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previously: sanskar dance sensually with kavita and thought to tease swara


Sanskar mind eco the words times and times “miss swara” now his wife was a miss.

Yes swara was standing at hall entrance and she was a piece of hell beauty… she was wearing angelic but s*xy red jumpsuit

Swara dress http://g01.a.alicdn.com/kf/HTB14U.ILFXXXXbNXpXXq6xXFXXXK/-font-b-womens-b-font-jumpsuit-2016-casual-overall-rompers-summer-s*xy-long-font-b.jpg

Swara shoes http://www.shsp1.com/HLIC/c5d8e1c653cd74db8376c71276a4e9ed.jpg

Earings: https://ak0.scstatic.net/1/cdn2-cont5.sweetcouch.com/411133-crystal-stone-studded-long-earrings-golden.jpg


Bangales: http://acimg.auctivacommerce.com/imgdata/0/1/9/9/8/4/webimg/4532506.jpg

She was hot and s*xy and dangerous and simple and what not… she was out of the world. Sanskar was paralyzed, not even a breath skipping his lungs nor blink pass his eyes… before he move one of employes call amit move toward swara

Amit: miss swara.. you… you are…

Swara: yes I am….?

Amit offer his hand: please I beg you to honor me with this dance.

Sanskar blood was hell boiling now, swara is only his … his jaan… his breath … his life… and that buster think she will dance with him,. Swara gaze Sanskar eyes then smiled “WHY NOT!”

Sanskar got struck by volt is 10^1000000 current, swara said yea to that idoit….

Amit took her hand in elegant way and centered the dance floor while Sanskar boil in his spot not believing what swara just did… she flow like dangerous elegant creature. Amit put his hand over swara waist, he was dancing like a red indian inside his heart while swara hated it to the max, she believe that she blong to Sanskar with each mean the word can give, but she wanted to teach someone a lesson.

DJ picked a song to fire everything around (Nashe Si Chadh Gayi – Befikre)

Amit round his arm on swara’s waist and catch her palm with the free hand, while swara’s free hand rest on amit’s shoulder but she was looking over his shoulder to the straight angry eyes of Sanskar eyes giving a smirk and with music begin she flow slowly with amit still looking to Sanskar.

ton sourire m’ensorcelle
je suis fou de toi.
le désir coule dans mes veines
guidé par ta voix.
ton sourire m’ensorcelle
je suis fou de toi.

your smile enchants me
I am crazy about you.
your voice makes desire
flow in my veins.

With change of rhyme swara and amit played their bodies in tango simple moves. Amit had lust in his eyes that can burn by single touch while swara put her smirk smile face perfectly. Amit lip talk with song sit on one knee looking to swara then standing playing his body

nashe si chaRh gayi oye
kuRi nashe si chaRh gayi
patang si laR gayi oye
kuRi patang si laR gayi

she is all over me like some intoxication,
the girl has intoxicated me.
she’s struck like a fighting kite,
the girl has struck me like a kite.
He move around her then face her again all while swara softly move her body in simple swings

aise khainche dil ke penche
gale hi paR gayi oye

she pulled the strings of heart such
that she just held me…
Both give their back to each other and walk away, while swara swinging her arms

nashe si chaRh gayi oye
kuRi nashe si chaRh gayi
patang si lad gayi oye
kuRi patang si laR gayi

Swara turn to face amit only to find him laying on floor with a thud and Sanskar had opened his chest buttons giving glums his sculpted s*xy chest also lifting the arms till his elbow,,, he came dancing swiftly toward swara shaking his body in various awesome way

O uRti patang jaise
mast malang jaise
masti si chaRh gayi
humko turant aise

Like a flying kite,
like some carefree saint,
I became carefree
so suddenly..

he hold her waist harshly and push her on him and roamed his face on her neck sensually and his speaking lips giving her butterflies and standing in bit shock, then he bend her back so that his face on her cleavage

lagti current jaise
nikla warrant jaise
abhi abhi utra ho
net se torrent jaise

she feels like an electric current,
as if some warrant is out
as if a torrent is
just downloaded from the internet.

he straighten her back slowly keeping in lips in touch with her neck and swara who was in closed opens them and smirk evilly to her husband and both moved their bodies against each other

nashe si chaRh gayi oye
kuRi nashe si chaRh gayi
patang si laR gayi oye
kuRi patang si laR gayi

Sanskar suddenly turn her around and pass his lips along her neck in sensual move and swara closed her eyes immediately felling much exotic, (WHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO) all the employees cheer for the hot move the left swara breathing pretty fast

nashe si chaRh gayi oye
kuRi nashe si chaRh gayi

With the song swasan flow like two fluids, mixing and melting to each other dance hotting the dance floor like they were born to dance not to work in a company. Sanskar hold swara arm tightly and was moving her around her completing their hot tango dance where swasan arms twirl around each other and legs moves in swifts before any one realize what’s going on.

khulti basant jaise
dhulta kalank jaise
dil ki daraar mein ho
pyaar ka cement jaise
ankhiyon hi ankhiyon mein jang ki front jaise
mil jaaye sadiyon se aTka refund jaise

she opens like the weather of spring
like a blot getting cleaned,
like there is cement of love
in some crack of the heart.
like a war front between the eyes
like getting a refund that’s stuck for ages.

