Swasan-love forever 24

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Previously: sanskar follow swara secrerly and find boyz teasing her


B1: hay hotty… come with us na…

B2: don’t worry of the price, we r quit good na guys hahahah

Sanskar felt blood boil and where going to their place but stopped when swara walk toward the boys… Sanskar just numbed

Swara: accha….

B1: oh yea hotty… just name ur price..

B2: and if u want we also ll act pagal…ahahahhah (TAAAAK)

Swara gave that boy a slap that turn his face to the other side: shut up u low life… and u ( to b1) if u have money go and give it to ur mother and sister, I’m sure they ll pleasure u and ur friend quit better

The boy couldn’t even replay her words and stood numb…. While swara left place angerily

Sanskar POV

My god what on earth just happen… who is tat swara?? My swara would never do tat.. she should be walking head or running or calling for help, but this… like this is not swara any more… I kept following her… she was entering a house.. small and look bit.. low… ahhh dizzy attack my head, y I feel I saw this place somewhere, ah, y swara is here…

W1: look here is the bad girl..

W2: I dnt know hw we can let a girl like her live among us… we must kick her out…

W1: we cant, she is shameless.. if we try to do that she ll tell all the neighbor scams, she is not the fear type..

W2: what happen to the men who lived with her..

W1: who know yaar… all I care that the pagal is away, u dnt know hw much he scare our children…

W2: haan haan

I heard those women talk about my swara… my swara.. they were talking about her honor, he dare they… what the f**k is going on… I ll call swara, lets see what she ll say…

I call her number: swara

Swa: oh Sanskar.. u reached home?

San: yea and u??

Swa: haan haan me too and im with ragini now…

Sanskar: ragini ah!! About ur friend??!

Swa: yea I saw her but she was busy so left early. Anything Sanskar?

San: I was thinking to come with dad right now to ur house, what u say..

Swa: whaaaat ? no .. no.. not now

San: y swara…

Swa: san..sanskar vo..vo papa isn’t home so… let it b tomorrow as we say ok..

San: ok swara… I ll catch u soon…bye

Swa: bye

I hang the phone.. by soon I mean now swara… I head there and was ready to collapse all world now … but an old man knocked swara door… I hide to hear them…

Swa: kaka,,, welcome

Kaka: namste beta… I came in wrong time…

Swa: nahi nahi.. its ok kaka…

Kaka: I hear ur leaving here

Swa: that sharma… uffff haan kaka.. I ll b back to my home and soon marry Sanskar..

Kaka: aari aren’t u already marry…

What the f**k he say, me and swara….

Swa: nahi kaka.. in wedding day Sanskar got accident so we didn’t, but now everything is fine..

Kaka: im so glad for that beta.. u suffered a lot and time to rest…

Swa: thank u kaka.. acctully its good thing u came, ek mint.. here u go, this is the rest of ur salary.. u have done so many to Sanskar, u cared him when I couldn’t, this is very less thing to do for u…

Kaka: thank u beta, but its nothing compared with what u done… I ll b going now…

Swa: ji kaka.. bye

That kaka left and instead another came

..: mrs.swara

Swa: sharma ji, here is ur key, thank u for everything…

Sharma ji: yea finally I have my home back…

Swa: may u burn with ur home and all this neibour…

Swara sounded very angry and mad, I saw her steep out of the house with suit case… I sat to floor, I didn’t follow her. What is going on here… ahhhhhh my head pain a lot.. y swara changed… y prople talk about her… what marry… what papal… im going mad… and only one person ll answer me…..

Sanskar POV over

Sanskar head straight to laksh clinic and ask him to talk now…

L: what is it Sanskar?

S: what happen to me in the 3 years laksh?

Laksh got tension: what u talk about?? U was n comaaa

S: that’s a f**king lie ( he held laksh collar tight) speak before I kill u in this spot

L: Sanskar let go, u gone mad… talk to swara…

S: she lie to me… she dnt live in GM, many lies and many questions… y u people do this to me…ahhhhhh… aaahhh (sanskar hold his head tight)

Sanskar holds his head from pain..

L: Sanskar,…. Sanskar, calm pls … ur operation is critical…

Sanskar weakling: then please tell me, I need to know, I feel I lose something in my life… pls… )like a while lofe i had missed

Laksh: ok I ll tell u… Sanskar u wasn’t in a coma… u was in a mental state that made u act like a kid

Laksh told Sanskar hw he used to act and what swara did, hw no one supported her but she still stand against the world, hw she stood for RP, hw she kept him hidden… the breaking of their engagement… hw Shekhar consider her no more as his daughter… laksh told Sanskar everything.

As for Sanskar with every word he say.. his memory pieces came back, like lost puzzles came together… and those dreams he had, now it was clear, the fog was gone and he remember everything…. Every single thing…

Laksh: when u woke up swara didn’t want u to remember hw painful these years was, we all blame her for that but she was stubborn saying its her choice…she love u truly Sanskar…

Sanskar didn’t replay, he was dull in this moment like frozen, lost, mixed… he simply stand of chair and start walking lifeless toward dooe, laksh try to hold him but Sanskar simply moved laksh hand and head to door… Sanskar start walking slowly then faster and faster till he start running…. And running …

Laksh call swara: swara Sanskar knew everything

S: whatttt??? U told him….

L: he already knew… he followed u today… his mind was in danger, if I didn’t tell him who knew how his mind ll act…

S: u should called me laksh, I should be telling him… where is he..

L: I dnt know he left mints ago…

S: my god… hell u laksh….

Swara hanged the phone angrily, she was in the way to GM, when she reached

S: maaa… papa…

Shome: shonna kya hwa??

S: did Sanskar came here?

Shekhar: nahi beta kya hwa…

S: he know everything.. I must find him and sorry.. he must b angry at me… I must find him

Shome: calm down beta u ll find him, bas calm…

S: dnt tell me to calm… all coz of me, its all my fault…

Swara shouted and ran angry from their, she searched in RP house and were very worry, they also try to calm her down as she seem to at really panic peak but she never calmed.. everyone started searching for Sanskar but no one were able to find him….

Swara was running like mad holding his pic and search everywhere with no target.. his phone was switched off, she was crying bitterly ( where have u gone Sanskar… u promised to never go.. y u left me again) swara sit on side road and crying, where would Sanskar go… she closed her eyes and gain all her memories with Sanskar.. everything till her heart indicate her… only one place h ll go too.. the temple where they used to visit together…

With no time swara head there.. and felt relief finding Sanskar shoes at gate, she enter and found him on knees infront of Durga ma…

Swara whispered: Sanskar…


Sooo dosto… how it was

Sanskar remmber all so…Get ready

Till then

Allah hafiz

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