swasan- is this love (episode 7)


hi guyzs this is shanaya here sorry for late update and thank you for your support and keep supporting me like this.and guyzs the story will go litle faster so sorry if it hurt you.lets continue.
recap-swara’s plan to propose sanskar
[every one pipcked up a chit and gussed that the guyis sanskar] person1- she loves you sanskar.
person2- lucky guy yaar she loves you a lot
sanskar went on stage and hugged swara
swara- ilove you sanskar
sanskar- love you to shona
everone- ooooooooooooooooooo
swasan together- shut up guys
friend – so we have another love birds to perform.
swara- no way .
sanskar- yes way.

[sanskar went to dj and asked to play him swara’s favourite song lights were dimmed and sanam re played and swasan danced as if there was no one xcept them and sanskar was about to kiss swara bbut suddenly sound of claps disturbed him and they got there sences back.] sanskar- what a great timming .
swara – thankgod iam save now.
sanskar- but who will save you in future.
[they enjoyed the party and sanskar dropped swara home and they both slept peace fully at their respective rooms.] [they got admission in same collage and enjoyed their time with their gang and their was a secrate admiror of sanskar who use to send gifts and letter every month swara was jealous but she knew nobody can snatch sanskar away from her and hence she was calm and quite the collage ended.]

@last day of collage.
sanskar- i need to tell you some thing swara
swara- what?
sanskar- i ….i …
swara- what i.. i.. tell me clearly
sanskar- wait a minute.[took a long breath actually a very long one and closed his eyes] swara iam going far away from this place for my job and i cant be with you anymore atleast for some years.[ he was shocked because swara dint reply and he opened his eyes]swara…swara..where are you.
swara- arebaba see what i bought for us
sanskar- what is this?
swara-a lucky charm stone whenever you will miss me na just touch this stone then i will come to know that you are missing me and i will come there .
sanskar- yaa nice
swara- ok keep it safely with you and tell me what should i wear tommorow?
sanskar- anything you look awesome in every dress
swara – wow thankyou for the compliment and ya sanskar dont forget to pick me from our adda i will be waiting there only.ok?
sanskar- ok
swara- bye sanky

[ swara was about to go but sanskar held her wrist and hugged her as if he was going to loose her for ever and he was about to cry but controlled himself but swara sensed it] swara- what happend sanky why you are crying and you wanted me to tell something na?
sanskar- no nothing imp
swara- ok then bye meet you tommorow.
sanskar- bye swara
sanskar-[ inmind ] may be this time for ever.

@6pm next day
swara- where is he ? let me call him[ swara called sanskar but his phone was switched off]switched off ?
[after 3 hours swara was still waiting but sanky didnot come so she went back to her home and rushed to her roomand called sanky dadu but again it was in vain.
swara-where is he? he is safe na?[ suddenly there was a voice message on her phone and she was surprised to see it as it was of sanskar] swara- why he is messaging me?
[sanskar message]- hi swara sorry as i will not meet you again ever good bye swara gadodia and ho sake to mujhe maaf kar dena aur daddo ka khayal rakhna.
swara- he cant do this to me[ and began crying miserably]he cant leave me like this. no mister sanskar durga prasad maheshwari iam not going to forgive you anyhow until i know the reason behind it[ there was a voice message of sanskar] sanskar- swara i am not a devil iam just worried about my courier and swara plese if you cant forgive me forget me i will never troubel you again
swara- no mister sanskar maheshwari i willl neither forgive you neither forget you becuse moment spend with you was pious for me and your betrayel will make me remember you through out my life and now you are just the person whom i hate the most.
(swara went near the window and started shouting.)
swara- hate you sanskar hate you 123456 infinity(she was crying saying this)and ya dont worry about daddu he is my daddu as well i will take care you him.now you are free bird mr sanskar maheshwari.

hope you guyz like it .
precap- 4 years leap

Credit to: shanaya

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