Swasan-love forever 18


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Swara POV

Laksh left house angrily: ur insane

I just smiled and head to sleep…

Next morning… I picked my jewelry.. it wasn’t a lot… just two sits and couple rings… I kept 3 rings… Sanskar engament ring and his ring and mom ring then I head to jewelry shop and sell the rest… I took the money and went to Sharma ji and paid his rent…

” here is ur rent… don’t wanna any disturb anymore… aur haan I’m marrying in a week so u and all women in neighbor can shut their mouths” by that I left only….

Swara POV over

Swara call RP and begged till heconvinced and soon swasan ll b married …. Then swara called her mom and told her about marrying Sanskar, her mom was happy that as for her information that Sanskar was in a coma and now woke up….


Shome: Shekhar….

Shekhar: Hmmm

Shome: Swara contacted me

Shekhar played ignorcy: hmm

Shome: She is getting married…

Parvati: What????

Shekhar calmly: To whom?

Shome: Sanskar…

Parvati: Sanskar!!! But where was he?

Shome: He was in a coma and swara was waiting for him, he awake and now getting marry

Parvati: This batamizi ll ends us one day

Shekhar: Let her be…. She is no longer our girl

Shome: Shekhar pls don’t say that, she is our shonna… we must b with her…

Parvati: She lower our head… she is died to us… bas

Shome: Ma pls.. don’t say that

Shekhar: I said my word na…. let her be

By that Shekhar left and ragini heard them all and was shocked hw swara marry Sanskar that way…. Ragini called laksh and told her about swara decision

R: stop her laksh pls

L: I tried … she seem too stubborn… I don’t know what to do…..

R: we shall stop it… I’m telling mom everything… she won’t let it happen…

L: ragini nahi… there is difference between stopping her and messing everything… we try to convince her that’s fine, but telling ur mom, swara ll marry Sanskar and hate u forever.. so don’t…

R: then just sit and watch her marry a pagal…

L: if I was in his place would u leave me ragini….

R: what u tell laksh.. sure no

L: then we cant stop her…

R: oh god….

At swasan, swara was happy… she convinced herself as all ll b ok… she start looking for another work… same time shopping for her wedding.. wedding was held n RP mansion so it start to be decorated… it was hard to move Sanskar elsewhere his room… when they enter house sujata wanted to give him blessings as coming after long time but he step away as always

Swara: Sanskar, for me nothing ll happen, just her put red spot to u pls….

Sanskar: nahi… nahiii… home .. hooomeee…

Swara sighted: sorry ma.. give me I ll do it… ( swara give mark to Sanskar and both came in) now Sanskar do like me ok ( swara bend for bless and Sanskar did that too)

Swara showed Sanskar his room and left him there with chocolate. She back to sujata and RP

Swara: ma, papa, I’m sorry but u understand na…

RP: haan beta….

sujata: u must be hungry na beta… I ll go make lunch right away….

S: No I must speak with something with u …. Well … I know that before marry its not allow for bride and groom to meet, but I cant leave Sanskar… so pls let me sleep with him in same room…. Before he let kaka sleep with him but kaka cant come these days and he wont allow anyone else so I must do…

Sujata: but beta… u know rituals…

Swara: believe me I know… but this is special case nahi… pls maa, papa..

RP: teek hai beta…

Swara: also try not invite so many… I ll convince Sanskar that wedding is a game and I ll teach him rituals.. but just n case anything happen don’t let many guests come…

RP & sujata node, then sujata: what about ur family?

Swara shade a tear: I invited them but probably mom ll b the only to come… pls carful with her, I told her Sanskar was in a coma…ok

Sujata got close to swara: beta, we made u lose ur family, pls forgive us… and there is still time to leave… go back to ur life and leave Sanskar to us, as he get used to u he ll…

Swara hugged sujata tight: sujata ma, don’t u like me??…. Y u wanna kill me that way? Sanskar is my life.. my breath… I cant live without him… I swear I ll die… pls ma don’t say this plsss

Sujata hugged her tight also RP joined: I promise u beta… u wont b our DIL u ll b our daughter… may god bless u beta…

Next day rituals started, engagement day… few gustes and shome accompany raglak there… Sanskar didn’t show up at all…

L to swara: congratulations, swara.. but pls.. st…

Swara: don’t u dare… its over.. I wont elope.. thanks…

Swara left him while he sighted to ragini…

Swara hugged shome and greeted her… and it was going so beautiful… even dancers were there… and no one noticed that Shekhar also attend.. its his shonna ki shadi… hw he wont see her… but for him swara hurted him a lot so he simply watch far to far. Kaka was there as he is only one Sanskar ll let him close… Sanskar entered hall, and swara was afraid that all night trains she gave Sanskar to act normal ll vanish, but for Sanskar he was playing a game call bride and groom his swara di told him about and if he win swara di ll stay forever with him and bring him chocolate everyday…

Kaka lead Sanskar who stand beside swara, even laksh was surpriced hw calm Sanskar look…

Ram handing ring to swara: take swara beta (swara took the ring and it was the same ring Sanskar had in their first engagement) u too Sanskar put that ring to swara… ( Sanskar took ring with no word or action and put to swara)

Everybody clap and both swasan sit and songs played

Sanskar: swara.. dance… pls…

Swara: nahi Sanskar… remember game na..

Swara: I wanna dance no play… now huh…

Swara felt Sanskar is going of control so she played dizzy to go to room and order kaka to take Sanskar to room….

Sujata apologize to guests and soon all over

At night

Swara: Sanskar


S: hmmmm toh prince is angry coz princess didn’t let him dance ah…

San: hmm hm… I … good boy.. good … play…. I .. want dance… huh huh

Swa: really… ( she out her phone and played banno song, Tanu weds Manu movie)

Sanskar face grin and swara started dancing on beat…. Soon she dragged Sanskar with her and both danced like two mads ( imagine Sanskar as kisan ki dance if u remember…. And swara as sanaya irani dance) madness in dancing with person u like is so fun… then what about person u madly in love with…. Another song started ( baby doll song) and mad was doubled till both swasan fall on bed laughing

Sw: so princes.. no more angry ( Sanskar node as no) then lets sleep.. aur haan tomorrow call haldi day….

Swara explained Sanskar her game and what to do and everything went quietly…

Wedding day morning swara was going out coz her saree needed to b modified and she was going to get as everyone is busy back at home… Sanskar saw her going out and cried to go with here and kaka wasn’t there so she had to take him… in way back they were walking when car stopped their way and sahil got down

Sahil: u didn’t think u ll go that easily naa

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