swasan- love got by destiny (OS)


os on swasan……. @ Mumbai…. the road is bg… vehicles r moving.. ppl r bg wid their daily work and heading towards their destination…… and it is shown a big villa where there is written in bold letter MAHESWARI MANSION…. and we can hear a lady voice calling…. lady-sanskaar, wake up.. u r now 25 and a business tycoon of mumbai and still sleeping till late… don’t u hav any work in office today?? and a man voice we can hear… man-leave him sujata, he came late last night due to late meeting, he might be tired… sujata- yes, leave him.. its u who made him like that.. being a father its ur duty but look, u urself supporting him… hey bagwan, when a grl come to his life and change and control him….. rp- will come.. but now dont disturb my son’s sleep…. he is sanskaar maheswari, the business tycoon and soon to be one and only hire of the Maheswari’s empire…. sujata(angry)- yeah yeah, I am going….. and come for brkfast and bring ur tycoon son too…. ram smiles at her..

suju leaves frm there…. ram goes to sanskaar’s room.. he is still sleeping… ram-wake up buddy.. ur mom, u knw ur mom right she was eating my brain whole mrng… wake up buddy…. sanskaar (sleepy tone)- thanks dad for saving me frm mom… by the way dad.. what’s the time?? ram(looking at watch)- 9:30 am.. sanskaar (fumbles)-9:30.. ohh shit….. ram-what happened?? sanskaar- dad, laksh asked me to meet him at XYZ cafe for business talk. and talking abt interview for new candidates.. but I am still sleeping…. (yawning and waking frm bed) I hav to leave…. (goes to washroom and return out in short period of time) u knw dad I will be bg whole day again (he again goes to dressing room and returned wearing suit of black colour) and this laksh will surely kill me…(he ties tie and picks up mob frm table and notices laksh’s 10 missed calls) where is my wallet??(ram handles him his wallet) tnx dad (he picks up car key frm table) this laksh will kill me surely kill me… ok dad I am leaving.. bye..

ram who is standing there knwn to sanskaar’s behaviour waves him bye…. sanskaar comes out of house and drives car away… suju(comes to ram)- this boy again went widout having brkfast… ohh god, when will u send a grl in his life?? ram laughs looking sujata’s funny expression… sanskaar is driving car and talking in bluetooth. sanskaar-sry laksh, I will be there widin 5 mins… yeah yeah I remember u hav to take ragini hospital…. (driving) look I am outside of cafe… and will be there widin minute…. (still talking, he gets out of car and locks it and walks still talking and stops after reaching to a person who is facing back to him) turn back laksh… laksh turns back but before hugging he started to yell on him being careless but after smtime they both brust out on laughing… coz they both hav same habbit and both hug eachother…. sanlak brks hug and sit on couch and discuss abt business and the way of interview to be taken for new candidate…. sanskaar- today, I will take interview myself… laksh- but sanskaar, how will u alone as I hav to take ragini to hospital.. sanskaar- look at u your wife suffers u alot…

u r becoming thin day by day… laksh- yeah.. and her mood swings.. they r suffering me alot… she is now 6 mnths pregnancy and it seems to be years.. dont ever marry sanskaar.. look at my condition…(sanlak laughs) ok have to leave buddy….. laksh leaves frm there and sanskaar starts having brkfast there…. he comes out frm cafe and as he was walking he dashes wid smone… due to which the files wid him falls down… he bends down to pick up and he sees a black colour cluth on floor, he thinks that cluth belongs to that person wid whom he dashed.. he takes cluth and looks up but find noone.. he looks around and could notice a grl walking, he feels smthing…he calls her but she doesnt hear him and keeps on walking…. he takes his files and opens that cluth there he could find a pic.. he gets mesmerized seeing that angelic face.. he could feel a cool breeze passing through him.. and a love tunes starts playing… he again gazes towards that way where that grl heading he could see her far away frm him…. and he closes cluth and gets into car and drives away…. in between he is looking to that photo and smiling while driving whole the way … as soon he reached… everybody greets him and so does he.. rosy (PA of sanskaar)- sir, here is the list of candidates for interview (looking at time) and we hav to complete interview soon so we gav to start widin 30 minutes.. and the number of interviewee r 30…. sanskaaar (who was listening to him)- 30, what?? ohh god.. anyway I will be ready for it and yeah today I will only be taking interview… and give me that file I will check that…. taking file he goes to his cabin….. and he starts to check files but he feels bore looking so many candidates and leaves checking at num 25. and instead he starts looking that photo of grl.. as soon candidates start to come he starts taking interview but nobody could satisfy him.. he was feeling bored and was continuously looking that pic and 24 num finished and he was not eager to take interview anymore.. but his thinking, his mood gets disturb my a angelic voice…. voice- May I come in sir? sanskaar (unwillingly) yeah come.. he wasnt looking her and he turns the paper of files and suprised to see pp size of photo matching to the nxt photo which he is having on his nxt hand and he looks up he could see a grl standing there.

