SWASAN- Love finds its own way (Prologue)

Hey,kavya here ok I am here with a swasan ff ?

Scene 1:
January 1st,Canada:

It is chilling weather outside. A lady in mid twenties is shown having a sip of cappuccino. She glance at her watch and saw it is almost 9 o’clock. She then looks outside the cafeteria. She kept waiting for someone at last the person arrives inside the cafeteria. She gets up from her place and shakes hand with him and gestures him to have a seat. She takes a suitcase and hands over to him. He thanks her they share something important and the person leaves with suitcase. The girl calls someone.

Girl: hello! Work is done.

OS: good now everything will be according to our plan.

Girl: yes boss! Now police wouldn’t have even a bit idea about what we are doing?

OS: yes. We are happy that you are working with us ms Swara.

Swara: no it is my pleasure that I am working with most powerful gangster.

OS: ok now. Don’t mention my name again and again anyone will get doubt.

Swara: sure boss.

She hangs up the call and tip toe leaves from the cafeteria after paying the bill.


Scene 2:
Police station:

A police officer is shown punishing the jailers sincerely. He gets call from someone. He comes out of the cell and takes his phone which is lying on the table and picks up the call.

He: hello sir. Anything serious?

Os: hello Sanskar Mehra. We have recently found that the most powerful gangster is planning some dangerous mission. We have to arrest them right away but first we need to collect the proofs.

Sanskar: ok sir. I will anyhow collect the proofs and arrest the gangster.

Os: fine.

Sanskar hangs up the call and discusses the plan with other constables. All agree with the plan and nods their head.


Hopefully it is good?. Love you all :*:*

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  1. AngelTara

    Prologue is nice❤
    A love story between a police officer and a gangster? Seems quite interesting????

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  3. awesome..plz post soon

  4. Shibil

    Fabulous …..track is too gud …..

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    Good one

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  7. Sri

    interesting plot loved it

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