swasan- is this love (episode 9)

hi guys iam back with the next part of my ff and i hope you all are liking it so lets continue
@sanky office
anjay- kya yaar sanky direct canada.
sanky – yes ihave to go but i will come soon and thats my pakka promise.
anjay- ok dude we are his employ and we have to do as direct.
sanky- yup ok will call you when i will reach there.
anjay- where ?
sanky- camp dude
anjay – ok take care.
[ sanky borded the flight and reached canada and went directly to camp]
sanky- so sanky wow yaar from a small town to a lavish camp well this is happiness of life dude.
reseptionist- good morning sir. may i know your good name please.

sanky- ya miss[ looking at the batch] reema dutta sharma ofcourse i never refuse telling anything to beautiful girls.
reseptionist- thankyou for the compliment sir. sir
sanky- yes
reseptionist- your name sir
sanky – vivaan [ actuaaly he dont want to reveal his identity]
reseptionist- thanku vivan sir for being a part of this camp.
sanky- its my pleasure my [ kissing hands of reseptionist]
reseptionist- oh what do you want sir
sanky- nothing big but can you tell me where is ragini raizada
reseptionist- this is against our policy sir.
sanky- fin emiss reema thankyou
reseptionist- ok
[sanky started searching for ragini with his new friend]
friend – yaar you dont know her neither you have her photo how we willl find her?
sanky – yaar god help those who help themselves. ragini where are you
girl – here iam mr X

[ yes this girl is our ragini wearing a short dress of blat and white colour]
sanky- you are ragini ?[ surprised as she was very young and really very popular]

precap- ragini and sanskars first meet .
will they fall for each other ? will swara will be alone? to know this keep reading swasan- is this love

Credit to: shanaya


  1. Aditi Singh

    haha very funny..how can Swara be alone…ur ff name is swasan-is this love…then how can u think to seperate them…n u very well know if u do soo we will kill u….then why to take risk its better to be safe…lol…just kidfing …
    but SWASAN forever….

  2. Bresh

    Haha addition sing so true… But how they don’t separate as anything can happen in ffs nowadays lol

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.