he gets mesmerise looking her big eyes.. her rosylips.. he long bouncy hair and her dress…. sanskaar neither speak anything nor offer her to sit.. he was lost in her beauty and innocent face… but gets disturbed by her voice.. grl- sir… sanskaar (comes out in sense)-yeah.. (he looks file and reads out name-Swara Bose he could feel magic on that name) so swara, swara-yes sir…. sanskaar (couldnt take eye frm her)- how r u?? and plz hav a seat.. swara (sitting and smiling)- I am gud sir.. sanskaar- so lets start our interview. swara nodes… sanskaar asks her questions and she confidently answered.. he gets impressed.. after completion of interview she was abt to leave but sanskaar calls her.. sanskaar-swara, swara turns… sanskaar (giving her cluth)- is it urs?? she gets happy seeing that cluth.. she grabs frm him and she is in tears and kisses that cluth… swara- thank u sir.. thank u so much for returning it to me…it is my life.. thank u sir.. sanskaar is suprised looking her reaction… swara(smiling wid tears)- thank u sir.. and may I leave now?? sanskaar wants swara not to leave but unwillingly he nodes.. swara leaves frm there.. he heads towards the ph and calls someone… swara is walking and she gets stop by a voice.. rosy-excuse me.. miss.. swara- yes,, rosy-u r selected for the job.. swara is suprised and asked- me.. but how?? rosy- I think u impressed sanskaar sir.. swara thinks abt sanskaar.. rosy- so u hav to attend office frm tomorrow. and yeah, always be punctual and be on time. swara nodes and goes frm there happily.. sanskaar is observing her frm his cabin he smiles at her and kisses on her photo.. next day swara comes to office early…sanskaa r has made her cabin near to his frm where he could easily observe her… each and every action of hers was making him fall on her day by day… swara is different frm others grls… other grls of office want sanskaar to be close wid them always and talks nonsense things alot abt him..

but swara she used to do her work only.. she nvr talked wid anyone despite of her works… if she had work wid sanskaar she only used to talk wid him only of official matters but what abt sanskaar… sanskaar is totally lost in her.. her beauty her behaviour her, her punctuality… he notices her silence.. his feels like her eyes talk alot abt her silence he feels smthg fishy happening to her but what?? he always wanna be close wid her.. but she nvr gave chance to him… sanskaar had started to come fast in office.. sujata and ram were suprised seeing the drastic change in him…they tried hard to knw the reason but failed as sanskaar didnt tell her anything he always used to say- I will tell everything when the perfect time come… on the fine day, after the office time he was sitting on his car outside his office.. it was his regular duty to wait for swara after office time in hope that one day he could give him lift to her and can be close to her but as always swara takes auto.. sanskaar decided to follow her… auto stops at a small house, swara gets out frm auto and enters to that house… sanskaar looks the board up and suprised after reading.. it was orphanage… he waited till she comes but she didnt.. he was abt to enter the orphanage he sees swara playing wid children and she has changed her dress…sanskaar was suprised seeing her laughing as he has nvr seen him laughing.. he moves close to her…. sanskaar-swara, swara could feel the voice and realizing the knwn voice she turns back and is shocked to see sanskaar… sanskaar-sir, u here.. did u hav anywork??

