.
Ap is trying to wake up a boy who is sleeping just than a boy came and asked ap.
BOY:mom what happened.

AP:u know na ur brother is kunbhakarn he has a case in hospital but he is not getting up.
BOY:don’t worry mom I will see him.
Saying this boy goes near d sleeping boy and pour a bucket of water on him.d sleeping boy gets up in a jerk
SLEEPING BOY:what is this sanskar u r waking ur bhai like this?
SANSKAR(smirk):than how to wake up my kunbhakarn bhai.
(S boy is non other than sanskar and sleeping boy is laksh)
Soon all got ready and came for breakfast.
DP:my lovely wife what have u prepared with ur lovely hands.
(Guys do is not strict in my ff he is very friendly and jolly type.)
ADARSH:dad stop flirting with ma.(winks at dp)
Just than sanskar came and sat and ate fast his breakfast and left for college.

sanskar driver was in leave so sanskar has to drive he don’t know to drive he know a little so he manages with that.while going he dashes a car. D girl comes out of d car and get shocked seeing her car which was slightly hit by his car.
She went to him and shouted at him.
(d girl is non other than swara)
SWARA:u idiot can’t u see and drive r u blind. sanskar get downs from d car and say.
SANSKAR:hey u mind ur words I will pay u hw much u want.
SWARA:hw can u value money with this u know my sister and father gave me this car as my birthday gift I was taking care of it like a hell and u instead of asking sorry u r saying u will give money.all rich people r same who does not have heart who does not know d value of love .waste of talking to heartless people.s saying this swara goes and sanskar also left for his office.
sanskar reached and went to his cabin just than his PA ce in.
PA (amar from sasural simar ka):sir today there is a interview for auditors.
SANSKAR(ARROGANTLY):s I know u can go.
PA:shall we start d interview sir.
Saying this amar left.

he heared a knock and sanskar said.
SANSKAR:s come in.
Just than swara entered both were shocked and sanskar smirk.
SANSKAR:pls take ur seat miss.
SWARA:I am swara sharma.
Swara gives her files to sanskar and sanskar get shocked to see her files.
SANSKAR:so miss swara 1st rank in final and 3rd rank in IPCC great.
He ask her many questions and she answer him correctly.
SANSKAR:u r selected miss swara and there is rules and regulations here so pls follow it and u may go.
Swara left d place and amar started telling her d rules.
AMAR:there r 5 rules swara and u should follow it.

RULE NO.1:u should be here at 8.30
RULE NO.2:u should not argue with sir.
RULE NO.3: u should do ur work correctly.
RULE NO 4: u should not waste ur time by chit chatting.
RULE NO.5: u should do d work he gives and no extra work do what he says.
This r d five rules.
SWARA:even in jail there is some peace but not here.saying this she leaves.
Guys that’s all for today and sorry if d story is not nice and pls post ur valuable comments.

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