Swasan-love forever 25

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Previously: sanskar remmber his past and went missing


With no time swara head to temple.. and felt relief finding Sanskar shoes at gate, she enter and found him on knees infront of Durga ma…

Swara whispered: Sanskar…

Sanskar stood up and slowly turn around, swara couldn’t see his face from the tears he shade

.. she came close and slaped him

Swara: salee.. pagal.. kutha… I hate u… hw dare u leave me like this ah… hw dare u.. didn’t u promise me u ll stay with me… dnt u love me anymore ah… u.. u r angry I know… u could shout at me.. hit me.. but dnt leave me… ( she hit his chest) y u do this to me ah… y Sanskar.. u leave me y.. say something.. shout back plsss…..

Sanskar stand a bit far from her, he catch her hand and open her palm, swara looked confused to him.. he then hold her hand and start slap his face with her hand…

Sanskar: hit more,, its not enough.. more….

Swara; what u doing Sanskar,,,, stop now… Sanskar

But Sanskar didn’t let go and wanted her to slap him harder, but swara pull her hand away: what the hell Sanskar…

Sanskar broken voice: kutha hu mein, I dont worth u…. I left u for suffer, I was burden on u … slap me till I pay my det to u…( Sanskar fold his hands) forgive me swara.. forgive me plsss ( he cries was bitter like a child) im sorry …. Im sorry ( he bend at swara feet but she she stop him) hw could u swara… hw could lie to me…

Swara: Sanskar I swear I do this for ur good, nothing but pain in these years, i…

San: hw could u lie… u say I love u more… but that’s a lie, coz u love me more than I love u swara… many more… hw could u love me all this much… hw…

Sanskar fall to his knees and swara trying supporting him, his hands folded at his lips… and keep mumming hw…. Swara hugged him tight

Swa: Sanskar I dnt… I love myself only… I fight for u coz I can be complete with u only… this is my love to u…

San: what love make u waste ur life on a pagal… what love make u hold that panics of me…what love make u ready to marry me with tat stat, un complete husband…. What love make u lose ur family, ur support… what love make u beg for money… what love make people question ur honor….. what love make u… make u shower… me when… I ……

Sanskar was really crying like never before… just like a little boy

Swara fold his mouth to shut him: shshshs no more pls… I dnt regret anything… I loved u Sanskar.. then and now.. and I ll always do.. and if time go back I ll still chose u… pls Sanskar let all this pain go pls….

Sanskar: I dnt deserve u, dnt… I messed ur life… i… dnt…

Swara: shut up pls or I ll shut u… bas.. this is all over.. bas…

San: R u sure of this swara?

Swa: ask me that one more time, and u ll see my dead body ….. bas all over now and we ll have fresh start…

Sanskar: no not yet….

Sanskar stand up and pull swara with him… he took red tie from Durga statue place and tie around swara… then he took sendor and apply to swara maaang

Sanskar: I promise u swara I ll always b urs, in this life and in every life I come back in it… Sanskar is only for swara.. I ll give myself to u, and if death wanna take u.. it ll have to pass on my dead body first…

Swara couldn’t replay, she was just happy, fully happy.. Sanskar wanted to move her jacket but she put her hands to stop him, be he keep move…. He looked along her arm the purses he left … he pass his finger slowly on her arms…

Sanskar: I swear on ur life and ur great love, I ll spend till my last breath to make u forget these, to make u forget what I have done to u, to give u all the happiness and never sad u my love…

Swara throw herself to his arms, and he hug her more like crushing her with his might

Swara: I love u Sanskar forever…

Sanskar tears roll over and over: I love u too swara, I love u too…

It was beginning of evening, swasan head to GM

Swara: Sanskar, I dnt wanna go there. Take me to RP pls.. that’s my home..

San: nahi swara… its time u forgive them… they r ur family,,,

Swa: family!! Sanskar u dnt..

Swara if u really love me forgive them… for me.. so I can take from their home with happy.. and bless..

Swara listen to Sanskar, she just cant say no.. they reached GM

San: Shekhar uncle, now that I remember everything.. I wanna sorry for every sarrow I gave to swara.. every tear, today I marked her mang as mine and promsed her I ll spend my life with her, and tomorrow only our wedding will take place toh please all of u and neibours and I wish all world come and be give us ur bless…

Shekhar: I agree beta with all my heart, but tomorrow its so hurry house isn’t ready,,,

Sanskar: I wont do it here neither in my house… just leave all on me I ll care everything…

Swara didn’t object, she had the lead for long enough, now she is tired and she ll follow Sanskar in whatever he want

Sanskar whisper her before leaving ( dnt u weep ur maang till tomorrow)

Swara smiled and Sanskar went out hearing women whispers, but he wont shut…

Sanskar from outside; Shekhar uncle….

Shekhar came along with shome and swaragini

Sanskar: me and Shekhar uncle have to announce, that me and swara had be engaged long enough… tomorrow ll b our wedding, toh please anyone would like to come b prepared at 3 I ll arrive and take my bride to where our wedding ll b hold. And just to be known, I cant and wont torrlate any word against my wife, however hw small it is….

Then Sanskar bend for bless from Shekhar and shome.. and left with all proud…



Sanskar didnt fail swara trust na….

And now finally swasan ll marry

But sanskar had many things to do yet

How was the episode

Biting my nails to know

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  1. superb… i think their marriage eill be held in d small house where swara kept sanskar when he was unstable… thank you so much for this beautiful story

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