swara-no swara, but tell me why u r here?? swara (looking to the orphanage)- coz it is my house.. sanskaar (gets aback listening to her)- your house.. swara-yes sir.. and where do orphans live?? sanskaar-orphans.. swara-yes sir, I am orphan and I live here.. sanskaar is again shocked by her word orphan.. he could see tears on her eyes…..he wanted to hug him tight on his embrace.. he saw she wiping her tears trying not to be noticed by anyone… and tries to smile..she gazes a bench made up of wood.. and though she tried her bst to control her tears but that tears couldnt support her and flows through her cheeks.. she runs frm there.. sanskaar is suprised looking her act and move towards that bench and shocked seeing written things there.. it was written- Swara and Sahil…. a negative thought arises in hus mind which he needs to clear anyhow.. at the same moment. .he rushes inside to ask head of the orphanage. sanskaar- sir,

I need to knw abt swara asap… head looks him doubtly.. and asked head-why?? child… why u need to knw abt swara.. sanskaar-coz I love her… love her madly. frm the frst day when I saw her.. u felt on her and will do anything for her.. plz sir tell me what happened to her?? listening to word love a layer of smile appears on his face… sir-finally sahil’s drm came true.. sanskaar (suprised)-sahil who is he?? head-swara’s bst frn… sanskaar-bst frn.. head-follow me… saying this he walks and sanskasr following him and he stops at that same bench…. head- sahil and swara were only 3 yrs old when they were brought here.. though they were brought frm diff places but they shared good bond widin the same day they met.. they were bst frn childhood… they used to share everything.. many others children used to be jealous wid them but they used to take care all. do u knw (pointing the bench) they made this when they were only 10 yrs by collecting wood themselves. wid their own effort.. they only used to sit here widout allowing anyone.. as they grew up they had drm to develop this orphanage.. and abt love sahil always used to tease her he always used to say that her prince charm will come one day who will love her alot. and can go to any extent for her.. and he used to say it would be his last wish. and listening that she used to run after him to catch her. they used to roam this whole orphanage… they used to do lots of masti. he didnt let her to drop a single tear too.. their frnship was an example for all of us. though god cheated them in parent’s love but in frnship he did well justice.. we used to think this but whoever knw that god too had cheated them on frnship too… (stops for a while, he has tears on his eyes) I still remember that day, sahil was expecting his frst salary.. both sahil and swara were so much excited esp sahil. he had called me that he had suprise for swara and not to tell her.. we were happy and after that moment we got news that sahil had an accident and his situation was critical.. we couldnt say anything to swara but she had rite to knw.. so we took her sahil was taking swara’s name.. swara stood strong there.. she moves to there and catches his hand.. she was assuring him that nthg would happen.. but that god took him frm her.. he died saying-swara, dont worry smone will come who will love u more.. but dont forget me.. he died swara was brusted in tears..

she couldnt control herself.. she was shaking his death body.nurse gave her a cluth of black colour where it was written it is my frst gift to u swara frm my frst salary and yeah always keep ur photo here.. she was weeping (sanskaar remembers the reaction of swara when he returned her that cluth). after his funeral swara started to sit alone widout talking to anyone probably coming here and crying.. we were helpless to see her..she started to do job just to fulfill their wish to develop this orphanage… she didnt expect anything frm anyone.. but sahil was rite u came to her life (watches sanskaar who was in tears) I can see love in ur eyes for swara.. sahil will be happy seeing u wid swara wherever he would be. sanskaar is standing speechless.. widout saying anything he left frm there….. swara is sitting on that bench and continously looking that written sahil and swara… she was in tears…. someone pats on her shoulder…. she turns back and sees sanskaar… sanskaar- swara, why r u crying?? I think smone might hav told that tears doesnt suits u.. swara (remembers abt sahil)- how u got to knw abt sahil?? sanskaar- I knw everything… and u knw what sahil will nvr be happy seeing u crying always…. swara is in tears…. sanskaar cups her and says-swara dont cry… I am here naa.. see sahil has send me here for u.. swara looks him… sanskaar-swara, I love u.. swara is shocked..

