Swasan-love forever 23

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Perviously: sanskar out of hospital and came to know about swara proposal


Swasan went outside….Family chatted and swasan set next day morning to go to clg to resign their papers, they ll have a lot of works to do..

Sanskar: papa… what about my badi papa???

RP glommed: what about him, beta?

San: y u both separated papa?

RP: well, I loved ur mother, but she wasn’t same class so my papa go against it, but I choose her.. also I wasn’t good in the family bussines so I left and choose to build my own life… and even thought that papa forgave me later, Durga never did… to him rituals is the most important… and we both lost the contacts…

Laksh entered house smiling: yea I can till that much about papa… rituals and traditions are the bone of our life… its our pride.. our honor..

(Laksh coppy durga)

RP: laksh beta… come…

Laksh took bless from RP and sujata: hai swara… sanskar

Swasan: hai laksh

Sujata: I realy wonder hw r r son of DP, u should b like him na…

Laksh: hahah is tat good or bad?

Sujata: hahah good beta… good… who knows if u didn’t take us to swara engagement then what would have happened, DP would never let u break it….

Swara gasped and knew that a hell door is opened

Sanskar stand up: what engagement??? Swara???!

Sujata bited her lips and RP: happy now cant u kept shut??

Sanskar: kept what?? Papa bolo pls…

Laksh: I ll tell u..

Swara: laksh…. dare not…

Laksh: nahi swara… Sanskar I proposed swara… this is hw we meet …. Sujata aunty talk about our engagement which me and swara broke in front of all family…

Swara knew tat laksh is no more by now, Sanskar went to him and pulled his collar: WHAT DID U JUST SAID!!!

RP and swara separate sanlak, Sanskar was angry but laksh was calm totally

Sanskar: is tat also one of things I shouldn’t know swara….

Swa: Sanskar… I’m… just waited for right time

RP ordered: Sanskar sit down now…. Sujata.. take swara and go inside

Sujata follow RP and both left leaving three men together

RP: both of u sit… now that thing should have reveled long ago… laksh explain..

L: swara is my sister friend, I saw her, crush her, proposed her according to rituals and she refused it out loud, I followed her for 2 month and every time I get big no from her, few slaps sometimes (he said rubbing his check), then we work on ur coma, and I get to know she wasn’t the one for me… and I found myself fond with ragini, but neither her family nor mine allowed us to break and force our engagement but me and swara stood with uncle and aunty saying no…

Sanskar was silent all time, from anger to rage to sad to disappoint by himself, feeling he let swara down and left her in many troubles

Sanskar: sorry for my behavior, u cant blame my jealous…

L: I guess not…

RP: is all settle now??

Swalak: haan

RP: Sanskar go and tell ur mom I want her…

Sanskar gone and at door he found swara sopping in sujata hug

Sans: ma, papa is calling u…

Sujata left leaving swasan alone

San: didn’t I say don’t cry again? (Swara kept her gaze to floor) hw could u swara? Hiding this from me, why?

Swa: I didn’t wanna rush thing… after long time I had u back… I would told u in right time…

San took her softly in a hug: ok enough now… shshhs its fine… he cupped her face…no more ok.. I’m sorry… i guess my jealous didn’t fly as these 3 years… I love u swara and I cant bare an eye on u … shshs now…

Swara hugged him softly and shyly…

…: ahem ahmemm

Both got jerked by laksh voice: sorry but ram uncle say its late, swara must go home.

Sanskar felt but angry on laksh but calmed, swara; I’m coming

San: I ll drop u

Swa: no Sanskar, u just out today… u need rest… I ll go, don’t worry on me.. house isn’t far too na…

San wasn’t convinced, laksh: I ll drop her anyway, ragini called me for meeting.. don’t worry on her…

Sanskar unwillingly agreed and pick swara head one last time and let her go home… or that what he think coz as soon as swalak out she head to the other home and spend night there….

Next morning both swasan meet in clg and did their paper works and visit their place behand library and the canteen for coffee

San: place didn’t change a lot…

Swa: haan…

San: swara… would u marry me?

Swara felt over sky, Sanskar was back with his habit of proposing her every day: u know my answer Sanskar, and in 3 days u wont have to ask anymore….

Sanskar thought for a while then smile: right… com on let me drop u home…

Swara tensioned: no.. no.. actully I ll b visiting a friend so… u go and when I arrive home I ll tell u

Sanskar: then let me drop u to ur friend home

Swara: no need Sanskar, u go and rest… tomorrow u ll come with papa na.. so its ok

Sanskar thought (tats the time): ok lets go…

Both walk through the clg and bed goodbye at the gate… Sanskar act as her went to station while he just hide. Swara took off in an auto and Sanskar followed her after 45 mints Sanskar saw swara go out of auto and walking in narrow street he follow her and then some standing boys start flirting

B1: hay hotty… come with us na…

B2: don’t worry of the price, we r quit good na guys hahahah

Sanskar felt blood boil and where going to their place but stopped when swara walk toward the boys… Sanskar just numbed….


Soooo sooo soooo

I went numbed writing that i swear

Hold tight.. tamasha on way and guess what would happenn

Till then

Allah hafiz dosto

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  7. please let sansakar know his past… and write long episodes

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