Swasan – love forever final

Here i am ending my second story….

It has been a very nice journy… i hope u all enjoyed it as i did…

And i hope i hade fillfull my duties as writer and didnt disappoint u or ur expectations….

I hope u keep support me and my other ff.


But soon i would start posting another ff

But which one thats up to your vote

1st ff Names (SAZA)

a swaragini twist between swasan after swara’s dance in uttra engagment

2nd ff names Magnets

A Royal love story between swasan.. full of tamasha and Royal love of old times

According to your choice i ll post… hope you take this seriously

Hope i always gain ur respect… thank u all


Leap time 3 years…

 “Miss. Maheshwary come to my office pls…”

” Ji sir”

Swara head to office where her boss is waiting her..

” u asked for me sir?”

“haan pls come and see this project..  I believe something is wrong”


Swara would take boss laptop but he sign to he to keep it, so she was head to head beside her boss bending and checking

“sir, nothing wrong in this project”

“I never said that it was this one”

“what u…ahhhh”

Boss grabbed swara back make her fall sitting on his lap

“siiiiiiir.. what u doing”

“leading u to the right project…”

   ” but sir.. im married woman”

   “oh really… so what? Cheat on him”

   Swara tie her hands on her boss neck”

   “do u think that sir”

   “if it was with me.. im sure ur husband wont mind”

   Boss kissed swara lips so deeply and swara pulled his collar to deepin more.. boss hands roamed her sensually, to which swara moaned

   “Sanskar, what doing, stop it”

   “what im doing..hm..i think im cheating my wife”

   Both swasan laughed

   “seriously Sanskar, this is office, let me go”

   “actually… perciasly… I want u here, (he whisper her) cuddling u in work place is one of my fanatsis, sooooo”

   Sanskar picked her lips again, to which swara try to reject a lot, but he didn’t let go, she hit, bit and scratch, but still didn’t.. he lead her to sit, or half lay on his desk… they were kissing and swara soon melt and respond to the needy nerd her husband… they were cuddling and folding their each other hairs till Sanskar phone rang… he just ignore it but it didn’t stop till swara pushed him away

   “answer Sanskar, damn stop ur child” she adjust her duppta, sitting her hairs and stand to go, but Sanskar hold her from behind and answered

   ” haan ma… really ma.. do someone pay u to mess my moments (swara hit his stomach) ahh.. kuch nahi ma.. hmm..hmm ok we ll come now anyway.. ji ma.. ji maa.. I said haan, y I talk all work.. send laksh too pls” he end call

   “what is it”

   “requirements for tomorrow party”

   “hmm.. now lets go plsss”

   “uff my fantasy is ruined.. no problem..hmmm (nuzzle himself to her neck) later day”

   “forget it, u batamizi… challo”

   Both swasan reached big massion with platinum board “MAHESHWARY Massion” craved on it.. they enter it house and there were ready on lunch table..

   “paapaaaa paaaapaaaaa”

   Small cuddling girl ran from table to the arms of her papa

   “aaaareeeee my princess hmmm.. hw is my princess ah”

   “im soooooo fine”

   Swara: achhha miss sonehry Sanskar maheshwery… no hug for mom naaa.. ok.. (swara step in fake angry)

   Sonehry: nahi maaa (reaching her with her little tiny hands)

   Swara took her soft hug: hw was ur day ah… dodnt disturb family naaa

   Sonhery: nahii.. i was soo good ask dadi ma…

   Sanskar: acchaaa that’s my baby girl

   Ragini shouted: aaari pls yaaar come and eat.. u can speak here too

   Laksh: ragini pls ur shout affect our baby,, aramsi plsss (ragini showed pregnant in her 7th month

   Swara came with her hubby and baby: he is true ragini.. no need for ur shouting…

   Ragini: I dnt know yaaar, I became really moody..

   Swara hugged her her sis: its ok.. its all normal.. beside.. its laksh son.. sure he ll b like that…

   Laksh: what that mean pls???

   Sanskar: well for a person following a girl for 2 month then suddenly see that he is fond for her sis.. that’s moody na…. (3 were laughing and laksh frowned)

   Laksh: when u ll stop telling that yaar… when my son come maybe…

   Sonhery: who is that pagal baba…

   4 just burst out laughing while sonehry giving confusion looks.. RP and sujata also join there laughs.. they lunched and gathered for talks and fun till dinner then head to their rooms.. swara was making sonehrey wearing her nighty

   Swa: aari sonhery, stay still…

   Sonh; noooo hehehe

   She was running all over… and swara following.. calling her then Sanskar came and catch his princess

   “aaariii princess, what u doing exactly??”

   “running from momy”

   “hmm and y is that”

   “playing hehehe”

   Sanskar chuckle on his baby girl

   Swa: see she get this only from u

   San: whats my fault now?

   Swa: y did u give her ur naughty and batamizi to tease me ah… dko now im running since 10 mints just to make her wear her nighty…

   Sanskar look at his princess: ohh sonyyy baby is that attitude ahhh… beside (Sanskar acting pagal) vo.. voo mere galti nahi… nahi… swara di.. hmm hmm (rubbing his veins) chocolates… im good boy.. choocoolates

   Sonehry: papa what u doing

   Swasan just look at each other and smile

   Sanskar: no.. serious princess, this is not good thing to do (Sonhery looked to her papa grinning while her wink) 10 mints not enough, make her run more to do exercises ahahaha

   With that Sanskar holding sonhery were running and swara following them promising with many hittings….

   “yaaar dad and daughter team on me then im doomed”

   After time Swasan put their diamond daughter in their own bed and slept on her sides… three sit and fold their hands to pray .. then lay to sleep hugging each other… when sonehry draft in sleep

   Sanskar: thank u swara for this great bless … thank u

   Swara; thanks u Sanskar for this love u give me all time .. thank u

   Both intertwined their fingers

   Sanskar: I love u swara…

   Swara: I love u too Sanskar


   The end

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    1. dont dissopoint me

      1. Rajkumari

        Thanks alot my dear… i ll make sure u r never diappointed

  3. Neptune

    hey princess i mean rajkumari hi dear this is the first time i am ever commenting but i want to say that your concept and storyline as well as the way u portrayed their emotions was amazing. keep writing dear god bless u

    1. Rajkumari

      Thanks my dear alot.. ur words touches me…. promise u ll like my other ffs. F u dont mind na vote, u want saza ff or magnets ff?!

      1. Neptune

        i want both of them but first i want saza

  4. Ira

    Amazing ?????

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      Thnks i hope u vote fr an ff

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    keep on writing on swasan

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      Thanks… i hope u vote for an ff … saza or magnets

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      Thank u..☺☺

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