she was abt to jerk him but he holds her hand… sanskaar- swara, I started loving u when I frst saw u… yesterday I came here and I got to knw abt u.. swara (interrupting)- so u r saying this by feeling pity on me… sanskaar- no swara.. I seriously love u.. I loved ur silence. . when I started to love u I was unware abt u but still loved u.. and trust me I will always keep u happy.. I wanna be ur bst frn.. I want to be ur lover.. I want to be good husband… swara- noone could take sahil’s place… sanskaar- ok, ok, ok I willnt snatch.. but I want to be ur love of ur life.. I want to be ur betterhalf.. I want to give all happiness that u deserve.. I will nvr allow u too cry. I will nvr look others.. I wanna be ur source of happiness (sitting on knee and giving her ring forwarding his hand) I will love u swara till the enternity,, will u marry me?? everyone present there are cheering for swara.. everyone-say yes swara, say yes…. everyone were having their fingercrossed to listen yes frm him.. sanskaar is giving a smile to swara…. 5 years leap…. swara-sahil,, sahil.. where r u baby?? ur mumma is searching u.. come here baby and drink this milk… says swara carrying a glass of milk and searching for her son.. soon sujata arrives.. sujata-swara, dont expect him to come and drnk this milk.. he is same to ur husband.. sanskaar too used to do same and u knw ur father in law always used to support him. and now he is doing same wid his son…. and along wid sahil, ur husband, and ur father in law r also disappeared.. swara-so they both r also not here.. sujuta nodes in negative… swara-come on maa, I knw where r they… both goes frm there… there in store room they find trio hiding… sujata pulls ram’s ear and swara catching sanskaar’s ear..

both ram N sanskaar yelled in pain.. swara-so u both r here. and where is little maheswari… a boy of 4 yrs old comes out.. sahil-i am here mumma… all looks to him.. all smiles.. to him.. both swasan hugs him… swara- so guyz.. be ready we hav to go for inarguation.. sanskaar-ohh yeah.. today is .. so mom dad plz take sahil and u too be ready we r leaving widin hour.. ram and suju leave along wid sahil… only swasan r at that store room… sanskaar-so Mrs Maheswari.. (moves close to her) r u happy wid me?? swara- very much… my hubby… both swasan hugs… at venue…Maheswaris come out of their car to a building where there was written- Sahil Memorial Orphanage and there is picture of sahil (swara’s bst frn).. they all greeted to orphanage member… head of orphanage gave scissor to cut ribbon of orphanage to swasan. but swasan gave tha scissor to sahil.. sahil-what to do mumma?? swasan both-u hav to cut this… sahil becomes very happy and cut that ribbon… swasan both hug eachother looking that orphange….. and they were happily ever after… and here the end of os.. hope u liked it… and plz do cmnts….

Credit to: shani on behalf of aditi

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  1. It’s a heart touching story.I don’t like it, I love it.

    1. Hehheheiii….when I was reading “I don’t like it” part…I was like wht????….but after that….thanx….I’ll tell aditi…and ur welcome on behalf of aditi..

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  3. First of all I must say…guys I read this in fb and I thought t share this with u..this is for the ppl who r not using facebook…ths is aditi’s story…I post it here…all ur crditz gose aditi only…keep reading…if u guys want I can share more os’s of some writers…plz..this is not my ideas…f I did a mistake by sharing someone else story plz forgive me…

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  6. Such a cute and loving story aditi
    Love this os

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  9. Already read it In Fb nd it’s superb

  10. awesome but i had already read this story

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      1. no no it was awesome i read it but didn’t comment in it.post more OS i would love to read that

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  11. Its sooooo nice…..loved it to the core….really appreciable….come up soon with the another one dear…SWASAN are sooo special…keep writing… 🙂 🙂

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  14. Wow good dear n pure hearted sanskar n swara.. Nice story dear.. 🙂

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    Viewers, brace yourself!

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    So it goes like.. Lakshya will lock the couple’s room and tie a note informing them to reach terrace, where he would have created a beautiful set up for their Suhagraat.

    The duo will be astonished to see all the decorations along with a romantic setup of the first night.

    With this the viewers will surely get to see the much awaited love-drenched romantic moments shared between Swara and Sanskar amid their Suhagraat arranged by Lakshya.

    WOW! Suhagraat on terrace.. under the stars!! Could it get any more romantic?! What say guys, are you excited to watch some Swasan romance!

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    1. Thankx on behalf of aditi…

    1. Thankx on behalf of aditi..

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