Sanskar forehead touching swara’s and moving in both side slowly

zubaan pe chaRh gayi oye
kuRi zubaan pe chaRh gayi

she’s on my tongue now,
the girl is on my tongue..

then pass his hand on her arm slowly looking in her eyes huskily

lahoo mein baRh gayi oye
kuRi lahoo mein baRh gayi

she’s ran into my blood,
the girl runs in my blood..

Then again dancing like mad, moving all around the dance floor flipping in front of everyone then suddenly and flip her around on the floor and then pick her up and swara warped one leg on his waist

kamli kahaaniyo si
jangli jawaniyon si
jamti pighalti hai
pal-pal paaniyon si
behti rawaniyon si
hansti shaitaniyon si
chaRh gayi hum pe
baRi meherbaniyon si

like crazy stories,
like wild youths,
she becomes solid and melts
moment after moment, like water.
flowing like streams,
laughing like mischiefs,
she’s over us
like some big mercies.

While her one leg on his waist he bend her backward again in circulation motion two times then lift her up caging his arms on her back thighs and his face at her stomach

aise khenche dil ke penche
gale hi pad gayi oye…

Sanskar start moving in circules

ton sourire m’ensorcelle
je suis fou de toi.
le désir coule dans mes veines
guidé par ta voix.

he put her to floor both heaving in breath like running thousands miles and their around just vanished as the music was fading
By end of song fading as Sanskar gaze his sweet hot wife in dangerous desire and anger, he throw everything he knows, learned, and was raised on to the biggest society wall and just grip swara’s lips in instance kiss while they are binding… it was harsh kiss showing everyone to whom swara belong to whom she is marked, and that no one will change that

Swara was in paralyzed utter shock zone, she was being harshly kissed in front of N people, but she didn’t mind, Sanskar departed from her and look to everyone..

Sanskar: ladies and gentlemen … I introduce to you..mrs. swara Sanskar maheshwary… my very wife that I am found with….

Gossips grow loud in the place, and sure not mention that kavita was hell over angery and jealous that all her charming efforts went in vein while swara with single dress and attitude capture everyone around….

Sanskar in low: do you have punishment wish swara?

Swara: its you, not me….


Sanskar hold tight grip on swara palm inter winning their fingers then had her arm tight in his.. they walk across the hall and swara glared kavita With a glaring look, showing her to whom Sanskar actually belong, and that he is not a bit subject. Swara felt Sanskar anger when the stepped out of hall, actually he was dragging her more and feeling the gaze of everyone on his wife was increasing his fuel more and more…

Sanskar instead of going to car parking he went to hotel reception

Sanskar: excuse me, I would like book a room for the night.

Swara: Sanskar kyu..ahh

Swara couldn’t keep her sentence as Sanskar pressed her hand harshly and glare angrily

Receptionist: ji sir, please fill this application and give those papers…

Sanskar did all the requirements and took room and head there again dragging his wife to their room and as soon as its open, he pushed her in and closed the door… swara stumbled being inside the room, she turn around and found Sanskar hell angry

Sanskar: what the hell was that about swara??

Swara: you tell me Sanskar…

“what do you mean huh? You disappear, then show up in that s*xy attire, dancing with amit… amit!!!… really swara…”

“what should I do when my husband don’t find me attractive, aboviously other men will do”

“what the hell swara… what are you saying?”

Swara eyes moist “Kavita was right after all… after marriage you took me for grantee and no longer want me, our life became rotnic, after all what we suffer together… you no longer
have interest in me… you liked kavita and praise her all the time, you no long like my small action to make you happy… soon our love will…”

“SWAAAARAA” shouted Sanskar, then head to swara and bang her to the wall “what the hell you are saying swara” Sanskar was so hurted as swara doubt her his love..

“the truth Sanskar. Do you deny that kavita lustly eyeing you?”

“I don’t…” the answer shake swara heart and her tears unwillingly fall “I don’t deny swara.. but did I replay her, I kept that only for business, but no matter she tried I didn’t give a head but to work only”

“yea right… like tat day holding her waist, like your smiles to her, like praising her at home, like dancing with her today …. She was right soon you love will fade to me and run after her”

“you are doubting my love swara!!… after what we all did together…” he hold her shoulders tightly “how can you doubt me swara? How can you doubt my love to you? You know how much important you are in my life… how much I worship you… you who didn’t give up on me while everyone did… you think my love will fade to you… do you even have any idea how much I feel right now…”

Shouted in cries “haaaan, I doooo doubt, you promised to never make me cry…but today… today as you find her more beautiful than me, when you was eyeing her…” swara close her eyes as more tears come to her….

Sanskar eyes had tears too, how can his beat doubt him so far “I was teasing my dear wife, whom I wish to see her jealous and possessiveness one more time.. but you.. how could you… if I really took you grantee, would I be looking for like insane when you gone, would I drag that amit away from you.. would I do that dance and kiss you in front of everyone..”

