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Actully soon this ff will be over… but i was thinking to write few more episodes, as swasan suffer alot.. its not far to make their happy in 2 epis only….. so pls choose one:

1. End ff soon as planed.

2. Extend it for few more love and romamce…..

I ll eagrly wait for your comments


Previously: swasan decided to marry..


Sanskar bend for bless from Shekhar and shome.. and left GM with all proud… swara felt overwhelmed by Sanskar action, she just now know everything ll b ok… Sanskar went home fast and informed his parents about everything, they happy and shocked as wedding is tomorrow , but Sanskar was like unstoppable train, night was in the beginning and he had many things to do….

In GM sunrays fall upon swara who wake early morning lazy and happy, today is the day she longed for… she freshen up and then got call from Sanskar…

San: good morning shonna

Swara softly: morning sanskar… what a full night na….

San: that ll b my word tonight baby girl..

Swa: Sanskaaaaaaar

San: What… u ll b wife… god help me on this naïve girl

Swa: Teek hai teek hai, why u called shouldn’t u get ready, also I must go to see a weeding sare…

San: Dnt u dare search a thing, all ll b hold by me only, u ll reseve ur wedding saree in 2 hours by my mom, I call to tell u to get ready, I ll meet u at main street in 15 mints

Swa: Kya??? But y? whr to go..

San: Uffff, … do as I tell swara, sumji

Swa: Haan haan baba… I know when ur stubborn

San; Good

Swara got ready and meet him as planned, he walk with her in front of all hand in hand, ride an auto and went down at wanted place, swara was shocked to see the place….

Swara: Sanskar !! what are we doing here? And hw do u know that place…

San; swara all night I didn’t sleep but 2 hours, and today many things ll happen so lets hurry…

Both swasan stared at that medium building holding name of sanghania company

Sanskar pull swara with him inside, employs were shock to see swara again.. Sanskar didn’t even bother with the secretary and open sahil office door with a kick were he was sitting with his wife. Sahel was shocked to see them again…

Sahil: swara??? What r u doing here? Get the hell out before I call police…

San: dnt u talk to her, keep ur conversation with me…

Sahil: me talk to pagal… just drag him and go out swara…

San: I just wanted to say thank u, coz of u im back.. but also u lay a hand to my love and I cant let that go…. ( Sanskar punsh sahil face breaking his noise and it start bleeding immediately)

Sahil: aaaahhh u buster ahhhh ( kavita ran to her husband)

Kavita: securityyyyy, u mad man…

Swa: Sanskar, what u done …

San: that day I hit u, but I was a pagal, today I hit u when im in my full sences… low cheap buster, that for laying ur eye on my swara…

Swara was happy, but still drag him, and both go through the employees who gather and saw their boss being smashed like a sissy…

Sanskar took swara back to home: I see u didint wash ur maang…

Swa: u told me not to do..

San: good girl ( Sanskar pick swara hand) my mom must b inside now… I choosed ur saree myself.. I ll make u mine in few hours, just few more…

Swa: but where is the wedding Sanskar, I dnt want hotel or big thing, lets do it in RPM pls.. or here..

San: nahi… I ll come with my cavalcade and ride u to the wedding ok… now go and get ready my princess…

Sanskar pick her both hands and let her go… and swara started to get ready, Sanskar picked a beautiful red wedding saree for her, she was like a full moon… Sharmeshta, ragini, and sujata were preparing her.. putting jewelries..

Ragini: still u wont speak to me swara?

Swara: im starting new life ragini, I guess I ll follow Sanskar, I forgive u, all of u ( she gave her a smile and hug her sister)

When they finished, shome cry for hw beautiful her shonna is… she took a kajal from her eye and put to swara…

Sujata: haaaai ram ji.. mera bahu is so beautiful… may god away all envys from u beta… they waited in the room till they heard Sanskar cavalcade came.. she moved going outside… she meet her papa in hall, Shekhar smiled happily and so Parvati… swara bend for her papa bless and he took her in sweet hug…

Shekhar: may u happy forever beta…

Shome covered swara face with veil and all moved outside. Sanskar was riding a horse and laksh was in front celebrating his bhai… swara was put in a car with the women, and men in another car then laksh and Sanskar lead the cavalcade and cars and people follow them till the house where swara kept Sanskar.. sharma ji house..

Shekhar: Sanskar beta what is this place…

Sanskar: these where swara was living uncle… ( Sanskar moved to swara car and open the door for all to come down)

All get inside the house and there was a mandeep and wedding ritules begin… swasan rotate for 7 rounds and then sit… it was time for sendoor, and then Sanskar saw swara face finally, he was numbed from her beautiful then he didn’t apply the sendor

RP: aari beta, u have all ur life to stare, now apply her maang pls

Everyone laughed and swara blushed hard, Sanskar could see last night sendor traces still there… he apply new sendor.. then tie the mangalsutra.. pandet announce them as wife and husband and they took elder bless, then start moving out the place, but at door Sanskar shout his voice out….

Sanskar: that girl that u all talked about.. question her mind and her honor, im sorry to call her a girl, coz she is a god, standing beside the man she promised to b his forever…. If any of u had a son like I was and his fiancé would give him up then u would talk about the girl only considering herself, but not my swara, she is not that type and still u people judge her. All I care that today this god became mine and I recover her honor from every filth mouth talk about her… and any one have a problem with that, pls feel free to face me, and I ll prove him wrong in another way,,,,,

Sanskar eyes shot anger and brave that no one could interfere, swara tears rolls from happy, she was never disappointed in Sanskar, not even today as he is giving her dignity back.. her respect.. her place among people… he made wedding here only to give her honor back…

Sanskar lead swara back to car, and both families had great proud of their son and daughter. In RP house Sanskar wait outside with men and woment set swara inside Sanskar room, then Sanskar get inside his room and lock door. Swara was sitting on bed catching her palms together in nerve and her face covered by the veil… bed was surrounded with flowers Sanskar move it a bit and sit beside swara



“finally swara” he catch her palm, swara wanted to pull but he catch it tightly “where is my name swara”

Sanskar was searching his name, but in his own way, he would spot a place “is it here?” and when he dnt find he place a kiss on it..

Swara was getting over shy by each second and Sanskar printing kisses over her palm inside out, she try pull her hand a lot, but Sanskar dnt let her do…

“oh here is it” name was in the middle of her inside palm… and Sanskar give a deep wet kiss to her palm.. then moved to swara ear and whisper huskily “but u know what? I found it the moment I look to ur palm.. mis swara Sanskar Maheshwary” swara was totally red and shivering, even her hand shaking in Sanskar palm, Sanskar turn her to him and removed the veil watching swara face

“ur beautiful… princess”

Swara gaze was lowered the whole time… Sanskar touched her heated cheek and make her face up, and both shared an eye contact…

(The poam was written by my friend so all thanks to her)

U was the one who’s always there
to support me , to adhere me
with whom time elapses
n yet it feels like a dearth
trust me darling being with u
was always my mirth !
Now i ponder to walk through my future
even to totter ahead
n earn my daily bread
to grow old
to feel d greatest fortitude
n stand again all bold
to outlet my new life
only with u besides me…-
my world , my life
my most amiable wife


How was the episode everyone….

I hope you like it all

Swasan romance start from now on.. so hold your hearts and dont forget to vote the above topic

Till then

Allah hafiz dosto

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