Listening to Sanskar’s words and watching tears in his eyes make her relies that she is wrong but same time her mind still think about the b*t*h words “Sanskar, I am … i…”

Sanskar: why jaan? Why all this thoughts?

Swara narrated the whole matter about her and kavita, and Sanskar felt angry and guilt as swara actually felt that about their love and guilt as he unintentionally assured her thoughts…

Sanskar: so you doubt me and my love to you for mere thoughts, you hurt a lot today swara, and as I bring tears to your eyes today, let me just bring more tears to them and show you how much my love faded”


Saying so Sanskar didn’t give her any chance to replay and took her both lips kissing them madly, harshly, swara moan in pain and refuse but Sanskar didn’t leave her, he was pinning her more to the wall using his weight on her and taking her lips harshly. Swara wanted to move and was struggling, so Sanskar pull her both hand above her head and catch them with his left hand while his right hand pill her back head and force her head to kiss her deeper. Swara soon start to melt and would kiss Sanskar back, but he was continuously kissing and nippling as giving her no chance to replay gazing her straightly in her eyes angrily.
Swara was going off breath and was struggling for breath but Sanskar left her only when he wanted to after long 15 mints… swara was panting heavily and fastly, but now she had an idea of how Sanskar feel and felt sorry of her thoughts

Swara: Sanskar I am sor…hmmmmmmmmmm”

Sanskar didn’t let speak give her another kiss but this time he had the chance to roam his tongue in her mouth and was kissing with full force… swara wanted to touch him and replay him but he didn’t let her. He moved his right hand from her head and unzipping her dress with force and swara was moaning in pain and pleasure…
Sanskar dragged her and drop her on the bed with harsh thud, swara would protest but he hold her waist and came on top of her and attack her neck. He was kissing madly in both sides leaving red marks and biting with no soothing “aah..sanss…kaar aaww” swara was crying in pain and when Sanskar looked at her his heard sank as she had many tears, only then he started to lick soothing her neck pain, but again bitting and soothing.. swara would run her hands on his shoulders but Sanskar pulled away from her but still sitting on her and his weight on his knees, he ripped his shirt off showing his bare chest, then he use the shirt to tie her hands to the bed headboard
Swara gasped as Sanskar never was like this with her, not in harsh nor in this.. way…

Swara: Sanskar what you doing Sanskar? Let.. let me…

Sanskar tighting the tie: nahi swara, I will show you my so called faded love and punish you..

Swara: Sanskar please…

Sanskar: even if you pleased princess, this won’t work anymore…

Sanskar again attack swara body doing everything he please for, his hands roamed her shamelessly removing all her barriers and swara doing nothing but mourning and moaning, begging Sanskar to free her as she too want to love him but that’s precisely is his punishment to her. Sanskar left hicks and red spots all over her neck and chest.
Sanskar consumed his love showering till he felt swara shattering beneath him… then he do again and again and again.. giving swara beyond pleasures. Sanskar fall for rest but swara was still crying and he couldn’t hold it anymore so he untie her and she immediately hugged him tight

Swara: I am sorry Sanskar I am so so sorry.. I thought you…

Sanskar; please swara don’t say those words again, you hold me in my worst times… I was a pagal and hopeless case…. My love will never fade even after death, and I see only you swara…

Swara: so.. so, you are not bored of me..

Sanskar: shall I start to show you again… (Swara flushed red and hid in his chest) kavita is too much exposing in everything.. bodr, soul, and words, why would I go to and unwrapped sweet with many flies on when my preserved laddo is with me… (Swara flushed over and over) but seriously swara, that suit and that dance.. you always surprise me…

Swara: oh really what about your dance with me ah..

Both gaggled and Sanskar felt his desire building up again so he gripped swara tight again consuming many love sessions again and again till they both fall out of breath by the early lines of dawn.

When it was time to leave Sanskar wore his cloth and ordered some for swara as not in million years he would allow her to wear that suit again, at least not outside home walls. As for kavita Sanskar didn’t give her a chance to flirt with him again, he was never nice to her again and as soon as project is over he ended the partnership with kavita telling her all openly in front of his wife “my wife don’t like you mere ignored present in our days, and that enough reason to me”

Swara was above many clouds as Sanskar words touched her so deeply and amazingly. After kavita leaving that day… swara at home hugged Sanskar

Sanskar: so princess.. feeling satisfied!!!

Swara; hmmmmm haaaaan my prince… more than satisfied…

Sasnkar: accha!! Aarii yaaaar, this princess will be ready to lock me in isolated island and keep me away from all women..

Swara gave warm smile: nahi my prince, I am satisfied cause I am sure if I left you in isolated women island will stay only mine… (Sanskar smiled back to her) you see Sanskar trust isn’t about keeping you from women, its about being with many women but knowing that they won’t ounce bit affect in you.

Sanskar gazed each feature of her… finally on her rosy lips and pick them tenderly then carry her as a new wed bride to the bed, for their ultimate happiness.

3 years leap


thats a;;; for todayyyy

next epi is last…. which you will enjoy aloooot… soooooo…

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allah hafiz

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